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Top 10 Animation for Learning Turkish


Why do we have to use animation for learning Turkish? This is a question that many language learners ask!

Different methods can be used to learn Istanbul Turkish, but criteria must be considered to choose the appropriate method. Among the important criteria:

  • How old is the person?
  • How fluent is he in Turkish?
  • What is his/her goal in learning the language?

According to the above, the best and most appropriate method for teaching Istanbul Turkish to people can be selected to see the highest efficiency in learning in the shortest time. One of the best ways is to use the best animation for learning Turkish.

3 benefit of learning Turkish with cartoons

Watching cartoons is one of the most useful ways to strengthen the Istanbul Turkish language, because animations have a childish world and will help you memorize words better.

Using animation and movies to learn Turkish is very popular. Many people, especially young people and adolescents, choose this method to learn Turkish. There are many benefits to learning Turkish with animation and film, including the following:

1- Familiarity with the pronunciation of words and phrases

One of the most common problems for learners in the process of learning Turkish is learning how to pronounce words correctly and utter sentences. One of the best ways to solve this problem is to watch animations or movies and series in Turkish.

Usually the pronunciation of words and conversation in animations will be slower and clearer than in movies. For this reason, watching animation in Turkish can be a great solution to enhance expression and accent when speaking in this language.

2- Familiarity with slang terms and vocabularies

Other benefits of learning Turkish through animation include learning slang words and expressions. If you have chosen to attend Turkish language classes and courses, you should know that you will not usually learn many slang words in textbooks.

In such a situation, watching animation will be a great way to learn these words and of course how to use them in certain situations. If you think you cannot understand the meaning of new words and their pronunciation, you can also use subtitles and dictionaries.

3- High attractiveness

Today’s animations are very attractive to all ages. In addition many animations are produced for adults. The appeal of animations and movies makes it possible for people to follow them with more patience and interest, and in addition to having fun, they also improve their skills.

If you are not interested in reading or listening to music, using animation and movies is the best option for learning Turkish. The style of the animation for learning E Turkish is also important.Try to find interesting and new animations to become more interested in learning Turkish with this method. Choosing inappropriate or boring animations can discourage you from learning.

This is the most important reason why animations are attractive. Therefore, many people prefer teaching Turkish with animation over other methods and watch animations for learning Turkish.

Is animation only for children?

It can be very helpful for children because they are not completely familiar with Istanbul Turkish script. It also helps children learn quickly because of the appeal of animation.

And it is also very suitable for adults, because in cartoons you can learn words and tips that are found in less books, and due to having a childish atmosphere, it becomes much easier to remember these tips.

Because watching cartoons is also considered as a fun activity, it makes people want to watch animation in any situation. Even when they are tired, it forces them to learn.

Therefore, it can be said that watching animation is one of the best and very suitable methods in learning Turkish for adults and children. It also can be the best alternative to educational books.

Considering all the above, it can be concluded that:

  • Learning Turkish with animation and cartoons in the original language allows one to memorize words, terms and points for a long time.
  • Improve his/her listening and speaking skills
  • Quickly achieve a high level of knowledge in the field of foreign language.

Important points of learning Turkish with the help of animation and cartoons

Why learn the Turkish language?

  1. Choose the right animation according to your level: If you see cartoon or animation for learning Turkish, choose them carefully. The selected cartoons should match your level in terms of speaking speed, the words they use, and so on.
  2. Listen to each cartoon several times: first try to watch the animation with subtitles and the second time without subtitles.
  3. Be sure to repeat the words and sentences you hear: To memorize the words better, be sure to repeat and practice them with you. After a while, in addition to increasing your listening power and boosting your vocabulary, this will greatly help to improve your speaking skills.
  4. Write down new tips learned: Write down everything you learned while watching the animation. Repetition and practice make you remember them forever.
  5. Make your own dictionary: Make a dictionary for yourself or use online dictionaries.
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The best animations for strengthening and learning Turkish

In this section, we have prepared the most famous animations for learning Turkish for you. We review the titles of this very attractive and memorable collection.

1- The Good Dinosaur

  • Original name: The Good Dinosaur
  • Turkish name: İYİ BİR DİNOZOR
  • Directed by: Peter Sohn
  • Screenplay by: Meg LeFauve
  • Running time: 97 minutes
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English (Dubbed in Turkish)
  • Format: AVI
  • Quality: BRRip
  • Release dates: November 10, 2015 (Paris), November 25, 2015 (United States)

Synopsis: In this animation, unlike all the existing stories, the dinosaurs are not extinct due to the impact of the meteorite on the earth and are living on the planet. Arlo, the avid and dreamy dinosaur in our story, falls into a river by accident and falls away from his family. In another wilderness, she befriends a caveman named Spot, and the two bravely set out on a tortuous path to meet the Arlo family. It is a great animation for learning and reinforcing everyday Turkish phrases and sentences!

2- The Little Prince

  • Original name: The Little Prince
  • Turkish name: KÜÇÜK PRENS
  • Directed by: Mark Osborne
  • Screenplay by: Irena Brignull, Bob Persichetti
  • Running time: 108 minutes
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English (Dubbed in Turkish)
  • Format: AVI
  • Quality: BRRip
  • Release dates: 22 May 2015 (Cannes Film Festival), 29 July 2015 (France)

Synopsis: The little prince that we all know and have read all his stories. The Little Prince is the story of a little boy who encounters various adventures on a journey to another planets. This animation is an American product and in this version you can download it as a dub.

3- UP

  • Original name: Up (2009 film)
  • Turkish name: Yukari Bak
  • Directed by: Pete Docter
  • Screenplay by: Bob Peterson, Pete Docter
  • Running time: 96 minutes
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English (Dubbed in Turkish)
  • Format: AVI
  • Quality: BRRip
  • Release dates: May 13, 2009 (Cannes), May 29, 2009 (United States)

Synopsis: It is a very beautiful and enjoyable animation for learning Turkish thus we recommend you to watch ıt! This animation is about an old man who is isolated from society and lives alone. His little house is in the middle of skyscrapers that are getting taller every day. Now the municipality wants to demolish his house! But the old man is not willing to leave his house in any way.

That’s why he flies with the thousands of balloons he has attached to his house to embark on an adventurous journey. But by coincidence, the neighbor’s six-year-old son also accompanies him, and they experience interesting adventures on a trip to the jungle and remote nature.

4– Horton Hears a Who

  • Original name: Horton Hears a Who!
  • Turkish name: Horton Kimi Duyuyor
  • Directed by: Jimmy Hayward, Steve Martino
  • Screenplay by: Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio
  • Running time: 86 minutes
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English (Dubbed in Turkish)
  • Format: AVI
  • Quality: BRRip XviD
  • Release dates: March 14, 2008

Synopsis: This animation, which is one of the best animations for learning Turkish, tells the story of a fat elephant named Horton who one day accidentally heard the cries for help from a branch of a flower. He realizes that there are very small creatures living on this flower branch that may be in danger of losing their lives. Horton tries to share this with his friends, but…

5- Ooops! Noah is Gone

  • Original name: ooops! noah is gone
  • Turkish name: Kahraman Miçolar
  • Directed by: Toby Genkel, Sean McCormack
  • Screenplay by: Richard Conroy, Toby Genkel, Mark Hodkinson, Marteinn Thorisson
  • Running time: 87 minutes
  • Countries: Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg
  • Language: English (Dubbed in Turkish)
  • Format: AVI
  • Quality: BRRip XviD
  • Release dates: 26 February 2015 (Luxembourg City Film Festival), 1 May 2015 (Ireland), 17 July 2015 (United States), 30 July 2015 (Germany)

Synopsis: This animation is an interesting interpretation of the story of Hazrat Nabi’s ship, and its entertaining narration has made it an enjoyable animation. The end of the world is near and soon a great flood will wipe out the earth and all creatures from the scene of time.

Dave and his son Finny, who are Nestrian, are lucky enough to have a giant ship built to save all the animals. But at the last minute, they realize that Nestrians is not allowed to enter the ship. With the help of Hazel and his daughter Leah, they managed to sneak onto the ship. During the voyage, Leah and Finny fall off the ship. Dave and Hazel also intervene to save their children.

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6- Kötü Kedi Şerafettin

  • English name: Bad Cat
  • Turkish name: Kötü Kedi Şerafettin
  • Directed by: Mehmet Kurtuluş
  • Screenplay by: Levent Kazak
  • Running time: 82 minutes
  • Country: Turkey
  • Language: Turkish
  • Format: AVI
  • Quality: DVDRIP
  • Release dates: –

Synopsis: The story begins where Şerafettin prepares to go to a barbecue with his old friends Fare Rıza and Martı Rıfkı. But unaware of what calamities will befall him that day. His father will drive him out of the house, he will be attacked by his enemies, he will find out that he has a child, he will fall in love for the first time and something else will happen to him. But in spite of all this, he is determined that this barbecue will definitely stand…

7- The Lion King

  • Original name: The Lion King
  • Turkish name: Aslan Kral
  • Directed by: Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff
  • Screenplay by: Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts, Linda Woolverton
  • Running time: 88 minutes
  • Countries: United States
  • Language: English (Dubbed in Turkish)
  • Format: –
  • Quality: –
  • Release dates: June 15, 1994 (United States)

Synopsis: A lion named Scar in the cartoon Lion king, is looking for the kingdom of the forest. The kingdom of the forest has passed to his brother Mufasa, and in the future it will pass to Mufasa’s son, Simba.

Oscar kills Mufasa to seize the throne and forces his nephew Simba to escape from the forest. Simba will grow up in the future and will come to avenge his throne and of course his father from the Oscars…

8- Monsters,Inc

  • Original name: Monsters, Inc.
  • Turkish name: –
  • Directed by: Pete Docter
  • Screenplay by: Andrew Stanton, Daniel Gerson
  • Running time: 92 minutes
  • Countries: United States
  • Language: English (Dubbed in Turkish)
  • Format: –
  • Quality: –
  • Release dates: October 28, 2001 (El Capitan Theatre), November 2, 2001 (United States)

Synopsis: In the world of monsters, there is a factory that supplies energy to the world of monsters from the screams of children when they are scared. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski are two monsters.

The head of the factory says that contact with children causes death. Sullivan is the best monster in scaring and producing energy. Once Sullivan enters a child’s room to scare him but the child is not afraid of him. The child secretly enters the world of monsters and causes new things to happen. We recommend watching this animation for learning Turkish.

9- Rango

  • Original name: Rango
  • Turkish name: –
  • Directed by: Gore Verbinski
  • Screenplay by: John Logan, Gore Verbinski, James Ward Byrkit
  • Running time: 107 minutes
  • Countries: United States
  • Language: English (Dubbed in Turkish)
  • Format: –
  • Quality: –
  • Release dates: February 14, 2011 (Westwood premiere), March 4, 2011 (United States)
  • Link for download:

Synopsis: Rango animation is the life story of a home chameleon who has an identity crisis. This movie has a western and comedy atmosphere. The film begins with the role of a chameleon in an aquarium, and as he accidentally leaves the aquarium, he enters a different world.

Rango accidentally jumps out of a car into a dry, grassless desert. Then, with the guidance of a wise armadillo, he arrives at a small animal town whose people live on land without water.

After that, he chooses the name Rango for himself. He becomes the sheriff and savior of the city with the imaginary stories he tells to the people of the city, as well as the accidental killing of a hawk by him. Rango in the role of sheriff of the city, as a result of research, realizes that the drought is not natural and has been artificially imposed on the people of the city. He with the help of a number of people…

10- Chicken Run

  • Original name: Chicken Run
  • Turkish name: –
  • Directed by: Peter Lord, Nick Park
  • Screenplay by: Karey Kirkpatrick
  • Running time: 84 minutes
  • Countries: United Kingdom, United States, France
  • Language: English (Dubbed in Turkish)
  • Format: –
  • Quality: –
  • Release dates: 23 June 2000 (United States), 30 June 2000 (United Kingdom)

Synopsis: Chicken run is one of the most popular and best animation for learning Turkish. In Tweedy Poultry farming, the situation is chaotic and the chickens are very angry. Because the owner of the poultry farm has bought a frying pan and wants to make a chicken donut with it. That’s why Ginger, the chicken leader, decides to run away and encourages other chickens to run away.

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