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how to clean and keep your ears healthy?


Ears play an important role in our lives. It can contribute to us communicating with others, knowing what is going up around us and enjoying our favorite music and movies. So, it is significant to do good practices to protect ear health.

Why is important to clean our ears?

It is necessary to have some earwax in our ear canals. However, if it accumulates and clear symptoms such as muffled hearing or vertigo appear, it’s essential to completely clean the inside of the ear. When earwax forms and gets impacted, it may cause an ear infection. Furthermore, if you’re encountering signs of impaction, you must make sure that it’s just wax and not something serious that needs more medical care. It is important to care about ear health.

How often should I remove earwax?

How often should I remove earwax?

There is no need to clean your ears frequently. Cleaning too often may cause your ear canal to irritate or even result in more impaction if you do not it correctly. Some experts believe that there is no need to clean your ears unless they experience problems such as blockages constantly. Rather, your ears do the cleaning themselves. If you do not want to do something about buildup, you can clean the exterior part of your ears with a damp washcloth. If you face signs of wax buildup, you can make use of an OTC kit to remove wax from your ears.

Important tips to protect the ear health

Take care of your ear health in loud noises

1) Take care of your ear health in loud noises

The number of people who are afflicted with hearing loss due to loud noises in their work or leisure environments is on the rise. You can effortlessly prevent hearing issues by putting on suitable ear protection. If you are utilizing a loud device or in its closeness, make use of appropriate hearing protection. When you want to attend concerts or other loud recreational activities, put on protection like musicians’ earplugs. These functional earplugs have a channel that allows music and conversations to enter but decrease deleterious sound levels. Ear protection can be easily found and effortlessly used. It is very important to make sure that your ears are properly protected and safe.

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Take ear hygiene seriously

2) Take ear hygiene seriously

It is necessary to clean your ears every day in order to prevent ear infections and damage. Here is a list of recommendations that can be helpful:

Avoid using sharp objects to clean your ears. These are very dangerous objects. You can damage the ear canal or eardrum just with a small heedlessness.

Clean the external ear with a washcloth or tissue to get rid of any dirt or sweat. This is a very practical and helpful way to remove dirt and buildup.

Earwax is natural and your ear uses it to protect itself. If you face an uncommon buildup, you can ask a doctor to remove it.

Make your ear lobes clean routinely. You can make use of rubbing alcohol to clean the ear lobes regularly.

3) Turn the volume down

You must not listen to highly loud music or other sounds. A large number of people in the world are at risk of hearing loss primarily because of loud volume.  You can make use of the 60/60 rule. You can listen with a volume of a maximum of 60% for at most 60 minutes daily. It becomes very important if you like to listen with earbuds or other headphones. Earbuds are maybe the most perilous kind of headphones since they put the drivers exactly close to your eardrums. This closeness can easily injure your ears. Remember that this danger is not limited to just headphones. If you are in a social environment, try not to listen to music that is overly loud.

Allow your ears to recover

4) Allow your ears to recover

Of course, you can take all necessary actions to stay away from so loud volumes, but you will be sometimes exposed to loud noises. For instance, you may want to serve your lunch outside where you find a live band playing. In these situations, you can take a rest afterward. The lengthier the exposure, the possibility of hearing damage will rise. Research shows that you need approximately 16 hours of silent rest to recuperate from one evening of loud sounds. You must take some time to relax and recuperate. It is important to take our ear health seriously.

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5) Avoid having wet ears

Ear infections are among the most common hearing problems. They usually happen if you have damp ears that are good places for bacteria growth. In fact, it is very dangerous to have wet ears. Ensure to dry your ears after swimming or taking shower, especially if they are immersed underwater. The risks of swimming in a natural water body are higher in comparison with chlorinated pools. You can make use of a towel to dry your ear after swimming. As a protective action, you can make use of swimmer’s earplugs. These are very helpful to prevent water from entering more sensitive parts of your ear.

how to clean and keep your ears healthy?

6) Regular check-ups

Similar to other parts of the body, your ears must get a regular check-up. You can consult with your doctor about hearing tests and exams. Hearing loss slowly develops unless triggered by serious damage. So, diagnosing it early can be important for an efficient remedy.

Uncured hearing loss is connected to a number of health problems. Of course, it decreases the quality of life because of difficulty hearing. Still, it is also associated with depression, heart disease and even madness.
You should protect your ears. These are very sensitive and vulnerable organs and you should take care of them carefully and let them not get damaged. Protective care and hygiene can contribute to avoiding hearing loss. The more you care about the health of your ears, the longer you can benefit from them.

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