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Best Algerian Food With Recipes 2022


Algerian food has a depth and freshness that few other cuisines can match, thanks to a unique and interesting combination of French, Mediterranean, and North African ingredients.

With a base of vegetables, grains, and meats (with the exception of the hog), the combination of African spice, Mediterranean freshness, and French flair gives Algerian meals a richness and depth of taste.

In fact, Algerian cuisine, which is often credited with popularising couscous across the globe, offers a wide range of mouthwatering dishes.

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What Are the Best Algerian Food?

best algerian food recipes 2022
Best Algerian Food Recipes 2022

Algerian food offers a wealth of culinary experiences. Let us now begin. Here are a few of our favorite ones from Algerian cuisine.

10 Best Algerian Food Recipes:

1- Chtitha Batata; Algerian Food

Best Algerian food with Recipes 2022

In a word, versa, hot chile, and garlic paste make this traditional Algerian potato stew. Also, it may be served as a vegan or vegetarian main dish or as a side dish alongside meat or fish, and both options are wonderful. In addition, using common, readily available ingredients, this recipe makes it simple to prepare authentic North African food at home.

2- Dziriat 

Best Algerian food with Recipes 2022

This almond-filled biscuit is frequently served at weddings and other important occasions. In fact, it’s a struggle to make, but it’s worth the effort. Moreover, you can find this recipe in a variety of forms. 

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Other ways include hand-molding and dipping in syrup, and some use molds while others do not. Occasionally, butter is used in place of vegetable oil, and the egg is left out entirely. A thin, solid crust with no flakiness is the desired outcome.

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3- Dersa 

Best Algerian food with Recipes 2022

This dish is a must-try if you like harissa. Accordingly,  Garlic, chili, cumin, and paprika are all ground together in a mortar and pestle to create Algerian dersa, a fiery garlic and chile paste. 

However, spices and quantities vary from person to person. Some individuals use lemon juice, while others like to use fresh chopped parsley.   Basic components include garlic, cumin, chile pepper or cayenne pepper, and olive oil, and there are as many variants as there are different tastes.

4- Cornes de Gazelle; Algerian Food

Best Algerian food with Recipes 2022

They are wedge biscuits that are full of the delicious almond-orange flour mixture and covered with crushed pistachios. Actually, cornes de gazelle is a traditional French dessert made with almonds and orange blossoms. 

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5- Lamb Borek

Best Algerian food with Recipes 2022

The chefs usually stuffed it with ground lamb that has been seasoned with herbs and spices. In order to prepare this flavorful, lamb-filled pastry,  use12 nice sheets of phyllo pastry and an ideally sloppy dough. To bake the phyllo correctly, you need to lightly moisten it with an egg/yogurt/butter mixture. 

6- Algerian Flafla 

Best Algerian food with Recipes 2022

The recipe calls for roasted bell peppers, which are then twice-cooked with other veggies to create a sweet and rich delight. In fact, it’s ideal for summertime dinners. In a word, the Algerian way of eating this food is to use the bread as a fork when you eat this dish with a baguette.

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7- Khobz el Dar; Algerian Food

Best Algerian food with Recipes 2022

Sesame seeds are sprinkled on this Algerian no-knead semolina bread, which is very soft and has a slightly sweet taste reminiscent of brioche. Actually, if you have never had Algerian bread, you should absolutely try this really simple recipe.  In order to make Khobz el Dar, you don’t need any specific equipment or ingredients.

8- The Shorba Freekeh of Algeria

Best Algerian food with Recipes 2022

In this Algerian tomato and meat soup, freekeh (roasted wheat) adds depth and distinct taste. Shorba is a soup-slang speaker’s term. It is topped with a healthy portion of cilantro and lemon juice, much like many Mediterranean-style dishes.

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9- Couscous; Algerian Food

Best Algerian food with Recipes 2022

One of the most popular Algerian dishes is couscous. People usually serve it on Fridays because of a centuries-old practice of distributing it to the poorest residents of the nation on that day.

Cooking time for Couscous is around 10 minutes. Also, you can serve it with cooked meats and vegetables.

10- Tajin Zitoun 

Best Algerian food with Recipes 2022

Algerians love Tajine Zitoune, particularly during Ramadan.

Meatballs prepared from ground beef, lamb, fish, or chicken marinated in a variety of seasonings are the star of this meal, which also includes potatoes and mushrooms as well as an olive-flavored and cinnamon-flavored white sauce.

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