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10 Effective Ways to Learn English Conversation Fast


In this article, we teach you how to learn a new language quickly and easily. How to learn a new language faster, for example learning English quickly in the shortest possible time. Here we will introduce 8 good and effective ways to learn English conversation fast, or any other language quickly, easily and usefully. Be sure to use these practical methods to learn a new language, if you are interested in accelerating the process of learning a new language such as English.

We have dedicated this part of Zhinmag English language teaching article to practical methods of learning a new language. These are good ways to learn English at home quickly so you can easily improve your language skills. Be sure to use these effective methods to learn English quickly.

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How to Learn English Faster?

10 ways to learn English conversation fast

It has always been a question of whether there is a way we can learn English in a short time? If we want to be honest with ourselves, we know that you can not learn English in 1 month and two months and it requires time, practice, repetition and patience.

But here are some quick tips and tricks we may not be aware of that can help us get to the best level of learning much sooner. Now it’s time to learn 10 ways to learn English conversation fast so that you can learn the language more easily and quickly with these methods. These methids are:

1- Involve yourself completely in learning the language

We need to know that reading the language once a week will not help you progress quickly. To progress faster, you need to spend at least a few minutes each day learning the language.

The line between failure and victory is very narrow, and our correct approach to issues makes the difference between failure and victory.

Challenge yourself. Try to repeat the words that you find difficult to pronounce many times and do not be afraid to utter them. Listen more and read more. In short, immerse yourself in the English language. If you want to learn English conversation fast, you need to make English an important part of your life.

2- Focus on the sentences instead of the words

Speaking fluently means the ability to easily express thoughts, feelings and opinions.

Your goal is to be able to utter complete and correct sentences. So it is better to change your focus from learning words to learning sentences to learn English conversation fast. You must agree that in English conversation, a sentence has more usage than a word!

How do you speak your native language? What do you talk about with people around you during the day? Try to translate the same into English. This is a great exercise for using the right sentences in conversation.

3– Do not get too caught up in the grammar!

The golden key to learning a new language is to strike a balance between study and practice. Learning to speak English quickly is very different from learning English grammar.

Even people in English-speaking countries have grammatical errors in their speech. But they speak fluently. So fluency goes back to conversation, not grammar. That’s why it is better sometimes to drop the grammar book and use the skills of writing, reading and listening in real life.

4- Part of the answer is always hidden inside the question

Listen carefully when someone asks you a question in English. Because you can answer very easily. English questions are like a mirror. For example:

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Does he …?  Yes, he does

If someone asks you a question and you do not know the answer, think about that person’s question because there is definitely a part of the answer in the question.

Instead of trying to memorize all the rules of the English language, think of other simple ways!

5- Using conversation courses

In addition to all the courses and training classes, there are quick courses that only work on conversation. Focusing your training on this skill and having a mentor who can engage you and make you talk and learn can help your English conversation skills grow and develop much faster. These courses are available both in person and online.

If you do not have enough time for face-to-face classes and you want to strengthen your conversation faster along with other jobs and tasks, the suggestion that helps you is the online English conversation course. And since these classes are not limited to a specific place and time, you can make the most of your free time to learn conversation.

6- Make interesting uses of listening

When an English speaker speaks, most people focus on their words and meanings. This is great, but more interesting things can be done by listening. For example, instead of thinking about the meaning of words, pay attention to where and how that person uses the words. See how it connects words or, for example, where it uses “ya” instead of “you”?

If you add these details to your conversation, you will gradually have a stronger conversation. The next time you want to speak English with someone, keep these in mind.

English speakers have a strong accent, use difficult and complex words, and speak fast. So you can not focus on their every word! But the more you listen to authoritative English sources, the sooner you will learn to speak like them.

English animations use a universal language that anyone in the world can understand and enjoy. And that’s why watching animations is a fun and engaging way for learning english. Use best animation for learning English to enhance English language learning.

7- If you want to learn English conversation fast, do not be afraid of a silly mistake

Be prepared for many mistakes. You can be the smartest person in the world, but if you do not persevere and sink into your defensive lock, you will miss out on countless opportunities for growth and development.

Always telling Cowards die many times before their death! One who does not make a mistake does not really do anything. If you can not put aside the fear and stress of talking, you can never master the conversation.

Don’t beat yourself up! Even if you are sure you do not know many words, start talking again. Most of the time people will understand what you mean even if you misspell the words or mispronounce them.

In addition, the more you talk, the easier it becomes for you and the more words automatically come to your mind.

8- Don’t be a student anymore

Do not think that you are always going to be a student and learn. You should think that you have enough English speaking skills. If you want to say “apple”, you must first think of the word “apple” and then translate the apple into English in your mind.

But instead of doing this, it is better to visualize the image of an apple in your mind and then translate it into English in your mind. You get into your stride when you stop mentally translating words. That is, when you say the sentences one after the other without pausing.

9- Use it or lose it

There is a term in English called “use it or lose it” which means: “If you use your abilities, you will forget them”. This language exercise is especially useful for learning new words.

The best way to learn new words is to use them in a sentence. For example, if you are familiar with the word “perfect” right now, be sure to use it in a few different sentences and continue this exercise for a week. Do not doubt that the perfect meaning and application will remain in your mind forever

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10-  Learn English from everyone!

Anyone who speaks English can help you. If you have someone in your friends, family or colleagues who is fluent in English, give yourself this chance and use them effectively. Even if you do not have anyone around you, you can use reputable language exchange sites to talk to English-speaking people all over the world.

Would you be upset if a foreigner asked you a word in Arabic? Certainly not. You would probably be very happy to be able to help that person. Exactly the same situation exists for you. Many English speakers or professionals will be happy to help you learn the language.

practical tips to learn english for beginners
how to learn english easily step by step

6  other practical tips to learn English conversation fast

  1. Practice loudly in front of a mirror (or record your own voice to find out your flaws)
  2. Listen to and practice English songs when you are unemployed, driving, etc.
  3. Learn common English idioms.
  4. Chat with English speakers on social networks like reddit or Instagram.
  5. Try to express everything you see in English
  6. Create an account on and set up an English language blog.

Introducing the best book for learning English conversation fast

One of the most important questions that language learners often ask us is what is the best book and resource for learning English quickly. The answer to this question is a little difficult and many books can be introduced. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The book must be up to date and include the latest English language changes.
  • The book should definitely focus on conversation.
  • The book must have many audio files for you to get acquainted with the pronunciations.
  • The book must have video as well as language learning software.

Well now is there a book with these features? Yes! The American English File series has these features.

Why is American English File 3rd edition the best language teaching book?

Because this book:

  • Focuses on conversation.
  • It uses very good software for self-learning of learners
  • It has the fastest educational system among other books
  • Offers various levels from beginner to advanced
  • It has DVD, CD Rom, Multi Rom and website for comprehensive English language learning
  • Provides e-book for language learners
  • It teaches online and has free resources and videos online

Concluding Remarks

We hope you enjoyed the article 10 Ways to learn English conversation fast and found it useful. Learning English conversation with the methods we have mentioned, along with perseverance and practice, can be both enjoyable and make the path easier and easier for you.

Also, participating in online classes and courses that are mostly conversation-oriented, with experienced instructors and supporters who follow the details of your learning, can help you a lot in this way.

When you embrace the ups and downs of the language learning process, you will enjoy this journey more and create more learning opportunities for yourself. Remember that success is the result of a simple truth: “Your right effort”

We hope that by using the mentioned strategies, you will be on the path of growth and progress as soon as possible. Good luck!

what is your opinion? Which of the following methods have you used so far? What do you think are the best ways to learn English conversation fast?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to learn English conversation?

If you have no language skills, you can reach the average level in 4 months without attending training classes with a minimum of 1 to 4 hours of daily practice.

the best tools and resources for english learners
Top Resources for Learning English

What are the best resources for learning English?

Beginner levels

  • Basic grammar in use
  • vocabulary in use elementary
  • Tactics for Listening basic

Intermediate level

  • Grammar in use Intermediate
  • Vocab in use pre & inter
  • Developing Tactics for Listening

Advanced levels

  • Grammar in use advanced
  • Vocabulary in use advanced
  • ESL podcast

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