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12 Best Birth Month Stones Jewelry 2021 


It is customary for each month to have a birthstone associated with it; each of these birth month stones has a specific symbolism and historical importance.

Traditionally, each month has its own single birthstone; however certain months have more than one birthstone.

which birthstones are for which month?

Today’s birthstones are not always the same as those in the past. The essential aspect of a gemstone back then was its color, and as a result, they did not make the same distinctions between different types of stones as we do now.

We gathered these 12 birthstones which correlate to your birthday month, so there you go. Continue with Zhinmag to know more about your birth month stones.

Birth Month Stones | Choose the Best for Your Jewelry

Do you believe your birth month stones have unique characteristics? Many people believe birthstones might confer special abilities on the wearer depending on the time of year.

Most people wear birthstones as amulets or for therapeutic reasons.

People believe that wearing birthstones brings good fortune, healthy life, and safety. Also, astrology has long held that some jewels have magical abilities.

1. Garnet- January 

12 Best Birth Month Stones Jewelry 2021 Garnet January

Indonesians know Garnet gemstones as Biduri Pomegranate or Mirah Wine.

However, this stone is available in a wide range of colors; the most frequent ones are purple and red. This stone is well-known for its high degree of hardness and its weight.

Garnet can quiet the mind, boost intellect, draw compassion to others, and dispel dark magic. Garnet gems are your birthstones if you are born in January.

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2. Amethyst- February | Birth Month Stones 

12 Best Birth Month Stones Jewelry 2021 Amethyst February

The birthstone for February is amethyst. Amethyst is a gorgeous gemstone with a lovely purple color. Hexagonal crystals form the basis of the construction, which sells for a considerable price.

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Amethyst’s efficacy includes stress relief, sleeplessness relief, and an increase in positive energy.

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3. Aquamarine- March

12 Best Birth Month Stones Jewelry 2021 Aquamarine March The color aquamarine is a reminder of the ocean. The color and transparency of this gemstone are in line with the ocean water it portrays. Aquamarine gems are the birth month stones of those who are born in March.

This dazzling stone is said to help alleviate tension, increase affection, lure the heart, and boost self-esteem.

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4. Diamond- April | Birth Month Stones 

12 Best Birth Month Stones Jewelry 2021 Diamond April

The April birthstone is the diamond, the most famous jewel in the world. Diamonds can be used in a variety of ways, from jewelry to long-term investments.

This stone is said to bring good fortune to its possessor and to ward against evil spirits. Also, Diamonds are usually used for wedding rings.

5. Emerald- May 

12 Best Birth Month Stones Jewelry 2021 Emerald May 

Born in May? Your Birthstone is Emerald. When it comes to mythology, the Emerald is a sign of the goddess Venus, known as the Goddess of Love.

This stone is said to enhance the owner’s aura, authority, and ability to attract the opposite sex.

Pearls are said to bring peace and contentment to home when worn as jewelry. As a result, pearl jewelry is a thoughtful wedding present.

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6. Pearl- June 

12 Best Birth Month Stones Jewelry 2021 Pearl June

Pearls are made from oyster shells, and they are the birth month stones of those born in June. The pearl has long been a popular choice among jewelry lovers with its traditional elegance and everlasting appeal.

7. Ruby- July 

12 Best Birth Month Stones Jewelry 2021 Ruby July

Were you born in July? So, your birthstone is Ruby, or a gem known as Red Pomegranate. The crimson tint of this gemstone has made it a popular choice for jewelry.

Additionally, new Ruby is often employed in healing practices. Besides, rubbing Ruby on the skin may help rejuvenate and maintain a youthful appearance.

8. Peridot- August | Birth Month Stones  

12 Best Birth Month Stones Jewelry 2021  Peridot August

Gemstone peridot is special due to its vivid green hue. The more costly Emerald is often substituted with this less expensive gem. Many people associate Peridot with opportunities, wealth, and kindness.

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People think that wearing a piece of gold jewelry with Peridot can prevent the wearer from having nightmares or having dark thoughts.

Peridot gems would be the birth month stones for you if you were born in August.

9. Sapphire- September  

12 Best Birth Month Stones Jewelry 2021  Sapphire September  

The blue-color birthstone, Sapphire is available in various colors, but the most common is a vivid blue tint known as blue sapphire.

Sapphire is not only used as jewelry, but it is also considered to provide a variety of health advantages for those who wear it, including protection from danger, mental clarity, and the preservation of good health.

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10. Opal- October 

12 Best Birth Month Stones Jewelry 2021 Opal October

The stone Opal or Kalimaya is the birthstone for those born in October. This stone symbolizes sincerity and intelligence.

Black Opal from Banten, Indonesia, is one of the rarest varieties of Opal. People use opals as amulets of love. Also, it helps people maintain mental stability when distressed.

  1. Topaz- November | Birth Month Stones 12 Best Birth Month Stones Jewelry 2021 Topaz November

Agate is another name for topaz stone in Indonesia, where people call it by this name. Throughout its production, many components may impact the color of the stone, leading to a variety of colors in this stone’s overall appearance.

In addition to bright brains, topaz wearers are supposed to be protected from danger. People used this stone as a medicinal aid throughout history, and it can boost good energy.

  1. Turquoise- December
    12 Best Birth Month Stones Jewelry 2021 Turquoise December

When it comes to color, turquoise show itself in two colors: sky blue and greenish tint. Because of its beauty, this stone was used as jewelry for kings and other royal members in ancient Egypt, including the Pharaohs.

Wearing this stone as a talisman can bring protection, preserve health, and alleviate a variety of illnesses in the wearer’s life.

If you are born in December, Turquoise gems are your birth month stones.

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