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15 Humidity-Loving Houseplants for Your Bathroom


Houseplants have been increasingly popular in recent years, to the point that they’re now regarded as a must-have for any home.

The fad has now made its way into every area of the house, including the bathroom.

It may seem strange to keep your plants and show off your nice garden in your bathroom, but not only does it transform it into your own personal sanctuary, but it’s also a great place to keep a variety of plants, including some of the most popular ones like snake plants and fiddle leaf figs.

What houseplants are suitable for bathrooms?

It’s no secret that a little indoor greenery can make a big difference in your living space. But here’s the thing: not all houseplants will thrive in the bathroom’s changing temps and excessive humidity. Not to mention the lack of natural light in many restrooms.

There are lots of plants that will survive in this unusual setting—and they’ll also make your bathroom seem a lot nicer. Here are the top 15 bathroom plants to buy and instructions on how to keep them alive.

1. Air Plants; among perfect houseplants

15 Humidity-Loving Houseplants for Your Bathroom

Tillandsia (also known as air plants) flourish in humid environments. As an epiphyte, the air plant grows on top of tree branches and draws all of its water from the heavy morning fogs of its natural habitat.

If there is a window that provides bright, indirect light, these cool houseplants will thrive as near to the bathroom shower as possible.

Most importantly, air plants are non-toxic and don’t need soil to thrive, so they are safe for your pets and there is no planter or potting mix for curious hands (or paws) to dig into.

2. Marble queen pothos

15 Humidity-Loving Houseplants for Your Bathroom

The Marble Queen Pothos is known as the “cubicle plant”. These houseplants can survive in less-than-ideal conditions, making them a resilient choice for any area.

Pothos is a low-maintenance trailing plant that looks fantastic dangling from your shower curtain pole. It may not require the extra humidity a bathroom provides, but it surely doesn’t hurt.

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If you have a humid bathroom without floor-to-ceiling windows, you’re lucky, because the Pothos can flourish in medium to low indirect light.

3. Perfect houseplants with snake plant

15 Humidity-Loving Houseplants for Your Bathroom

Snake Plants are another reliable option for your bathroom. These plants are known for their ability to adapt to a wide range of temperatures and water levels.

Furthermore, Snake Plant is an excellent carcinogen filter, i.e., it removes the air of toxins found in common bathroom cleaning products. In other words, the snake plant will stay healthy in your bathroom and may even benefit your health.

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4. Chinese evergreen

15 Humidity-Loving Houseplants for Your Bathroom

This large plant is extremely durable and thrives in medium to low light. It prefers heat and humidity, but it can also tolerate temperature changes. Also, its variegated green leaves are so adorable and charming.

5. Spider plant

15 Humidity-Loving Houseplants for Your Bathroom

The only spider you’ll want to find in your bathroom is this one. We’re talking about botany here, not bugs.

The spider plant is regarded as one of the simplest houseplants to grow. Even better for the bathroom, these plants grow in humid environments and are equally at ease in brilliant sunshine as they are in cramped quarters.

6. Aloe; for first-time houseplants owner

15 Humidity-Loving Houseplants for Your Bathroom

The aloe is a succulent plant that is ideal for first-time houseplant owners or those who have a busy schedule.

All it needs for growth is a bright light (indirect is OK, but direct sunlight is preferable and may even cause your plant to produce coral-hued blooms). So it is recommended to put it in a bright area in your bathroom.

They’re also wonderful for healing sunburns and skin irritations, making them ideal for a beach home bathroom.

7. Cast iron plant

15 Humidity-Loving Houseplants for Your Bathroom

Because of its preference for low light and very occasional watering, as well as its ability to adapt to a wide range of temperatures, cast iron is a leafy green plant that is almost maintenance-free.

Thanks to its bright evergreen leaves, this low-maintenance choice is also a classic beauty.

8. Eternity plant

15 Humidity-Loving Houseplants for Your Bathroom

This bathroom-friendly houseplant is an ideal choice for the inattentive plant lover since it needs infrequent watering.

Simply water this plant when the soil is completely dry, and it will grow in low to medium natural light—like the amount given by a tiny shower window.

A note of caution: if your pet likes leafy plants, keep the everlasting plant (commonly known as the ZZ plant) out of reach.

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9. Bamboos; low-maintenance houseplants

15 Humidity-Loving Houseplants for Your Bathroom

Bamboo grows in water and is a low-maintenance option that will give your bathroom a spa-like feel. Bamboo is a fantastic plant for low-light conditions, so don’t worry if your bathroom doesn’t receive much daylight.

10. Heart Leaf Philodendron

15 Humidity-Loving Houseplants for Your Bathroom

This philodendron is not only a great plant for beginners, but it’s also quite easy to care for and can survive a variety of conditions!

It’s also a great choice for your bathroom because it grows larger in increased humidity. It’s also a trailing plant, which is ideal for adding drama to your garden.

11. Tradescantia zebrina

15 Humidity-Loving Houseplants for Your Bathroom

This purple dangling plant is not only beautiful, but it’s also a plant that will grow in your bathroom. Higher humidity levels will keep it happy and healthy. Attention, if the leaves start to turn brown, it’s too dry.

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12. Peace Lily

15 Humidity-Loving Houseplants for Your Bathroom

This lovely blooming plant is a tropical plant, so it’s perfect for your steamy bathroom. Give it plenty of sunlight so it can blossom, and keep the soil moist but not soggy.

Keep growing and you’ll have a happy peace lily. If it becomes too dry, peace lilies will wilt, but a good watering will bring them back to life.

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13. Majesty Palms; ideal large houseplants

15 Humidity-Loving Houseplants for Your Bathroom

Majesty palms grow in damp environments, so your bathroom is ideal—as long as you have enough space for a larger plant.

They like to be sprayed occasionally, and while they can live in low light, they prefer direct sunshine.

14. Monstera

15 Humidity-Loving Houseplants for Your Bathroom

With its unique leaves, the monstera plant is always a show-stopper, and it’s a great houseplant because it thrives in a range of environments, including your bathroom.

It can tolerate low light, however brighter indirect light is preferable, and it can survive any degree of humidity.

15. Bird’s Nest Fern

15 Humidity-Loving Houseplants for Your Bathroom

Ferns, particularly the bird’s nest fern, are a fantastic choice for your bathroom. This specific plant grows in low-light conditions. Therefore, if you want to add some greens to a dark bathroom, this is the plant to use.

It’s also more tolerant and can survive lower humidity levels, however, it prefers a hotter, more humid environment.

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