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11 Best One-Actor Movies You Shouldn’t Miss


One-actor movies are a class of films that only one actor stars in. And this actor’s performance is so captivating that you won’t be able to take your eyes away from the screen.

The majority of the films on the list below features different actors. However, the majority of the story and the weight of the struggle focus on a single protagonist who is completely alone.

As a result, “one-actor movies” refer to the narrative rather than the number of performers in the movie. Even movies like Cast Away, which is nearly entirely about Chuck’s survival, feature several actors.

Best One-actor movies

In movies with only one actor, survival is a common theme. In 127 Hours, how far would Aron (James Franco acted this role) go to survive when he was trapped in rock deep beneath a canyon? Will the Robert Redford character in All Is Lost survive all by himself?

Survival isn’t the sole topic in movies with a single actor. There are various storylines to consider. Regardless of the story, one thing is certain: it takes a talented actor to hold an audience’s attention for the whole duration of a movie.

Let’s take a look at some of these fantastic “one-actor-movies”.

Wrecked, among wonderful One-actor movies

11 Best One-Actor Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

Wrecked is a Canadian one-actor movie. This movie is directed by Michael Greenspan and Christopher Dodd wrote this wonderful scenario. Wrecked is well-known since Adrien Brody stars it.

The film starts with a “Man” waking up in a wrecked car towards the bottom of a deep ravine, terribly injured. He has amnesia and unfortunately his right leg is broken and locked between the dashboard and the door. Two other passengers have died in the vicinity. The Man has visions of a “Woman” approaching him.

The Shallows

11 Best One-Actor Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

This one-actor movie follows the story of Nancy Adams. She was a medical student who traveled to an isolated beach in Mexico after her mother’s death from cancer. It was the same place her mother went to while she was pregnant. Nancy meets up with two other locals and the three of them go surfing for a while.

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Nancy comes across the skeleton of a baby humpback whale while surfing one last time for a day. A giant great white shark knocks her off her surfer and bites her leg as she was surfing the final wave back to shore.

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All Is Lost

11 Best One-Actor Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

All is lost is one of the most exciting one-actor movies about survival. A man cruises through the Indian Ocean in a luxurious yacht despite his age. But everything changes all of a sudden, and he found himself all alone with the ocean. For his own sake and the sake of those left on the beach, he’ll have to resist a powerful natural force.

Cast Away

11 Best One-Actor Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

Chuck Noland, a senior systems analyst, travels the world in 1995, correcting efficiency issues at FedEx depots.

He lives with his partner Kelly Frears in Memphis, Tennessee, although his long working hours frequently mess with their relationship.

He flys on a FedEx cargo plane when it was caught in a severe storm and crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Although the raft’s emergency locating transmitter got ripped off, Chuck was the one who survived and escaped with an inflatable life raft. He washed up on an undiscovered, abandoned island the next day.

One-actor movies with 1408

11 Best One-Actor Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

Mike Enslin is the protagonist of this one-actor movie. He is an author who explores allegedly cursed residences and rents the famous room 1408 at a New York City hotel.

Despite his skepticism of the supernatural, he is stuck in the room and witnesses strange events. In this film, John Cusack plays one of his most bizarre characters and shows off his full range of abilities.


11 Best One-Actor Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

This one-actor movie is all about doctor Ryan Stone, a biomedical engineer, and experienced astronaut Matt Kowalski. They begin a mission to Earth orbit. Everything is going swimmingly until a natural tragedy destroys their shuttle. They were all alone in deep space, joined together but cut off from the rest of the world.

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127 Hours

11 Best One-Actor Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

Aron Ralston, a lone hiker who lost in a canyon after rock falls on his arm, is the subject of the one-actor movie, 127 Hours. After five days of figuring out how to survive and reviewing his life through flashbacks, he makes the agonizing life-saving decision to cut off his arm to free himself from the rock.

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11 Best One-Actor Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

This one-actor movie goes around Paul. He is a contract worker in Iraq. During an attack, he passed out and was later discovered buried in a wooden coffin. To save his own life, he’ll have to undergo an inconceivable amount of horrible psychological attacks as well as a great deal of physical exertion.

I Am Legend

11 Best One-Actor Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

In Francis Lawrence’s post-apocalyptic, I Am Legend, Robert Neville (Will Smith) is on his own in New York City after a fatal infection transforms everyone into zombie-like beasts (2007).

Smith may be sharing the screen with hordes of the undead and his dog, but those creatures aren’t performing any actions. Smith is undoubtedly a huge enough screen presence to carry practically the whole movie on his own, as Neville is on the quest for the cure to the film’s illness.

Moon, among space One-actor movies

11 Best One-Actor Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

Most people remember this film whenever they talk about one-actor movies since Sam Rockwell performed as himself. This is a fascinating story about a man who spent three years on the Moon alone and isolated, save for the robot Gertie. Two weeks before returning to Earth, his contract expires, and he meets his replacement.

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Life of Pi

11 Best One-Actor Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

Pi’s family has to leave, but their boat is involved in an accident halfway through the journey. Pi makes it to rescue, but only after sharing a lifeboat with a tiger, a hyena, a zebra, and an orangutan. There’s nothing but water around, a danger on the horizon, and the unknown ahead.

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