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10 Things Every First Time Dog Owner Should Know


being a First Time dog owner is both exciting and full of responsibility, especially if it’s your first time. There is, however, a learning curve. From the necessity of wellness visits to the benefits of training to what to expect as your new pet settles in, you’ll find all you need to know right about Adopting a dog here.

First time dog owner checklist:

What are the things first-time Dog Owner should know?

1. Find the Right Dog

Things Every First Time Dog Owner Should Know

Dogs come in a variety of sizes, ages, breeds, and personalities, so finding one that is a good fit for you, your family, and your lifestyle is crucial. These factors can also significantly impact the amount of time and money you spend on your new dog.

Take into account the following questions:
groomer | dog owner should know
  • Do you wish to go to the groomer every six to eight weeks for your dog’s grooming? If not (and shedding isn’t a deal-breaker), short-haired dogs can be a good option.
  • Can you afford to feed a Newfoundland that weighs 120 pounds (or more!)?
  • Do you fantasize about your young children going for walks with their new pet? A calmer, older dog may be a better choice than a boisterous puppy.

Once you’ve decided what kind of dog you want, it’s time to start looking for the perfect person. Local shelters and breed rescues are excellent places to look for a dog to adopt. If you really want a puppy of a certain breed, you’ll have to go through a breeder, but make sure you choose a respectable breeder.

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2. Preparing Your Home | first time Dog Owner

Things Every First Time Dog Owner Should Know

You’ll need to prepare your living environment before being a dog owner. Purchase a crate, gates, beds, bowls, a collar and leash, identity tags, food, treats, toys, and grooming and cleaning materials, among other items.

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3. Healthy Eating

Things Every First Time Dog Owner Should Know

Make your home dog-proof. Remove any potentially harmful and toxic chemicals, foods, medications, or other items from areas where your dog could access them. Electrical cords should be tucked behind furniture or beneath rugs to keep them out of the way. When both you and your dog are ready, gently switch to your preferred dog food. Age-appropriate, created from high-quality ingredients, and providing comprehensive and balanced nourishment for dogs are the best choice. Feed two measured meals per day (three or more for small puppies) and vary the amount you give to keep your puppy in good shape.

4. Select a veterinarian

Things Every First Time Dog Owner Should Know

Within a few days after arriving home, any newly adopted dog should see a veterinarian. Any medical records that came with your dog will be reviewed by the doctor to see if immunizations or other preventive care is required. A physical examination may also disclose health issues that require attention. Find a veterinarian that is not just experienced, but also a good fit for you and your dog. Wellness appointments should be scheduled at least once a year (more often for puppies and older dogs), and you should work with someone you can trust, especially if your dog becomes unwell or injured.

5. have a Good First Impressions

Things Every First Time Dog Owner Should Know

Plan how you’ll introduce your new puppy to other pets and family members in your home before the big day arrives. Make every effort not to confuse and overwhelm the newcomer. Initial contacts should be brief and positive, but low-key. Make sure your dog has a specific place to go for rest, such as their crate or an isolated room. Consider restricting your dog’s access to a certain area of your home—close off doorways with gates—and gradually allowing him more freedom as he settles in.

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6. Socialization Is Key if you want to be a dog owner

Things Every First Time Dog Owner Should Know

Well-adjusted dogs are at ease in a range of settings and with a range of humans and animals. They act as if they’ve seen everything before, which they have! Dogs require socialization, especially during a critical phase that occurs between the ages of 8 and 12. Positive experiences at home, in puppy courses, with friends, and in parks are all important factors.

7. Consider Your Budget and Get an Insurance

Things Every First Time Dog Owner Should Know

Taking care of a dog may be expensive. The annual cost of being a dog owner is estimated to be between $737 and $1040, with first-year costs ranging between $1471 and $2008. Pet insurance can help with unexpected veterinary costs, but it’s always a good idea to set aside some money for your pet’s care.

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8. Training Basics

Things Every First Time Dog Owner Should Know

Dog training that involves leash walking and simple commands like “sit,” “stay,” “come,” and “drop” helps keep your dog safe and prevent disputes. To encourage the behavior you want, all training, whether done at home or with the help of a professional, should employ only positive reinforcement, such as praise and treats.


9. Mental and Physical Exercise | first time Dog Owner

Things Every First Time Dog Owner Should Know

To be happy and healthy, dogs require both mental and physical activity. At least once a day, play with your dog and go for a stroll. Allow children to chew on appropriate materials while being supervised. When you have to be away for an extended period of time, a food puzzle or a visit from a dog walker can assist to keep you occupied.

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10. Travel with Your Dog

Things Every First Time Dog Owner Should Know

Even though you like your new dog, you will eventually have to be apart due to work or travel. These occurrences can occur without warning at times. Make plans with friends or family, establish a rapport with a pet sitter, and keep your dog current on the preventive care required for boarding or doggie daycare. You’ll be able to make the necessary arrangements this way.

11. Avoid Bad Habits

Things Every First Time Dog Owner Should Know

It’s simple to form bad habits, but it’s much more difficult to break them. Feeding your pet from the table, sharing your bed, or letting your pet jump up on humans from the start are all bad ideas. You’ll be glad you put in the effort from the beginning. if you want to be a dog owner you have to take it seriously from the first steps.

12. Grooming | first time Dog Owner

Things Every First Time Dog Owner Should Know

Maintain proper grooming and nutrition for your pet. Allow your pet constant access to plenty of water and feed him or her a pet food that is particularly suited for his or her life stage and breed. Long-haired dogs should be brushed daily or weekly, and all pets should be examined for pests like ticks and fleas on a regular basis.

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