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11 Cute and Elegant Girl’s Bedroom Design Ideas


Between playing games, school work, and hanging out with friends, girls typically spend hours in their rooms. Actually, the girl’s bedroom is her secure sanctuary.

Your daughter, whether she’s five or fifteen, is likely to have some very definite ideas about how she wants to decorate her bedroom.

You can build a space you’ll both adore for years to come, regardless of her style—no princess decals or Barbie-themed bedding required.

The best girl’s bedroom ideas

It’s critical to create a girl’s bedroom that not only represents her colorful personality but also radiates good energy.

When it comes to decorating a girl’s room, you must choose a color scheme and a theme, then select appropriate furniture and add the finishing touches. It’s important to arrange the room to reflect her hobbies while also allowing them to grow with her.

In general, avoid choosing a childish theme for the room because her interests are likely to change frequently.

Take a look at some of the greatest girl’s bedroom ideas for inspiration on how to create a one-of-a-kind hideaway for your child which is incredibly charming and flare.

1. Create a Gallery on the Wall

12 Cute and Elegant Girl’s Bedroom Design Ideas

You may buy a pre-curated gallery wall from a variety of stores, but consider creating something unique. For example, make a collection of photos of your daughter. You may also make a gallery of the lovely paintings she draws. This will make a wonderful girl’s bedroom.

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2. Choose Space-Saving Furniture

12 Cute and Elegant Girl’s Bedroom Design Ideas

When it comes to shared bedrooms, it’s important to get creative with the design. You may build these lofted bunk beds so that kids can use the space beneath them for work and play.

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You can select furniture that is comfortable and matches the rest of the home’s design. Choose a pink color. The pink is feminine without being frilly.

3. Focus on the Future

12 Cute and Elegant Girl’s Bedroom Design Ideas

You need to be economical and plan ahead for the day when your young girl is all grown up and requires a whole new décor.

You can create a bedroom for your teenage daughter that is both playful (thanks to some amusing furnishings) and effortlessly transitions into a more grown-up environment.

4. Girl’s bedroom with a bright and happy vibe

12 Cute and Elegant Girl’s Bedroom Design Ideas

Pre-teen years for young girls may be challenging, which is why we appreciate bright and cheery good vibes for girl’s bedroom.

Seafoam blue, pink tones, white, and green are the best summer colors for a little girl. Put colorful wallpaper on one wall and keep the other walls white in a bedroom with a lot of color and prints to keep things balanced and basic.

5. Embrace Moody Hues

12 Cute and Elegant Girl’s Bedroom Design Ideas

Some teenagers insist on dark, gloomy color choices that reflect their perilous situation. Embrace it by blending dark tones with primary bright and crisp white for a more sophisticated aesthetic.

Black walls might work for both you and your teenager if you have a well-lit bedroom with brighter touches like cheerful sunflowers and eye-catching wall art.

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6. Contemporary style girl’s bedroom

12 Cute and Elegant Girl’s Bedroom Design Ideas

A swirly colorful rug evocative of the 1990s and sleek minimalistic furnishings creates a fantastic mix for a contemporary girl. The colorful glass chandeliers lend a delicate punch of vitality to the area, while the sharp charcoal window frames give it a more forward mature aspect.

7. Use Fashionable Colors

12 Cute and Elegant Girl’s Bedroom Design Ideas

You may pick different colors of materials based on nature and age. Each room should represent the girl’s individuality.

Colors should be combined, according to experts. As a result, a totally pink room will appear excessively “girly.” However, when similar materials are combined with white or gray finishes, the space becomes trendy and modern.

A minimalist approach to room design is possible. Then, with the aid of a lovely item, add a splash of color to the room. Textiles, rugs, mirrors, picture frames, and souvenirs are all examples.

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For a romantic feel, use colors like white, lilac, lime, and pink on the inside. They will give the design a delicate and romantic feel. Try neutral hues on girls who are reasonable and serene.

Gray, white, or beige-colored materials will be the ideal accent to the large girl bedroom’s decor.

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8. Design girl’s bedroom with creative Wallpaper

12 Cute and Elegant Girl’s Bedroom Design Ideas

Wallpaper is no longer just for the walls! As a pleasant surprise, you, as your own designer, may cover the ceiling of your girl’s bedroom with a colorful Christopher Farr Cloth pattern. Who wouldn’t want to be welcomed in the morning like that?

9. Go Bold

12 Cute and Elegant Girl’s Bedroom Design Ideas

Combine a strong and dramatic color like navy blue with your normal pink. This kind of bedroom is inspired by and portrays the lovely and lively nature of a little child.

Think about how the designer can keep the colors of numerous interesting patterns like a striped blanket, tree-printed wallpaper, graphic lampshades, swirling rose cushions, and white bubble drawers consistent.

10. Don’t Forget the Dollhouse

12 Cute and Elegant Girl’s Bedroom Design Ideas

Build a dollhouse that wraps around and over the bed. Use a ruffled bed skirt and tiered drapes to go all out.

Stuffed animal pals are crucial to young children, so make sure there’s a particular space in the bedroom for each of her furry buddies by including a showcase shelf!

11. Use Multiple Patterns

12 Cute and Elegant Girl’s Bedroom Design Ideas


Get rid of the pinks and purples in favor of bright summertime teal walls, clean white, yellow, and orange. Multiple patterns, such as checkerboard, chevron, and floral, are prevalent throughout the room, yet they don’t overpower one another.

To do so, make sure there’s plenty of solid space between each design, such as a solid-colored wall between the checkered headboards and the flowery wall.

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