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Best Famous Movie Tattoos 2022


Nearly one in three people nowadays have some kind of art tattoo on their body. Also, famous movie tattoos are among those art tattoos. The leaders of the cinema art industry are also not blind to this tendency, attempting to reward the cruel movie characters with a single dazzling or a series of little body pictures.

Tattoos are used in films for various reasons, but the most common one is to identify a character from the entire crowd and underline his or her uniqueness.

zhinmag is here to remind you of the most famous movie tattoos.  

What Are the Best Famous Movie Tattoos?

Of course, the best famous movie tattoos are a matter of personal preference, but the options are limited. Also, in recent years, tattoos have gained widespread acceptance and are considered fashionable. However, prior to this, they had never been on the big screen.

Let us show you some of the greatest famous movie tattoos. You may have observed some of them, but there may be characters whose tattoos you haven’t noticed.

‘John Wick’: John Wick

Best Famous Movie Tattoos 2022

In the 2014 action blockbuster John Wick, we got a peek of John’s back tattoos when he’s in the shower. The Latin phrase “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat” translates to “Fortune favors those who resist.” That has a distinct military odor to it, which would be consistent with the assassin’s method of operation. However, it may be a prison tattoo as well.

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Russian prisoners love Wick’s wolf on his shoulder. What about the praying hands? Dürer’s “Praying Hands” is a great allusion that suggests Wick is religious or that you must pray when you see John Wick approaching.

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Suicide Squad: Joker | Famous Movie Tattoos

Best Famous Movie Tattoos 2022

Most of the characters in the film have tattoos, some colored, others black and white. Let’s discuss the key characters now.

In addition to his outstanding performance as the Joker, Jared Leto will be recognized for the many tattoos on his body and face. There is the usual “Damaged” writing on his forehead, as well as the letter J on his face and the star on his temple. His torso is also covered with several elaborate, comic-book-inspired tattoos.

‘Justice League’: Aquaman

Best Famous Movie Tattoos 2022

Aquaman’s tattoos have more meaning for actor Jason Momoa, who is of Hawaiian descent. He has a forearm tattoo depicting a variant of his family’s symbol, including shark teeth. The character’s appearance suited the design because of the film’s subject matter. They all have a connection to the water in some manner.

‘Cape Fear’: Max Cady | Famous Movie Tattoos

Best Famous Movie Tattoos 2022

Captivating tattoos cover the wicked Max Cady in Martin Scorsese’s version of Cape Fear. When it comes to a visual representation of Cady’s maniacal need for revenge, nothing beats the crucifix rendition of the scales of justice. On the other hand, avenging the lawyer who had him imprisoned, he savagely attacks him when he is free.

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‘Suicide Squad’: Harley Quinn

Best Famous Movie Tattoos 2022

Suicide Squad also has Harley Quinn showing off her tattoos. However, we get a closer look at it. She has around 25 tattoos on her body, which are all in different sizes and designs. She also has a heart tattooed on her face with the word “ROTTEN” written underneath it. “Lucky You” and “Daddy’s Lil’ Monster,” as well as “Puddin,” are Joker nicknames for her, but they may also imply “tribute.”

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American History X: Edward Norton

Best Famous Movie Tattoos 2022

Fans of Edward Norton recall the Nazi symbol tattoo on the breast of the leading character in the film “American History X.” Also, the scene of the main character welcoming the policemen with a grin as they arrive on a call is particularly well-known.

Neo-Nazi symbolism is promoted via the use of these tattoos. As a film characteristic, they have a considerable impact on the viewer’s perception of him. So, it’s fair to claim that the film wouldn’t be nearly as realistic if there weren’t any tattoos.

‘Blade’: Blade | Famous Movie Tattoos

Best Famous Movie Tattoos 2022

For its savage brutality and Wesley Snipes’ growling portrayal as the lead vampire hunter, Blade is one of Marvel’s earliest superhero films. After shooting, filmmaker Stephen Norrington received a lot of criticism for his directing technique, although he did make a cool impact. Norrington designed and drew Blade’s tattoos. However, it is unusual for a director to be a makeup artist simultaneously.

‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’; Darth Maul

Best Famous Movie Tattoos 2022

Darth Maul, played by Park as a silent with a double-sided light sword, is one of the best aspects of the prequels’ story. A large tribal facial tattoo covers his red skin, evoking concerns about his background and provenance.

‘Red Dragon’: Francis Dolarhyde

Best Famous Movie Tattoos 2022

Dolarhyde, who thinks he’s becoming the main figure, is the real villain in the prequel to Silence of the Lambs. Taking inspiration from William Blake’s work, he covers his body in a spooky tattoo to help him change. 

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