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Birthstones by month | Names, Facts, Meanings & Properties


Birthstones by month are based on astronomical astrology and are derived from different cultures. Today each stone symbolizes the birth of one month of the year. In fact, the main origin and roots of birthstones are derived from astronomy and originated from the culture of different societies. Have you ever wondered, Which month born are luckiest?

zodiac refers to one of 12 specific constellations of the zodiac that the sun passes through. What is the table of zodiac birth month stones? Do you know that the 12 Zodiac signs meanings and their associated personality qualities are the most fundamental parts of astrology.

In this article, Zhinmag merely refers to the beliefs and convictions of these cultures and does not endorse or reject them. But the argument in which there is certainty is the existence of countless properties and benefits of different gemstone.

Month Birthstone Meaning
January Garnet Protection
February Amethyst Wisdom
March Aquamarine Serenity
April Quartz or Diamond Strength
May Emerald Hope
June Pearl or Alexandrite Love
July Ruby Vitality
August Peridot Beauty
September Sapphire Truth
October Tourmaline Healing
November Citrine Joy
December Turquoise Friendship

Can Birthstones by month work as a miracle for any person?!

The most important field of efficiency and use of stones in natural and therapeutic matters is their usefulness in energy conversion and exchange. In short, they are essentially the mediators of the conversion, power, and exchange of energy between nature and nature, as well as human beings.

For this reason, we must ignore some of the superstitions, erroneous ratios, and misconceptions about the miraculous nature of gem therapy, which have become a tool for profiteers.

As for the birthstones by month of each person, if you believe in it, it will automatically act as a therapeutic indoctrination and will bring a lot of positive energy. The importance of astronomical knowledge in astrology and the place of gems has been proven in history.

This indicates that these valuable gems in the scientific and popular culture of the people have been the earth facilities and tools for human well-being and, like plants, have been available to physicians and physicians for treatment.

What stones do people born in different months have?

Birthstones by month: January

The January Sub-birthstones: Ruby, Agate, Lapis Lazuli and Onyx

January Birthstone Garnet Color, Meaning & History
January Birthstone: Garnet

The January Main birthstone: Garnet

  • Category: Nesosilicate, a group of silicate minerals
  • Used as: gemstones and abrasives
  • Color: virtually all colors, blue is very rare
  • Meaning: safe during travel

Physical properties: Garnet is an incredible purifier for the whole body, regenerates blood, heart and lungs and helps absorb essential vitamins and minerals.

Garnet magical powers for those born in January

Emotionally, garnet can help a person get rid of old, useless annoying thoughts. Garnet boosts self-esteem and removes barriers and taboos to revive feelings of love and sexuality.

From a spiritual point of view, placing a garnet on your forehead while meditating will help you visualize past lives.

Remember that garnet is a protective stone, and information that may inspire us is essential for spiritual awareness and healing. Garnets not only have the ability to protect their owner from negative energies, but can also divert negative energies to the source.

This feature is especially useful when the person is in a situation where there are lies, rumors and even negative words about him. Garnet is a psychological shield in crowded places or whenever a person feels vulnerable.

Birthstones by month: February

The February Sub-birthstones: Green agate, turquoise, opal

February Birthstone Amethyst Source & Meaning
February Birthstone: Amethyst

The February Main birthstone: Amethyst

  • Category: Silicate mineral
  • Used: in jewelry
  • Color: Purple, violet, dark purple
  • Meaning: strengthen relationships and give its wearer courage

Physical properties: Amethyst color is very unstable and fades with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Pale amethysts can be improved by placing them in a metal foil package, because the amethyst purple color is actually derived from iron impurities. The more purple the amethyst color, the more valuable it is.

Amethyst magical powers for those born in February

Amethyst considered as a precious and beautiful stone with a long history in ancient times for magic and a common stone to prevent drunkenness. The word amethyst comes from the Greek word “amethystos” meaning anti-drunkenness.

Wise men in ancient Greece and Rome left a piece of amethyst in their wine to neutralize the alcohol in the drink. The amethyst was placed in the shape of a carved heart in the dead body to help the person pass to another world in peace.

Amethyst is also a Buddhist stone and is very popular among Tibetan Buddhist monks in its use of rosary beads, due to its prominence and prominence.

Ancient Zoroastrian astronomers believed that amethyst was a powerful stone that protected man from evil spells and also brought good luck to its owner. They believed that Amethyst conveys a deeper understanding of the hidden knowledge of the universe.

Birthstones by month: March

The March Sub-birthstones: Jade, Bloodstone, Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, quartz Crystal

March Birthstones Aquamarine & Bloodstone Meaning
March Birthstone: Aquamarine

The March Main birthstone: Aquamarine

  • Category: It is ambiguous, a type of blue beryl
  • Used: –
  • Color: a shade between green and blue
  • Meaning: protected against ocean dangers

Physical Properties: The crystals of this stone are usually large and without impurities with a hardness of 7.5 and usually have lines along their length.

Aquamarine magical powers for those born in March

In ancient times, it known as the stone goddess of the seas. In ancient Egypt, aquamarine stones discovered along with mummies. In the East, this gem revered as the stone of mysticism and divination.

Medieval writers claimed that the aquarium was the most popular and influential crystal in ancient Jewish temples.

Aquamarine stimulates mental energy and cultivates the mind, the essence of courage and esteem. In the past, aquamarine considered a gem of courage, and it thought that carrying it would protect person from long sea voyages on the way back. Aquamarine strengthens our immune system and eliminates skin allergy problems.

Aquamarine is very beneficial in relieving anxiety, increasing creativity, eloquence and increasing IQ. People born in March can increase the happiness of their marital bond by using aquamarine. Aquamarine, in addition to being the birthstone of March, is also the Sub-birthstones of April and November.

Birthstones by month: April

The April Sub-birthstones: Jasper, blood stone, yellow topaz, sapphire, aquamarine

April Diamond Birthstone Meaning & History
April Birthstone: Diamond

The April Main birthstone: Diamond

  • Category: Native minerals
  • Used:  In Jewelery, abrasive stones, sanding and industry
  • Color: Typically yellow, brown, or gray to colorless
  • Meaning: a symbol of everlasting love

Physical Properties: Diamond is conductive and conducts electricity well, but blue diamond, which is blue due to its boron element, is semiconductor. Diamond is also a heat conductor and its heat conductivity is five times that of copper metal.

Diamond magical powers for those born in April

Diamond is known as a jewel that removes diseases from humans and gives them complete health. It also protects us from fear. It is said in ancient books that if women suffer from gynecological diseases and want a way to get rid of it, it is enough to tie a diamond around their knees to heal. If they tie a diamond around their arms, they can defeat all their enemies.

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This gem creates and strengthens love among couples. For people born in April, diamonds increase the power of will and intelligence as well as strengthen memory. Diamond is anti-depressant and anti-anxiety and strengthens physical ability and sexual power. It is said that since fire or iron has no effect on diamonds, people who use this stone will be protected from electric shock.

If you have stomach or heart problems, wrap a diamond around your abdomen to relieve the pain. Diamonds are useful for strengthening the heart, keeping away and protecting against magic, facilitating childbirth, sleep problems and nightmares, treating and preventing epilepsy for children, and generally keeping people away from harm. Diamond is the birthstone of April and August, and those born in these months will use it to bring luck, prosperity, wisdom, power and happiness.

Birthstones by month: May

The May Sub-birthstones: Garnet, aventurine, malachite, ruby light, Rose quartz, coral, amber and turquoise

What Is the Birthstone for May?
May Birthstone: Emerald

The May Main birthstone: Emerald

  • Category: Beryl variety
  • Used: In jewelry industry
  • Color: Bluish green to green
  • Meaning: fertility, rebirth, and love

Physical Properties: Emerald is the best known type of Beryl and its green color is due to its low chromium and iron. It has a hardness of 7.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale and crystals in the form of hexagonal prisms with a flat end.

Emerald magical powers for those born in May

The unique emerald green light is composed of golden and blue combinations that create creativity in the human mind based on the psychology of colors.

Emerald has been an emotional stone (due to its planet type, Venus) that strengthens and expands love between couples. Its emotional power is so great that it is said that if a couple who carries an emerald stone, their relationship breaks down or becomes cold and becomes lifeless, the green color of this stone will also fade!

Emerald relieves labor pains for pregnant women and facilitates their delivery. Did you know that the month of birth impacts their beauty and that you may anticipate your month born beautiful baby?

Putting emerald in your mouth strengthens your teeth and eliminates their problems in the future. In the East, emerald believed to eliminate the negative energies of the eye (sore eye) and is generally a unique treatment for our eyes.

This stone is soothing, coordinates the inner forces of the body and inspires the soul, and gives us new life to manifest and revitalize, and flourishes creativity in us.

This rare jewel has the highest adaptation for the May birthstone and you can achieve anything with it.

Birthstones by month: June

The June Sub-birthstones: Moonstone, ruby, citrine, alexandrite, chrysoprase, tiger’s eye and emerald

june birthstone amethyst and pearl
June Birthstone: Pearl

The June Main birthstone: Pearl

  • Category: Carbonate mineral, protein
  • Used: primarily in jewelry, but in the past also used to adorn clothing
  • Color: white, pink, silver, cream, brown, green, blue, black, yellow, orange, red, gold, purple, iridescent
  • Meaning: symbol of purity

Physical Properties: Pearls form inside the oyster in such a way that when a foreign object enters the oyster, the oyster begins to wrap a shell around it to defend itself and reduce the annoyance of the foreign object.

This brilliant shell is the same as pearls. The luminosity of pearls varies depending on the type of seawater or ocean in which it is grown or bred. If the pearl stays in the oyster for longer than needed, the pearl shape of the pearl is lost and this sample is called a disproportionate pearl.

Pearl magical powers for those born in June

The formation of pearls can be likened to human evolution. That is, the effort we make for our inner upliftment, and in spite of humility and oppression, we can enjoy the unique perfections and beauties of pearls.

By changing mental and emotional patterns, we can be liberated from the inner point of view and change, evolve and become beautiful. Birth month personality for those born June is that they can take advantage of new chances. Pearls absorb and reflect the negative energies of the user.

Due to the presence of minerals such as calcium, protein, etc., which have reached the pearl from the main source, the pearl has healing energies, and pearl powder is used for beauty creams and internal uses. Pearls are the best & Main birthstone by month June that bring them to the perfection of their inner energy.

Birthstones by month: July

The July Sub-birthstones: Emerald, moonstone and pearl

July Birthstone Learn About the Ruby Gemstone
July Birthstone: Ruby

The July Main birthstone: Ruby

  • Category: Oxide mineral variety
  • Used: one of the most popular traditional jewelry gems
  • Color: Orangy red through strongly purplish red.
  • Meaning: ruby’s deep-red color signifies love and passion

Physical Properties: Rubies have a hardness of 9.0 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Ruby is a kind of Corundum. Pure corundum is colorless, which in this case produces ruby. Therefore, the dye is caused by chemical impurities. Small amounts of chromium cause ruby red. The best type of ruby is found in the Maguk region of Burma. This gem can also be found in river rocks.

Ruby magical powers for those born in July

Ruby has been a favorite gem of royal families around the world for thousands of years. It has long been known as one of the most powerful gifts to Buddha and Krishna (Hindu god). Indians believe that ruby red glow is caused by an inner flame that no human can extinguish, so ruby is completely spiritual.

Most ancient documents contain information that the properties of ruby are used to detoxify the blood, prevent hunger and protect against plague (deadly diseases). Of course, ruby is still known to remove toxins from the blood from the whole body, treat fever as well as infectious diseases.

It is said to be very beneficial for the heart and circulatory system, as it increases blood flow. It also stimulates adrenal glands, kidneys, spleen and reproductive organs. Ruby as the birthstones by month replaces fatigue and lethargy with strength and power for a person.

Birthstones by month: August

The August Sub-birthstones: Onyx and black agate, sardonyx, tourmaline, quartz crystal, carneline, golden topaz and diamonds

August Birthstones Peridot & Spinel Birthstone Information
August Birthstone: Peridot

The August Main birthstone: Peridot

  • Category: Silicate mineral variety
  • Used as: –
  • Color: Yellow, to yellow-green, olive-green, to brownish, sometimes a lime-green, to emerald-ish hue
  • Meaning: symbolizes strength

Physical Properties: Peridot is an ancient gemstone that is found in abundance in the Middle East. It shines like glass. The color of Peridot may vary from yellow to green-brown, depending on the amount of iron in its crystal structure. Emerald hardness is between 6.5 to 7 Mohs Hardness Scale. The most valuable color of peridot is bright green olive green. The beauty of this gem along with its unique color, gives it a special charm.

Peridot magical powers for those born in August

Peridot has a soft green-gold glow. Due to the large amount of yellow in the green, peridot, has the quality of developing mental powers and also, balances and calms the emotions. The inhabitants of Atlantis, the ancient Egyptians, the Aztecs, the Ainkas, and the Tuliks used peridot as a sedative, purifier, and energy balancer in the physical body. It is said that in order to increase its magical power, it should be used together with gold.

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Peridot has many cleansing effects and has great value in digesting food, relieving constipation, helping with stomach ulcer-like conditions and swelling of the intestines, and restoring energy in the spleen. With the help of this sunstone (the ancient Egyptians called it the sunstone), we open our inner vision. Peridot heals and inspires melancholy.

Birthstones by month: September

The September Sub-birthstones: Carneline, Green Jade, Jasper,Citrine, Zircon, Azurite – Malachite

September Birthstone The Sapphire Color and Meaning
September Birthstone: Sapphire

The September Main birthstone: sapphire

  • Category: Oxide mineral
  • Used: in jewelry, industrial or decorative purposes in large crystal boules
  • Color: Typically blue, but varies
  • Meaning: symbolizes purity and wisdom

Physical Properties: This beautiful gem is found in black, pink, purple, dark blue, green, yellow and orange. Its blue color is due to the presence of titanium. Of course, for those born in September, its dark blue or blue color is considered.

Burmese sapphire is of excellent quality and sometimes has feather-like black impurities. Remember that color is especially important in knowing the original location of the stone. Kashmir sapphire has a very beautiful blue color. The gem is found in Brazil, Cambodia, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Thailand and Zimbabwe.

Sapphire magical powers for those born in September

The use of sapphire makes the mind comfortable, avoids grief and makes one safe from enemies. By carrying it, magic does not affect a person, it saves a person from prison and imprisonment. In any home, if it is sapphire, it is safe and secure from fire. The use of sapphires removes evil and lustful thoughts from one’s imagination, which is why pious and pious people use sapphires.

Sapphire removes all suffering from us. It cures all eye diseases. Sapphire is a sign of honesty and loyalty. Sapphire belongs to Venus and brings happiness to unmarried girls. If you give a sapphire to your fiancé and spouse, you will bring him / her luck and happiness.

If sapphire is compatible with one’s nature, it brings happiness and blessings to him / her, protects him / her, and strengthens love.

Birthstones by month: October

The October Sub-birthstones: Lapis lazuli, emerald, sapphire and agate

Opal & Tourmaline October Birthstone Color Variety
October Birthstone: Opal

The October Main birthstone: Opal

  • Category: Mineraloid
  • Used: In carving hard stones
  • Color: Colorless, white, yellow, red, orange, green, brown, black, blue, pink
  • Meaning: symbolizes faithfulness and confidence

Physical Properties: In Hindi, opal means “stone”, in Latin “Opalus” and in Greek “Opallios” both mean “see color change”. Some consider opal to be a sedimentary rock and a substitute for soluble and fossil minerals!

Because it forms in warm, low-silicon-rich hot water in fissures, volcanic and metamorphic rocks, and cavities around sedimentary rocks. The play of color in opal is due to the scattering of light in the spherical spheres of nanosilica. The ancient Romans obtained opal from the present-day Czech region. It is found in Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Australia.

Opal magical powers for those born in October

During the fourteenth century, opal known as the “eye stone” and believed to enhance vision. In ancient Greece, opal was known to enhance the gift of prophecy to its owner, if used correctly. If the person who used opal has bad intentions, this person will fail in love.

During the Middle Ages, many in Europe believed that opal gemstones had the ability to make some people invisible to the public! These superstitions led to a negative public perception of opal, to the extent that it became known as misfortune symbol. And people unknowingly and vulgarly called opal “the stone of thieves”.

It is said that for people suffering from a threatening disease, opal gives them motivation and determination to continue living. In India, many believe that this jewel helps improve memory. For people who are far from affectionate, using opal brings them good luck.

Birthstones by month: November

The November Sub-birthstones: Braille, Amethyst, Ruby, Garnet, Aquamarine, Coral, Obsidian

Birthstones by month November Topaz
November Birthstone: Topaz

The November Main birthstone: Topaz

  • Category: Nesosilicate minerals
  • Used as: a gemstone in jewelry and other adornments
  • Color: Colorless (if there are no impurities), white, blue, brown, orange, gray, yellow, yellowish brown, green, pink, reddish pink or even red
  • Meaning: symbolizes love and affection

Physical Properties: Topaz occurs in a wide range of different colors, with deep golden yellow and pink topaz being the most expensive.

Natural pink stones are rare, most of them are yellow stones that have undergone heat treatment. Colorless topazes are often given a glow and heat to create a wide range of blue, sometimes distinguishing them from aquamarine stones with the naked eye.

Opal magical powers for those born in November

The name Topaz comes from Sanskrit and means fire. The Egyptians said that the sun god painted Topaz with his golden glow. This made topaz an amazingly powerful stone that protected faith from harm.

The Romans associated topaz with Jupiter, the sun god. The ancient Greeks believed that the topaz had the power to increase power and make its owner invisible in times of crisis. Topaz is also said to change color in the presence of toxic foods or beverages.

Topaz is said to strengthen a person’s spiritual abilities. Legend has it that it will be used to increase intelligence and creativity, the transmission of wisdom of which in turn leads to wealth for the individual.

Topaz is the stone of true love and success in one’s endeavors and it can be used to spread understanding, compassion, kindness and empathy. The yellow or golden topaz, which is ruled by the sun, brings abundance, encourages one to be realistic as well as to plan well.

Birthstones by month: December

The December Sub-birthstones: Yellow and blue topaz, amethyst, ruby

Birthstones by month December turquoise, zircon or tanzanite
December Birthstone: Turquoise

The December Main birthstone: Turquoise

  • Category: Phosphate minerals
  • Used as: a gemstone and ornamental stone
  • Color: Turquoise, blue, blue-green, green
  • Meaning: regarded as a love charm & a symbol of good fortune and success

Physical Properties: The best turquoise in the world is in Neishabour, Iran. Its best color is sky blue, but also found in light blue and light green.

Its blue color is due to the presence of copper or copper and iron together. Some varieties change color when exposed to long-term sunlight. American turquoise is more calcareous and porous than Iranian turquoise. Under high ultraviolet rays, it reflects green-yellow to bright blue. But short ultraviolet rays have no effect on it.

Opal magical powers for those born in December

Turquoise was part of the medical equipment of many 15th century physicians. It has been claimed that this stone can eliminate the effects of any poison.It is also used to prevent and treat headaches. Turquoise is a strong stone for mental, physical condition, strengthening the whole body and regenerating its tissues.

Turquoise has always been revered as a sacred stone, both in the West, Native Americans and in the East, by the Buddhists of ancient Egypt. In the past, Indians believed that turquoise was the protector of the body and soul.

Its blue color calms the heart and promotes the human soul and wisdom and removes fear and panic. This stone absorbs negative energies, so its color may change when you feel unwell or sick or something bad is happening.

Now that you know your birthstone, what do you think? share your views with us in the comments section.

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