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Birth flowers tattoo ideas 2021


Symbolic connotations associated with birth flowers date back more than two centuries. Actually, they are a logical choice for those looking for a deeper meaning in their birth month flower tattoo. Flowers may convey a variety of messages. For example, the red rose often represents one of the purest symbols of real love, and yellow roses symbolize sincere friendship.

Thus, it’s no surprise that flowers were associated with various months to represent them. In fact, birth flowers, like zodiac signs, are allocated to certain months and associated with particular features and characteristic traits.

If you’re interested in ideas for a birth month flower tattoo, check out the Zhinmag guide and the greatest examples below.

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Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas to Try in 2021

If you’ve had enough of your zodiac sign, let us persuade you to select your birth month flower tattoo instead! A different flower represents each month of the year. With so many options, you’ll be able to select one that’s just right for you!

Carnation; January Birth Month Flower Tattoo

Birth flowers tattoo ideas 2021 -Carnation January

Many feel that getting a carnation tattoo would be the greatest choice for a birth month flower tattoo for those born in January. Carnations symbolize the bonds that connect us all, including our sense of self-worth, beauty, radiance, and heavenly love.

Iris: February Birth Month Flower Tattoo Ideas

Birth flowers tattoo ideas 2021 - Iris February

Due to its association with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, and as a birth flower for February, the Iris is often regarded as a February birth month flower tattoo.  

With the iris flower tattoo, you can show off your feelings for someone and express your trust in them.

The Daffodil: March 

Birth flowers tattoo ideas 2021 - The Daffodil March

The daffodil is a popular choice when it comes to the March birth month flower tattoo because of its extremely bright and appealing petals. These petals demonstrate that the wearer of the tattoo causes the sun to shine brightly and pleasantly in their presence.

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Because March is the first month of spring and represents renewal and a fresh start, the daffodil tattoo on the body represents optimism, youth, and regeneration. so  one the ideas for march flower tattoo is Daffodil.

Magnolias: April

Birth flowers tattoo ideas 2021 Magnolias April

To those born in April, the Magnolia birth month flower tattoo is considered auspicious. It begins to bloom in April and represents the incredible strength of the spring energies waking on the land. Tattooing the magnolia bloom symbolizes feminine virtues such as purity, nobility, perseverance, and unrequited love. The majority of those who get this tattoo are women, and it often symbolizes a devotion to Mother Nature.

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Lily: May 

Birth flowers tattoo ideas 2021 - Lily May

Tattooing lilies are said to be a good choice for anyone born in May. In fact, wedding season begins in May, which means lilies are a must-have in practically every bridal bouquet.

A lily birth month flower tattoo symbolizes purity, repose, rebirth, and royal power. It is dedicated to the Virgin Goddesses, to Mother, and the people as a whole. Aside from that, the lily bloom symbolized both Earth goddess and sky gods’ abundance.

Rose: June | Birth Month Flower Tattoo

Birth flowers tattoo ideas 2021 - Rose June

When it comes to getting a tattoo, the rose is a popular choice since it is June’s official flower. Love, ambition, passion, elegance, and serenity are all beautifully expressed in this piece. Furthermore, persons who were born in June possess these excellent everlasting characteristics. As a result, they deserve a beautiful rose tattoo on their body. 

June birth flower tattoo having one of the most popular flowers of all time as their birth flower! I recommend the June Birth Month Symbols article if you want to know more about other June birth month symbols.

Lotus; July Birth Month Flower Tattoo

Birth flowers tattoo ideas 2021 - Lotus July

As a birth flower for July, the Lotus is a gorgeous flower that begins to bloom in July. Symbolizing perfection, the lotus flower tattoo has a circle of leaves and blossoms.

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The Lotus represents the process of spiritual disclosure, starting with muck and slime and rising through murky waters to unveil itself in the sun and the brightness of the heavens.

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Poppy: August

Birth flowers tattoo ideas 2021 - Poppy August

The poppy, which begins blooming in August, is regarded as an August birth month flower tattoo. A poppy flower tattoo is a symbol of fertility and forgetfulness, as well as an ode to the night and nature.

This tattoo design of a poppy represents the blood of Christ, his pain, and his devotion to people who believe in God. Also,  Affection, passion, and love are all associated with the poppy tattoo.


Aster; September Birth Month Flower Tattoo

Birth flowers tattoo ideas 2021 - Aster September

Aster is a popular birth month flower tattoo for September. At the beginning of fall, these flowers often bloom in a wide range of colors, such as reds, whites, pinks, and purples. In addition, aster flower tattoos are a sign of love and stars.

Camellia: October 

Birth flowers tattoo ideas 2021 - Camellia October

Because the blossom is associated with October, it is believed that persons born under its auspices would be joyful. Hence,  If you are born in the second month of fall, the Camellia birth month flower tattoo is the perfect choice for you. 

When a person has a pale pink camellia tattoo, they are likely to be feeling melancholy and alone. Tattoos of the white camellia symbolize purity and cleanliness. Additionally, as a symbol of unrequited love and a hurting heart, red camellia tattoos are popular.

Chrysanthemum: November

Birth flowers tattoo ideas 2021 - Chrysanthemum November

The Chrysanthemum is the birth month flower tattoo in November. Accordingly, after the rose and the Lotus, it is the third most common floral tattoo.

Chrysanthemum flower associated with many different meanings. For example, these flowers are a symbol of joy and pleasure.

Dandelion: December 

Birth flowers tattoo ideas 2021 - Dandelion December

December’s natal flower is the dandelion.  Such a tattoo is ideal for persons who are upbeat and optimistic.

A simple dandelion tattoo conveys freshness and comfort. Dandelions with birds and flowers flying in the wind are symbols of individualism and awe-inspiring romanticism.

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