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Biography of Emeli Jad, a Beauty Blogger and Make-up Artist


Biography is a style in literature that aims to describe a part of a person’s life. This type of writing style tries to express informative or motivating dimensions of a person’s life.

Most biographies are based on a person’s personal notes and remarks. It is not limited to listing information about a person, such as place of birth, birthday, and date of events. It usually addresses the problems, joys, and ups and downs of that person’s life.

By reading a biography, you feel that the person himself is sitting in front of you and defining all the mazes of his life for you. In this series of articles, Zhinmag try to introduce the world’s successful entrepreneurs and tell you a summary of their biographies.

Choosing a successful person in any series may be one of the most difficult tasks for us, but we are proud to announce that dear Emelijad, known as Emeli Beauty will be one of our choices.

Emeli is one of the most popular and famous beauty bloggers who has been able to shine well on Instagram and cause a stir. She has achieved this success in a very short time and attracted an average of 100,000 followers every month.

Emeli jad was born in Kuwait and spoke Arabic, but at the age of 4 she went to an Iranian school and gradually became fluent in Persian. Emeli Jad’s focus is on blogging on Instagram, and she spends most of her time and energy producing content in the field of beauty on her page.

She mixed her make-up videos with dubbing, and this has added to the beauty and attractiveness of her videos. Emeli has a very beautiful and attractive face, which has played a significant role in her success. Hence, we call her the “Goddess of Beauty”.

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3 Interview with Emeli Jad, Iranian Beauty Blogger | Answers to 23 FAQs

Brief description of Emeli Jad biography, known as Emeli beauty

  • Born: September 11, 1989
  • Place of birth: Kuwait
  • Nationality: Iran
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Net worth:-
  • Age: 33 (2022)
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Mehdi Haghighi
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in English translation
  • Current activity: Instagram Beauty Blogger and Makeup Artist
  • Profession: Celebrities

Emeli Beauty wiki – Biography of Emeli Jad, Famous Instagram Blogger

Emeli, born on the 20th of September 1989, is a young and creative blogger from Kuwait and originally Iranian. She was able to become very famous in a short time with her creativity.

emeli Beauty Childhood
Childhood emeli Beauty – emeli Jad

Emeli Jad has a bachelor’s degree in English translation and is fluent in Arabic. She has not taken any make-up courses and in fact she has become acquainted with this field of art in the family. Her aunt and mother were familiar with hairdressing and hairstyles, and this made Emeli familiar with the atmosphere of this work.

She had never worked professionally in the field of make-up, but in general she interested in painting and music, which she believes has been effective in the development of her work.

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Until the age of 25, Emeli only makeup for herself in a very simple way, until a few seemingly small events changed the course of her life!

The best Iranian influencer beauty
The best beauty blogger in Iran

Emeli Beauty became acquainted with make-up when one of her Kuwaiti friends asked her to help her as a model and to be a model for her work.

Without knowing what fate awaits her and whether she is going to continue this path or not, she spent her first day working in the field of modeling. Then, make-up artists from Kuwait and other Gulf countries invited her to collaborate.

In the same way, over time, his experience in the field of make-up increased. After a year of getting acquainted with make-up and modeling, she did her first high-risk professional make-up: Her sister’s wedding day makeup!

Her work that day was so good that everyone cheered her on, and that gave Emeli extra motivation and energy.

Who is emeli jad? Makeup artist
Emeli Beauty Makeup Blogger

Interview with Emeli Jad, Iranian Beauty Blogger | Answers to 23 FAQs

1- How did the idea of a Emeli Jad beauty page come to you?

Most Kuwaiti make-up artists asked me why you do not become a Blogger? I also replied that I could not do this at all because I am a shy person. About a year after modeling, I opened my Instagram page and made some makeup videos. My videos were more of a challenge. I tried to publish makeup training with foreign music, I sang with music once or twice, but not in the style you see now.

A year and a half had passed since the modeling work, when the news of the corona outbreak was published. I loved my job, but unfortunately it was clear that I could not work for a long time because of Coronavirus. Because my introverted nature made it very difficult for me to work online.

I never thought I would have a public page, let alone a page with a lot of followers! But I regularly made different videos on the page I launched. To find my way, I tried all kinds of styles and failed many times, even made videos and deleted them many times.

2- How did you come up with the combination of music and make-up?

First of all, I have to point out that the interior and exterior make-up artists and the tick-tackers did following compounds separately, and I enjoyed seeing them.

  • Makeup and music
  • Make-up and normal transition
  • Ordinary make-up, music and transitions
  • Makeup and lip balm
  • Makeup, lip balm and normal transition
  • Normal and special transitions alone
  • Rap songs dubsmash
Make-up mix and dubbing
Makeup tutorial dubbed

One of the things I did in March 2020, which I thought was new and I had not seen in foreign make-up artist videos, was dancing with the rhythm of the song when train to apply lip balm. Because I, Emeli Jad did not get good feedback, I felt something was missing.

I used foreign and sometimes Arabic music for my work, but I still did not get good feedback! I made my first video with Iranian music with a normal transition and without lip balm on Yalda night 2020, which of course received good feedback.

Even though I had not yet sung a rap song, I got good feedback, but I still felt that something was missing. It was not clear to me why I was not receiving good feedback.

3- Tell us about Meredith, was she your role model?

She is a great and famous Beauty Blogger, I must say that she introduced a beautiful and special style to the world of make-up.

I got ideas from her several times, for example, to apply powder cream on my face. Of course, my work with her was very different. My style is long in terms of timing, not short! This makes the scenario different, harder and more complicated. Her videos have regular edits, such as cutting and synchronizing the timing of the song. She usually use very little transition.

I used Iranian music when many beauty bloggers did not consider it. If I wanted to be exactly like Meredith, I would continue with foreign rap. The presence of these details, even in one package, has made my work different from her and also many times more difficult.

4- Who are Emeli Jad’s role models in this profession?

Victoria Lyn – Nikkie Totorials

Iranian beauty blogger Kuwait
Kuwaiti beauty blogger

5- Tell us about your interest in rap, which rapper do you like the most?

I have been very interested in music since I was a child. But my interest in rap music started with my husband. Early in our marriage, my husband used to listen to rap in the car, but I did not like it at all and told him to change the music.

My interest in rap was formed 6 years ago with the song “I became bad” by Yas. In general, I liked the striking and energetic rap songs. When I had a thousand followers, I used to get different stories with rap songs like “24 Hours” by Bahram and “Rock by Chuck” by Mehrad Hayden and Reza Pishroo.

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6- How much time do you spend on Instagram daily?

On average, I spend 7 to 8 hours a day on Instagram, and the rest of the day I am busy making videos or thinking about the content I am going to publish on Emeli Jad Instagram page.

7- Who does the filming and editing of the videos?

Sometimes myself, sometimes my husband and sometimes together.

8- Which of your makeup do you like the most?

Video makeup for the song “Hello Lady” singed by Sougand.

9- What was the most popular content you produced?

Video with the song “Why are you bad”

10- How did you meet your husband and how did his support affect your work?

We met on campus. My husband encourage me and help me a lot.

11- What was your perception of marriage that has changed now?

I thought marriage might limit me. But then I realized that if a couple is friends, not only do limitation not make sense, but they help each other achieve their goals.

Wife emeli Beauty Husband
Mehdi Haghighi

12– Who has been the most influential person in Emeli Jad life and why?

Definitely my husband! Because we’ve been together since college and we grew up together. We were both encouraging and very influential in each other’s lives.

13- What is your image of love?

Love is a collection of the best emotions on earth.

14– What is your daily routine for maintaining fitness and skin beauty?

Thank God I have been vegan for four years and I have a healthy diet. I worked out for a while, but due to my busy schedule, I did not continue, but I hope to start exercising again.

15- Why do you think people followers you?

My relationship with my followers is simple, sincere and also two-way. I get energy from them and according to them, they also get energy from my videos.

16– How do you think an influencer can create a culture?

I, Emeli Jad, with several years of acting as a blogger on Instagram, consider the creation of culture as the duty of an influencer! Of course, culture building is about something he/she knows or has experienced. An influencer must start with himself/herself, then with his colleagues, and the people. For example, I tried to show that it is not impossible to succeed! Through comments and direct messages, I realized that I have motivated many people.

Also, I have been seriously trying for 8 months in the cosmetics industry, firstly, to use products that do not contain animal derivatives, and secondly, to have no animal testing, and I have tried to take the protection of animal rights seriously.

17- What is Emeli Jad’s favorite pastime?

  • Watching Tv series “Especially Mafia”
  • Playing Mafia in public
  • Listening to motivational podcasts

18- What do you do when you are very bored and how do you motivate yourself?

Insomnia usually makes me bored, so I decide to go to sleep. Sometimes I go out to freshen up.

19– What interesting feature do you think you have that others are unaware of?

The image people see of me in posts is different from my real self, which I usually portray in my stories. They think of me as a vicious and arrogant girl, but in reality I am not. In fact, I play a role in my videos.

20- What effect would you like to have on people?

I would like to give them hope!

21– Imagine you have a daughter who is just like you and has decided to follow in your footsteps. What do you tell her?

I tell her, follow the moral principles! Whether you have a thousand followers or a million, try to be a good role model for people. Always try to defend the right, even if the right side is less in number, and also try to enjoy your path.

22- What is Emeli Beauty’s biggest wish?

The day my whole family and my husband live in the same city.

23- Which Iranian beauty bloggers are considered to be Emelijad’s competitors?

Sadaf Beauty – Melina Taj – Shell Beauty – Elnaz Golrokh – huda beauty

Emeli Jad’s communication channels and phone numbers

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