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Best Water lily Tattoo Designs 2022


What kind of tattoos do you like to get? What about floral tattoo designs? For those who want to get their first water lily tattoo, you’re at the right place.

With the help of Zhinmag, you’ll see a variety of lily tattoos that are sure to please. Moreover, they’re great for both men and women, so check out the designs below to get started!

What Is The Symbolism Behind A Water Lily Tattoo?

Water lilies are a beautiful symbol of love and purity. For centuries, they have been linked to rebirth and maternity. Also, flowers like lilies have been used as a metaphor for long-lasting, happy love in several cultures.

On the other hand, colors will always represent various feelings in different people. It’s the same with flowers of all kinds since the rules are the same. For example:

Red: It is the color of love and devotion.

Pink: It is a color associated with love and wealth, as well as a symbol of femininity.

Yellow: This is a color of respect and happiness.

Blue: It symbolizes strength and riches.

Green: This is a magical color that is associated with your wild side

Purple: It is a captivating color to reflect your inner beauty.

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What Is The Best Spot To Have A Lily Tattoo?

Your flower tattoo should be placed in a tiny and delicate spot. However, the forearm and collarbone are the most popular choices for most women. On the other hand, calf and back tattoo placement options are very popular among guys.

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best lily tattoos :

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest water lily tattoos for your viewing pleasure.

1- Small Water Lily Tattoo 

Best Water lily Tattoo Designs 2022

Do you have a fear of needles and the tattooing process? If that’s the case, you may want to consider getting a forearm tattoo like this one. If you’re looking for a little, delicate, and exquisite lily print, go no further than this one.

2- Simple Small Black Lily Tattoo

Best Water lily Tattoo Designs 2022

This tattoo is a symbol of your sincerity and your spirit. Also, it represents your highs and lows, as well as any simple items that you find attractive in your private life. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic print for anybody who appreciates the beauty of everlasting harmony.

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3- Water Lily Tattoo on Foot 

Best Water lily Tattoo Designs 2022

Minimalists will appreciate the simplicity of this simple black leg tattoo. However,  if you’re on a tight budget, this tattoo is perfect for you. In a word, if you’re looking for something fast and simple yet functional, this is a great option.

4- Sole Balck And White Lily Tatto

Best Water lily Tattoo Designs 2022

It symbolizes your calming nature and the complexity of your life’s journey. In case you’re someone who has gone through a lot yet still manages to emerge from it as a winner and an idealist, this water lily tattoo will be a good fit for you.

5- Tiger Water Lily Tattoo

Best Water lily Tattoo Designs 2022

The tiger print can be paired with a variety of colors and flowers for a unique look. What do you think of this idea? Females who are confident with their bodies and their curves will like this tattoo the most.

6- Water Lily Tattoos on the Back

Best Water lily Tattoo Designs 2022

Getting a tattoo on your lower back is something that many people appreciate. Are you looking for a combination of feminine and strong? There are a lot of females that enjoy this style since it is simple to pull off and also quite inexpensive.

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7- Back Starigh Lily Tattoo

Best Water lily Tattoo Designs 2022

The tattoo will represent your connection to good energy as a symbol of togetherness. So if you’re a beautiful person from the inside out, this water lily tattoo is a great way to show that.

8- Lily Tattoo On Thigh

Best Water lily Tattoo Designs 2022

Leg or thigh tattoos, such as this water lily tattoo, may be very stunning when done in large and strikingly detailed sizes. For those who are more interested in the tale than the flower itself, this is the perfect lily tattoo.

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9 – Large Complex Lily Tatto

Best Water lily Tattoo Designs 2022

Getting this tattoo will take at least four hours, so plan accordingly. It will suggest that you’re a tranquil sweetie and that you know how to fight your own battles and always remain powerful and beautiful through it.

10- Lily Tattoo Side Boob

Best Water lily Tattoo Designs 2022

Do you want a sweet lily tattoo on your side chest and side boobs? Remember that it will hurt, therefore prepare yourself mentally and physically before getting this tattoo. However, to create this feminine look; you’ll need around three hours.

11- Sexy Small Black Tattoo

Best Water lily Tattoo Designs 2022

This flower is a sign of your honest motives and your desire to make the world a better place. You’ll be seen as a seductive and sensual person with this tattoo. Also, if you want people to think you’re an all-out diva, you’ll get it.

12- Wayer Lily Over Arm

Best Water lily Tattoo Designs 2022

The combination of black and white ink may be both adorable and feminine. So,   you may want to tattoo this one if you’re a lover of black tattoos and you’re looking for a beautiful one.

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