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Rose Hand Tattoos for females!


One of the most beautiful flowers is the Rose, therefore rose tattoos have been so popular among fans of tattoos; especially girls. But why female Rose Hand Tattoos are popular and what are the meanings of these images?

Rose tattoos are the most popular tattoo designs. You can consider the rose tattoo if you don’t know what to choose. Because roses are so beautiful for tattoo designs, and since they are versatile, and also they represent different meanings. The other reason that has made female Rose Hand Tattoos common is that they never get old.

Different meanings of Rose Hand Tattoos across different cultures and countries

Although for the female Rose Hand Tattoos, a general and universal meaning and symbolism for roses is considered but the interpretation of a rose tattoo can change from one country or culture to the other one. In simple words rose tattoos can have a general meaning and symbol or also a personal meaning that is unique from person to person which we will explain more with some examples.

Female Rose Hand Tattoo1
Female Rose Hand Tattoo1

_In Central America, rose tattoos are often the symbol of affiliation with a specific gang. And also roses symbolize generally enemy, death, etc. Walking around with a rose tattoo around And in Central America, if you walk around with a rose tattoo, it causes some eyebrows to be raised.

_In Japan, for people, rose tattoos represent hope, love, and passion. Japanese rose tattoos are so beautiful‌.

_In Ireland, a black rose is represented as a patriotic symbol, dating back to the 16th century. The patriotic symbolism derives from one of the so popular Irish political songs that are called Róisín Dubh.

_In Russia, a rose tattoo usually represents one’s relationship with the mafia or this tattoo can have a deeper meaning like momentary youth and loss of innocence, etc.

The meaning of Rose Hand Tattoos

Each tattoo has its meaning. Rose tattoo means a lotus in the East: It means pure and innocent love. The ancient Greeks believed that the color of the rose was originally white. But it turned to red color after the goddess of love “Aphrodite”, takes the love from one of the thorns and spilled her blood on the flower. Also, that’s a love symbol that has made female Rose Hand Tattoos so lovely.

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Female Rose Hand Tattoo1
Female Rose Hand Tattoo1

In fact, a rose tattoo means to love and beauty. Many people who have chosen this tattoo for themselves believe that it shows their inner and outer beauty. If the rose appears with thorns, this indicates that its owner pays more attention to his inner world, and a thornless rose contains external beauty.

Different colors, different meanings!

The color of female Rose Hand Tattoos can also change their interpretation and meaning. In fact, it doesn’t just mean love and beauty.

However, the personal beliefs and different experiences of each person can change the meaning of the colors for him/ her. For example, if black is the favorite color of a person, the black rose tattoo is not a symbol of death for him/ her. Or for honoring someone who has died, it is not necessary to use black color for a rose tattoo.

For summarizing, it is noticeable to say that the color symbols can be just as guides, and it is not necessary to follow them without any information. It means that you can choose your favorite style and colors without considering their meanings of them.

The blue rose tattoo

Since this tattoo depicts a rare bloom in nature, it can represent something that cannot be achieved, in other words, something impossible.

The red rose tattoo

The red rose tattoo represents deep love and passion. Also one of the most traditional and common symbols of love is the red rose tattoo.

Female Rose Hand Tattoo-The red rose tattoo
Female Rose Hand Tattoo-The red rose tattoo

The pink Rose Hand Tattoos

It is the symbol of grace, elegance, kindness, and femininity. Also, the pink rose tattoo symbolizes happiness and satisfaction with your relationship or life. Pink roses are the symbol of passion, comfort, and softness.

It can be added that pink roses represent admiration but by considering the shade of the pink, its meaning can vary.

Also, the purple rose symbolizes royalty.

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The white rose tattoo

This tattoo speaks about the innocence and purity of its owner. It is the symbol of magic. For the white rose, the meanings of sacrifice and hope for unrealizable things have also been attributed. Also, you can use different ways with white ink for producing interesting and meaningful pieces.

Female Rose Hand Tattoo-The white rose tattoo
Female Rose Hand Tattoo-The white rose tattoo

The Yellow Rose Hand Tattoos

This kind of tattoo traditionally is the symbol of friendship, also symbolize luck, good times, happiness, and joy. This special bud also represents the history of Texas, which is a reminder of the nickname of Amarillo, and the Battle of San Jacinto … And also it represents the name of a popular country folk song.

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Female Rose Hand Tattoo-The yellow rose tattoo
Female Rose Hand Tattoo-The yellow rose tattoo

The black Rose Hand Tattoos

This color of a rose can be the symbol of death, mourning, sadness, and grief of its owner. but it is noticeable to say that Blackwork is just a very popular style right now. It means that the special color of the rose tattoo, may not always explain its meaning.

In another word, the black rose tattoo with different designs can represent different interpretations. They can be small or big, traditional and realistic and etc.

The black and white rose tattoo

Maybe this tattoo, or black and grey, doesn’t have any special meaning tied to its color, but this kind of tattoo is classic, especially if it is done in the style of Chicano illustrative, but people usually choose this color combination because of the aesthetic, and not for the real symbolism of the color.

The meaningful tattoos: rose tattoos

If you are a fan of symbolic and meaningful tattoos, a flower tattoo design can be a good option for you. These designs can be tattooed in small, minimal sizes or large enough to cover your torso or arms, and since flower tattoos usually carry positive meanings (such as love, new beginnings, and happiness), it is very unlikely that you will ever want to erase them.

Rose Hand Tattoos designs and their meaning

When you want to design a rose tattoo, it’s necessary to know how many flowers end up in your chosen design. For example, you can choose two roses if you want to represent yourself and your spouse or the loved person.

Female Rose Hand Tattoo3
Female Rose Hand Tattoo3

Also, two flowers together are the symbol of the closeness of the heart, especially if the chosen color for the tattoo is red.

Choosing the best Rose Hand Tattoos

If you like to think about rose tattoos, it’s really important to consider every aspect of that such as symbols, colors, and historical traditions. Because of the popularity of the rose around the world, consider this point what its interpretation in other cultures and countries is.

Since there are a lot of rose tattoos, make sure that one is unique just a flower with the meaning of love, passion, and hope.

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