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8 Old British Comedy Shows


Best old British comedy shows are the best way to lift your spirits and make your cheeks ache from laughing. Obviously, comedy movies are entertaining; there’s just something special about a TV series that you can’t get from films. With series, you may spend hours getting to know the characters, and you can escape into their world.

What are some old comedy shows?

British comedy shows have a long history. It’s far from the usual American concentration on light-hearted humor with adorably foolish characters.

Many of the British comedies we compiled here have become appreciated classics worldwide because they represent the finest of Humour.

Continue with Zhinmag to get familiar with old British comedy shows.

 Best Old British Comedy Shows:

8 Old British Comedy Shows

This list has something for everyone from old British comedy shows. It ranges from old sitcoms that bring back childhood memories to classic comedies that we all love to watch several times because it’s like seeing a familiar friend.

1. Are You Being Served?

8 Old British Comedy Shows

Year: 1972-1985

Directors: David Croft; Bernard Thompson; Harold Snoad; Ray Butt; Gordon Elsbury; John Kilby; Martin Shardlow

Seasons: 10

IMDb Rating: 8/10

How many old British comedy shows do you know that make you laugh like this one?

In the story, the workers of the Grace Brothers didn’t put up a fight. As much fun as they made of ripping off their customers, they made fun of each other as well. Sexual double puns are still prevalent in comedy shows, as in this classic one.

2. Only Fools and Horses

8 Old British Comedy Shows

Year: 19832003

Director: John Sullivan

Seasons: 7

IMDb Rating: 8.9/10

“Only Fools and Horses” is a heartwarming look at the Trotter family, whose patriarch, Del Boy, is a Cockney shop dealer with several “get rich quick” ideas, even though they always fail.

Still, Del Boy’s persistent commitment to one day become a billionaire to support his family stops his younger brother, grandpa, and later uncle from turning their backs. Although, after finding some legal products, he can make his desires come true.

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Early in its run, the show was not a big hit with viewers and received little promotion. However, the 1996 episode “Time on Our Hands” holds the UK sitcom episode audience of 24.3 million viewers. The show was well appreciated and won many honors for its quality and popularity.

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3. Blackadder | Old British Comedy Shows

8 Old British Comedy Shows

Year: 1983-1989

Directors: Geoff Posner, Martin Shardlow, Mandie Fletcher, Richard Boden

Seasons: 4

IMDb Rating: 8/10

With Rowan Atkinson as the lead, this comedy traveled across time from the Middle Ages through Tudor times to Regency times and World War I.

When authors Richard Curtis and Ben Elton took over written responsibilities from season two, “Blackadder” was at his finest.

“Blackadder,” which included Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Miranda Richardson, Tony Robinson as Baldrick, is one of the best old British comedy shows.

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4. Fawlty Towers

8 Old British Comedy Shows

Year: 1975-1979

Directors: John Howard Davies, Bob Spiers

Seasons: 2

IMDb Rating: 8.7/10

John Cleese starred in this hilarious comedy about an unpleasant hotel owner and his domineering wife attempting to manage a business while dealing with various colorful visitors and crazy events.

After years of working with the Pythons, Cleese’s deadpan tone and quick-witted acting skills made him an obvious choice for the series. Following its launch, it quickly rose in popularity, and it is now one of the most highly regarded old British comedy shows of all time.

5. ‘Allo ‘Allo!8 Old British Comedy Shows

Year: 1982-1992

Directors: David Croft, Robin Carr, Martin Dennis

Seasons: 9

IMDb Rating: 8.3/10

During the Second World War, a café owner has to do what a café owner has to do to remain in business, no matter what that entails.

When the Nazis need him, he either has to serve them beer and hide stolen paintings or allow British soldiers to stay in his family’s apartment with radio equipment to spy on the Nazis.

He ought to do anything to earn money, no matter what! His primary issue won’t be war-related if his wife discovers that he’s having an affair with the waitresses at the café. What an irony!

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6. Chef! | Old British Comedy Shows

8 Old British Comedy Shows

Year: 1993-1996

Directors: John Birkin, Dewi Humphreys

Seasons: 3

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

Gareth Blackstock, the proprietor of the fancy cuisine Le Chateau Anglais, was Lenny Henry’s character long before Gordon Ramsay became known as the world’s most aggressive chef.

The story is about Gareth’s relentless pursuit of perfection and passion for being the greatest at what he does. His efforts lead to amusing encounters with the police, health officials, bill collectors, and his sexually troubled wife, Janice.

7. Jeeves and Wooster

8 Old British Comedy Shows

Year: 1990-1993

Directors: Ferdinand Fairfax, Simon Langton, Robert Young

Seasons: 4

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Wooster, a gentleman who always seems to get himself into a mess, and Jeeves, his assistant who always manages to get him out of such bother, represent as our eyes and ears into the ridiculous world of Britain’s idle class in the 1930s.

That is a world where mainly consists of guys sitting about sipping Martini, whining about the weather, and avoiding commitments. Imagine if people could have this level of freedom.

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8. Keeping up Appearances

8 Old British Comedy Shows

Year: 1990-1995

Directors: Harold Snoad, Duane Huey

Seasons: 5

IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

The title of “Keeping Up Appearances” should be enough to tell you what the show is all about. Hyacinth, a judgmental, middle-class housewife, wishes to be a member of elite people, although her life is pretty comfy.

Hyacinth would do anything for her purpose, even changing the pronunciation of her family name.

Her husband, who is very patient with her, somehow manages to cope with all her wife’s ambitions.


Watching old shows can bring back your memories and get you to the old days. British cinema has always offered a lot in the comedy genre, so we provided eight old British comedy shows here.

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