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9 Pretty Shoulder-Length Hairstyles


Shoulder-length hairstyles, also known as mid-length hair, are quite trendy these days. It’s the perfect not-too-long, not-too-short haircut, according to fashion bloggers.

This hairstyle is suitable for many face shapes and hair types, including straight, wavy, curly, and natural. It is also more low-maintenance than long hair and flatters all facial shapes.

Best shoulder-length hairstyles

Your hair texture, facial shape, and lifestyle all play a role in determining the best shoulder-length hairstyle for you.

Long bobs, shaggy styles, wavy hair, and pin-straight cuts are among the most attractive medium hairstyles. Check these gorgeous and fashionable medium-length hairstyles to get ideas for your next salon visit.

1.    Layered bangs shoulder-length hairstyles

9 Pretty Shoulder-Length Hairstyles


Layered hairstyles with bangs are an excellent way to achieve a new appearance. Layers, wonderfully, work with any hair length.

You may get the layered style with a short pixie, a medium-length lob, or a long bob. Consider adding highlights if you want to fully show off your new layered haircut. They will add dimension to your layers and make them stand out!

2.    Shoulder-length hairstyles with the classic lob

9 Pretty Shoulder-Length Hairstyles

It’s straightforward, simple, and flattering. Many people believe it would take too long to have this wonderful haircut; nevertheless, the larger the round brush, the more you can remove.

Divide your hair into four sections, blow dry with a round brush, and you’re good to go in five or ten minutes. Alternatively, for a quick finish, just smooth down the front area while allowing the back to air dry.

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3.    Short layers

9 Pretty Shoulder-Length Hairstyles

Short layered haircuts are currently quite popular in the fashion and beauty industries. They may be a little feisty, sexy, sweet, or elegant.

A shoulder-length hairstyle with short layers is known as an ear-to-neck length haircut with short layers on top and longer layers on the bottom to give form and volume.

Blended layers on short hair provide texture, volume, and dimension, which is ideal for ladies with fine hair.

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4.    Medium Length Asymmetric Cut

9 Pretty Shoulder-Length Hairstyles

Are you tired of your current hairstyle? It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been wearing it; it’s time to try something different.

We’d recommend asymmetry in this case. It is suitable for all hair lengths, including short, medium, and long. Furthermore, you might be surprised to hear that it might assist wavy or fine hair.

Asymmetric cuts also come in a range of lengths, such as different side lengths or front and back lengths. Mostly all asymmetric haircuts look great on a shoulder-length hairstyle.

5.    Blunt bangs

9-Pretty-Shoulder-Length Hairstyles

Blunt bangs, often known as thick bangs, give a great way to dress up Shoulder-Length Hairstyles.

French models and influencers love the blunt bangs-medium length combo because it makes their hair seem thicker and attracts attention to their eyes. It also makes you appear younger, which is a plus. For the best results, go for a brunette style like deep chocolate or chestnut.

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6.    Long Front Short Back Haircut

9-Pretty-Shoulder-Length Hairstyles

Another asymmetric haircut style is short in the back and longer in the front. This hairstyle adds a little additional spice to your hair by bringing height, volume, and a little extra flare.

However, the hairstyle is more complicated than simply cutting your hair shorter in the front than in the back.

An A-line style includes cutting hair in a gradient from front to back, while an inverted style requires stacking hair into layers at the backside to produce a round shape so the front layers may frame the face.

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If you’re not ready to commit to a lob, the long front short back cut might be a good shoulder-length hairstyle.

7.    Wispy bangsWispy bangs Shoulder-Length Hairstyles

Ladies’ hairstyles look great with wispy bangs. The lightly feathered soft bangs quickly change your style, making you appear more young and sassy.

Wispy bangs hairstyles are great for framing your face and softening strong jawlines, especially if you choose a style that flatters your face shape.

To create the appearance of thickness and volume, use mousse at the roots and end with a spritz of texturizing spray. Since medium-length hair is long enough to blend in with clip-in extensions, they may also be used.

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8.    Blunt shoulder length hairstyle

9-Pretty-Shoulder-Length Hairstyles

Blunt shoulder-length hairstyle is among the most fashionable women’s haircuts since it is versatile and easy to maintain.

A blunt haircut not only looks stylish and elegant, but it also pairs well with trendy hair slides, headbands, and clips. The style also flatters most facial types and is ideal for those looking for a change after years of layered hair.

9.    Shoulder length layered curly hair

9-Pretty-Shoulder-Length Hairstyles-


Layers aren’t only good for straight hair. Cutting them into curly hair gives them form, preventing them from overwhelming your face or becoming too top-heavy.

If you have medium-length naturally curly hairstyles, let your stylist cut layers into them that start at your chin and curve downwards. That way, your hair will appear long, thick, and attractive.

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