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Best Romance Novels You Can not Put Down: It’s Time for Reading Again!


Let’s face it, reading has been a challenge for most people this year. It would be an understatement to say that in 2020, we needed happy endings more than ever. But romance novels have always been there as a balm, waiting for those rare, exquisite moments when we can concentrate enough to read. With the continuous growth of the rom-com renaissance, many of this year’s best films appeared purposefully crafted to confront these gloomy and difficult times.

Here is the list of best romance novels of 2020:


You Had Me at Hola

by Alexis Daria

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The novel begins like this: After a heartbreaking breakup, soap opera actress Jasmine returns to her hometown of New York City to shoot a bilingual romantic comedy. She’s paired with Ashton, a seductive (but struggling) telenovela star. With both of their jobs on the line, they take their rehearsals off-set to establish some on-screen chemistry—but the passion grows swiftly. let’s see the other books on Best Romance Novels lists.

Boyfriend Material

Best Romance Novels   Boyfriend Material
by Alexis Hall

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This novel will make you laugh and cry at the same time. With his rock star father’s career on the rise, Luc finds himself pushed back into the spotlight and in desperate need of a massive image makeover. Enter Barrister Oliver, a scandal-free lawyer whose picture-perfect reputation makes him the ideal phony boyfriend. Perhaps even a real one? Boyfriend Material is wonderfully clever and full of humor, but its real weapon is Hall’s heart, which he nearly rips from his chest and holds out for readers to pillage.


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Chasing Cassandra

Chasing Cassandra
by Lisa Kleypas


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In the sixth book of The Ravenels novel series, this is what you should expect to happen: The smart Lady Cassandra Ravenel is followed by Tom Severin, a cold and powerful businessman. And, despite his determination to be with her, the pursuit isn’t as simple as he thinks.

The Roommate

The Roommate
by Rosie Danan


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When Clara Wheaton moves in with Josh, a porn star by accident, she embarks on a voyage of love and self-discovery. The Roommate enacts the act of intimacy itself, shocking readers with a hard-core concept (and steamy sequences) while also acknowledging that the truly good stuff comes with emotional openness.

If I Never Met You

If I Never Met You
by Mhairi McFarlane


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Laurie, a lawyer, is heartbroken after her ten-year relationship with her partner comes to a sudden end. On top of that, his new girlfriend is expecting a child. Laurie pretends to be in love with the office playboy to escape embarrassment. But the novel wants something different for them. Their phony feelings soon turn into something more.

Queen Move

Best Romance Novels
by Kennedy Ryan



Kimba, a successful political campaign manager, encounters Ezra again 20 years after she has torn apart from her childhood crush, and there’s no doubting their instant chemistry—he might well be her soul mate. However, health issues and a little baggage hinder their hot new romance.


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Like Lovers Do

Like Lovers Do |  Romance Novels
by Tracey Livesay



This Novel is about Dr. Nicole Allen, who has worked so hard to create the life she believes she deserves. Sparks ignite, though, when she promises to fake a relationship with her best friend Ben to assist him to avoid an angry ex. Livesay knows how to turn up the heat (her hammock sex is perhaps the sexiest bedroom scene of the year), but it’s her dedication to her characters that truly shines through in the story.

The Rakess

The Rakess
by Scarlett Peckham



The novel demonstrates a historical romance. The titular Rakess Seraphina Arden (loosely based on Mary Wollstonecraft), is a lady who uses cruelty as a weapon and sexual desire as armor. When she meets Adam Anderson, a kind widower, she pledges it will only be a summer romance until he helps her recover her worth as a lover.

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Temporary Wife Temptation

Temporary Wife Temptation  Like Lovers Do  best Romance Novels
by Jayci Lee



Garret Song is on the threshold of inheriting his family’s fashion empire until his mother presents him with a handpicked wife. To get around her wishes, he hires Natalie Sobol to impersonate his wife. We all know how this will end, even though they’re phony spouses.

The Worst Best Man

The Worst Best Man
by Mia Sosa



Carolina Santos’ greatest nightmare came true when her fiancé deserted her at the altar, but a new project pushes her to collaborate with his brother/best man, Max (whom she hates for the betrayal), and it’s a career opportunity she can’t pass up. Lina and Max can’t help but fall for each other as they struggle to prove themselves. Sosa is a master of nasty comments. But it’s her warm heart, which marries agonizing realism with rom-com zaniness, that makes The Worst Best Man such an easy story to get lost in.


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Moral Compass

Best Romance Novels
by Danielle Steel



For the first time in 140 years, the famous Saint Ambrose Preparatory School admits female pupils. However, one particularly raucous Halloween night is clouded by secrecy, separating the neighborhood as they try to figure out what happened.


Best Romance
 by Adriana Anders



South Pole cook Angel Smith is ready to reset her life and leave the cold tundra behind but fate is not kind to her. Sinners arrive on the tundra and send her on a life-or-death sprint across the ice alongside taciturn glaciologist Ford Cooper. Anders masterfully balances terrible suspense with high-stakes romance, carefully interweaving the development of Ford and Angel’s relationship with the ratcheting tension that begins high and rises to a compelling, propulsive conclusion. The suspenseful mystery will keep readers on the edge of their seats, while the scorching romance is as hot as it gets.

what are your thoughts about the Best Romance Novels that we listed?

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