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best Arabic YouTube channels for learning language skills

YouTube is rich in free Arabic language learning lessons for anyone engaged in learning the language. Still, a more precise look at the content shows that quality content is submerged by the large number of impromptu lessons that do not fulfill the minimum standards of instruction. These five Arabic YouTube Channels provide learners with Modern Standard Arabic. It is recommendable to mix one of these YouTube channels with a valuable textbook, such as Alif Baa, which you can make use of to advance to the intermediate level.

Selection factors

It is essential to keep in mind that these channels provide free lessons for the most part. Therefore, it is not rational to expect extraordinary teaching content that follows the latest curriculum evolvement theories and the most exact instruction standards.  However, these channels are selected based on experience and training and language teaching, and instructional design, some necessary but key elements that are required to be accessible in these Arabic YouTube channels for a wonderful Arabic language learning experience at the elementary level:

A comprehensible and expressive pronunciation is a must. It is essential for beginning students to be subjected to the correct pronunciation of Arabic sounds, especially if it is their initial exposure to Arabic. Instructors must create sequential lessons that follow a linear course in convulsion and functionality. This will contribute to students following the growing difficulty of content. An all-inclusive list of lessons or units of instruction. Arabic YouTube channels must let learners have access to full lists of lessons without a break.

Here is one other article from Zhinmag, the list of the best five Arabic YouTube channels for the eager Arabic language learner

1- Arabic Khatawaat one of the Arabic YouTube channels

This channel presents over 50 training videos with an average length of 20 minutes. All lessons are in taught in Modern Standard Arabic. The teacher’s name is Rajaa. The preliminary course is made up of 23 videos explaining Arabic letters and vocalizations, parts of speech, numbers, and prepositions. There is also a grammar course offered in 14 videos and another set of 14 clips of Arabic language practice. Arabic Khatawaat also provides playlists consisting of narrated Arabic stories and documentaries with English subtitles appropriate for elementary and intermediate students.

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best Arabic YouTube channels for learning language skills-Arabic Khatawaat

2- Gateway to Arabic Institute

At a near second position, this Channel provides over 203 videos (average length of 30 minutes), put together in playlists for various Arabic levels.  A playlist for the absolute beginners of Arabic presents 18 lessons containing a full introductory course.

best Arabic YouTube channels for learning language skills-Selection factors


All lessons are presented in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and the instructor has a great command of Arabic.

1. The instructor’s pronunciation and articulation are so great it is difficult to speculate his country of origin, which is surprising. This is great for beginners to be subjected to this instructor’s native-like accent and attempt to imitate it at such an early stage in their learning process.

2. The instructor has a great teaching style making use of simple but efficient teaching strategies to help students comprehend and learn by heart the basic elements of Arabic (sounds and shapes of the letters). He is also really zealous about the language, which is essential to keep students incentivized and engaged.

3. The 18 lessons follow a great pattern of language difficulty and explain all aspects expected at the elementary level.


1. The instructor follows a book he wrote and wants to publicize it on the channel. Buying the book could be useful, but is not obligatory to follow the lessons.

2. More advanced courses accessible on the channel are drawn more towards Quranic Arabic, which may restrict the audience of students who’d like to continue learning. No interaction with the audience.

3-  Learn Arabic with Maha one of the Arabic YouTube channels

Italy-based Palestinian Maha is in charge of this channel, which presents over 470 videos for chiefly elementary and low intermediate learners.

best Arabic YouTube channels for learning language skills-Learn Arabic with Maha


1. Maha retains a simple, dynamic, yet convenient teaching style, which can be attractive to casual learners and absorb those who were not even attracted in learning Arabic.

2. She has a good character and often interacts with the audience as she sometimes makes videos discussing their requests or comments.

3. Teaches practical Arabic allocating some lessons to subjects such as “5 ways Arabs say ‘bye’” and how to tell somebody to keep silent.


1. The channel is not concentrated just on MSA. It presents videos on the Palestinian dialect, the Levantine variants, and even Hebrew. This could be confusing to learners of MSA.

2. The tutorials are not organized into a cohesive unit of pertinent lessons with linear progression, which shows she has no education or experience in teaching and instructional design.

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3. Frequent errors in Arabic pronunciation and comprehension of some words, showing limited knowledge at the advanced level. For example, she expounds in one of the videos the meaning of her name, Maha, which she explicated wrong and translated literally as the “wild cow” rather than the onyx.

4. Much of Maha’s content is focused on conversational Arabic, which is not inclusive enough and is combined with pronunciation mistakes and colloquialism.

4- Let’s Learn Arabic

This channel as one of the Arabic YouTube channels provides a good set of elementary lessons in Arabic. After a pause of several months, the channel has recently restarted posting Arabic lessons.

best Arabic YouTube channels for learning language skills-Let’s Learn Arabic


1. Ahmad, the instructor, has a great and appealing teaching style. He is really hardworking and funny, and many audiences/students like his style and consistently ask for more.

2. The good teaching method stemmed from a traditional Arabic language instruction technique.


1. There is a gap between the elementary course and subsequent lessons, making it difficult for students to follow through to the next level.

2. Lack of content beyond the elementary level course.

Mr. Eisawy has amazing potential if only he can post more regularly and exhibit better structure.

5- Learn Arabic with Qasid one member of Arabic YouTube channels

This channel is one of the best Arabic YouTube channels that provides a playlist that elementary learners can take advantage of. It is comprised of 28 videos explaining Arabic Letters tutorials and two videos elaborating on the 10 Arabic Verb Forms. Another playlist called Al-Kitaab Advantage has 12 videos about five minutes long teaching grammar. There are a lot of other videos but they are not relevant to learners of MSA.

best Arabic YouTube channels for learning language-Learn Arabic with Qasid


1. Lessons are well taught and are based on good lesson schedules, showing some formal educational background.

2. Great equipment employing smart boards and screen capture videos.

3. Instructors present cultural information that offers some context to students, making for more interesting sessions.


1. Limited content is published in order to stimulate the audience to sign up and pay for access to more.

2. The jump between the elementary and grammar lessons is sudden– not great for beginners.

3. Almost half of the content presents Jordanian Arabic lessons, not MSA.

4. Too much concentration on promoting the institute which provides the lessons

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