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Fun at home | 15 Interesting Idea To Get Rid Of Boredom


These days, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have no place for fun and entertainment, and we are usually bored and tired of it. In order to be in a good mood, you must not leave the house and go to a certain place. Home entertainment can also be fun.

There are several ways to be happy during quarantine and staying home. Life can still be enjoyed in these days when it is not recommended to go to public parties, various events, sports clubs, cinemas, theaters, cafes, concerts, restaurants and any other crowded space. In this article, Zhinmag want to tell you how to experience happiness and fun at home.

Spend your days differently

Everyday life is a dilemma that many face these days in the face of the constraints of the coronavirus epidemic. You are probably tired of the repetitions of every day, and perhaps you are wondering what is the way to manage this situation?

The fact is that the repetitive working days outside can be quite boring if not accompanied by an exciting weekend getaway, let alone having to spend long hours at home!

These conditions are the same for everyone, but have you noticed that even in these critical days, there are people who are noticeably healthier and happier than others? How do you think these people are different from the rest? They probably spend their days differently.

Research has shown that experiencing new things can make you happier. Those who challenge themselves with new and exciting experiences are generally healthier and more satisfied with life. So join Zhinmag to see what the secret of this good mood is and what can we do to improve ourselves and those around us in the midst of these daily routines and tiredness of staying at home?

15 interesting things to have fun at home and not get bored

Try Virtual Video Calls fun at home
The first solution

1- Try Virtual Video Calls

It does not have to be a special occasion like a birthday. These days, every excuse must be used to boost morale. So turn on your phone camera and film what you know your friend likes and send it to him / her with your warm and friendly voice. You can even share this movie with your friends or family to share our good moments.

You should not always go to a party and hug and touch the group you like. With the help of the Internet and social networks in today’s world, you can easily get together wherever you are in the world, with the least amount of time, and do not worry about the spread of the disease in this period.

If you are tired of being home and feeling lonely or you are thinking of an idea to have fun in your own home, all you have to do is make a video call with a group of your friends and put them all together in one frame.

To have a good mood, we suggest you play some beautiful and exciting music and experience a group dance from a distance. What do you think about a virtual concert?

If you have friends who can play an instrument beautifully or have a good voice, you can start a virtual friendly concert and enjoy the performance without buying a ticket.

Cook new foods & creative biscuits or sweets
The second solution

2- Cook new foods & creative biscuits or sweets

During your stay at home, you can become a real artist and practice self-improvement and self-knowledge. During this time, one of the most enjoyable experiences that can be enjoy at home is cooking with new and different recipes.

Browse cooking pages on Instagram and find exciting cooking recipes on this social network. Make a variety of cool summer foods, desserts, drinks and smoothies in your kitchen and taste new flavors with family members.

Take a look at the internet and see how you can bake creative biscuits or sweets at home. Provide all the necessary equipment and ask family members to participate in this work with you.

Let each member of the family use the mold or structure they have in mind and bake their favorite pastries. At the end, you will have a tray full of exciting sweets and biscuits with different shapes and flavors that you can serve with a delicious tea and make a memorable afternoon.

Famous Italian food is full of fascinating flavors and varies from region to region in Italy.

 benefits of attending online classes- fun at home
The third solution

3- Attend your favorite online classes

We all love to learn things in life that we have never had the opportunity to do. Busy workloads and wasted time do not allow us to think about our interests; Instead, we’re just thinking about making money and meeting everyday needs. Online courses, in addition to having fun at home, take you a few steps closer to your long-held dream and interest.

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Take an online course to develop a new skill. There are many sites on the Internet that offer online courses for free or at a reasonable cost to the audience; Courses such as foreign language teaching to various artistic and scientific courses that suit your interests, you can choose the appropriate courses and develop your skills with virtual training.

So do not waste any more time and enroll in online courses of reputable scientific and artistic educational sites. Gardening, interior design, astronomy, cooking, photography, playing the instrument, painting, makeup and beauty, tailoring or any other scientific and artistic field you are interested in, the days of the corona outbreak will be a golden opportunity for your training!

In addition to in-house training sites, Masterclass courses will also be very useful and you can learn your desired profession from the best in the world on this website.

Meditate and enjoy the tranquility of the earth
The fourth solution

4- Meditate and enjoy the tranquility of the earth

You can experience fun at home in another way: Meditation and relaxation exercise! Principled meditation is one way you can reduce the stress of the coronavirus and keep your mind calm.

Sit or lie down in a certain place, be alone for a while, listen to soothing music, light candles and incense, and immerse yourself in the silence of your mind.

You can also use educational videos available on the Internet to do this. In the current situation, performing such relaxing movements along with deep breathing is very useful and constructive for both your body and soul, and can relieve all kinds of fatigue and stress.

watch the best movies fun at home
The fifth solution

5- Watch the best movies and TV series of 2021-2022

Watching movies and TV series is always attractive and is one of the most popular offers for home entertainment. To get a list of the best movies and series, you can go to the top IMDB scores or follow the Netflix offers. You can also go to the best online movie and series watching sites and watch the best movies in high quality.

follow online travel magazines
The sixth solution

6- View travel documentaries and follow online travel magazines

These days, when travel and tourism are declining and you have to stay away from traveling to keep yourself and others healthy, it’s a good opportunity to adventure on earth in a different style.

If tourism is one of your main interests, we suggest that you learn more about the beauties of the world and increase your knowledge about domestic and foreign tourism destinations. To do this, you can watch various documentaries in the tourism industry and follow online magazines on reputable sites and read their contents.

Documentaries have been very successful in the tourism industry, and it’s a shame you missed watching them. You can also search for images of your dream destination on Google or, if possible, take a brief look at the attraction you want with Google’s online tourism service.

You can read the travel guide to your destination in full. Be aware of everything you need to know before traveling so that you can travel to your destination with sufficient knowledge and awareness after controlling the spread of covid-19. Travel will definitely be more enjoyable if you have enough information about your destination. So you can fully plan your next year’s trip and be familiar with the attractions, restaurants and accommodations of your destination.

Visit cultural heritage and museums websites
The seventh solution

7- Visit cultural heritage and museums websites around the world

Now that you have more time than before, you can visit cultural heritage sites and museums around the world and arrange a virtual tour. Read about different attractions on cultural heritage sites and see pictures of them. Take a look at the antiques found in various museums around the world, and read about their history on the museum website.

Also, for an exciting adventure in all parts of the world, if possible, you can use the features of Google Earth and enjoy the clarity of this virtual tourism. Google Earth takes you around the world. It does not matter if you want to go to the Taj Mahal or look at the Eiffel Tower or go to the great Sphinx statue in Egypt; With Google Earth, you can travel anywhere on earth.

Iranian tradition is not only about its sights and clothes, but also about very delicious and healthy traditional Iranian food in the world.

listen to your favorite podcasts or music fun at home
The eighth solution

8- Listen to your favorite podcasts or music

We are all interested in and follow a particular style of music. To have a good mood and have fun at home, you can consciously and in a different way listen to your favorite music.

These days it is a good opportunity to learn more about different types of music styles and become familiar with the instrumentalists of these styles. It will be more fun to follow a certain style of music with knowledge and awareness of its history and it will become an unforgettable experience.

One of the hundreds of benefits of cyberspace is listening to entertaining and informative podcasts. You can listen to a podcast on your favorite subject while you do your daily chores such as cooking or cleaning the house. In this way, you hitting two birds with one stone and made the best use of time capacity.

A podcast is a good opportunity to take your mind off the surroundings. Experience a new style of home entertainment by enjoying conversations, music, and more. By the way, what podcasts are you following?

read or listen to a book fun at home
The ninth solution

9- Read or listen to a book

Unfortunately, today’s busy lifestyle does not leave much room for study, but now that you are at home, why not take the opportunity for a good family interaction? Reading books is a constant suggestion for fun at home. Home days are a good time to go to the library shelves.

For example, choose an interesting book to read to family members and discuss book topics. In addition to reading books, you can also go to audiobooks and flip through the pages of books with the voices of professional speakers. Before buying an audiobook, be sure to listen to the sample file to make sure you like the speaker’s voice.

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Watch the music performances on YouTube fun at home solution
The tenth solution

10- Watch the music performances of the past years on YouTube

Many music concerts have been canceled and it is not possible to hold a concert. But you can watch the past performances of your favorite singer or musician on YouTube and hold a concert at your home.

We are all familiar with popular sports like football and wrestling, but there are also strange sports that until we see them, we do not believe such competitions are held in the world. Some of the weirdest sports in the world are exciting and interesting, and some are silly and funny.

How to start an EASY vegetable garden
The eleventh solution

11- Create a small home garden or organize your home gardens and pots

Our next suggestion for home fun is to take care of the garden and plant new flowers. If you have a garden in your backyard, it’s time to get your hands on it and rejuvenate it.

If there is no yard and the garden, it still does not matter. Buy fresh pots and plant new flowers and plants in it and beautify the house and terrace with them. It is true that apartment environments have limited space for this, but a small terrace or balcony can also be used.

All you need is a few boxes of flowers, some suitable soil and some seeds of different kinds of vegetables, flowers and plants that you are interested in. You can even prepare your own vegetables from this small garden, enjoy the cherry tomatoes that bloom and use your home-made products. Be sure to do this to see how much your mood changes.

play family games fun at home
The twelfth solution

12- Do not miss the fun of playing the game! Play family games.

There are many intellectual and board games such as card games, dominoes, etc. that are both exciting and can bring the whole family together and create a happy atmosphere;

Group games at home can entertain family members and create exciting competition between parents and children. Even virtual group games are a great option. Online games, especially group games, are very exciting. You can compete with other people in cyberspace and get points.

In cyberspace you can play football together, discover the depths of unknown forests, go on a rescue mission and many other exciting stories.

Why Athletes Should Attend Online High School
The thirteenth solution

13- Attend online sports classes

These days, when going to sports clubs and attending public gatherings is not recommended, you should not forget about sports. Attending online classes offered by many instructors can be very effective in relieving boredom.

You can also watch your favorite sports training videos through many sports sites. Yoga is one of the best sports to have fun at home and reduce stress. This popular sport does not require any special equipment and you can easily start it. Practice yoga together! At certain times of the day, such as early in the morning or evening, place yoga mats or even a clean, light sheet in a part of the house and practice yoga in a relaxed manner.

learn a new language fun at home solution
The fourteenth solution

14-  Learn a new language

These days are one of the best opportunities to learn a new language. Due to the closure of many centers and schools, you can go to virtual training at home. Through the online world, browsing textbooks and watching movies in the original language, you can have a unique increase in the quality of your life by learning a new language in the days of the Coronavirus.

with th the help of animation for learning English, we learn it in the form of conversation and dialogue ; No need to contact someone whose native language is English or travel to an English-speaking country.

How do you redesign the layout of a house?
Fifteenth solution

15- Change the interior layout of the house

At first glance, changing the place of the dining table or furniture may not seem so important, but these simple tasks are very useful to get rid of the feeling of everyday life and fatigue.

Changing the color scheme of the room is not a bad idea either. For example, you can use furniture upholstery and set the color of other decorative items with it. You can completely change the layout of the buffet or move the bed. Rest assured that each of these actions will change your mood significantly.

Concluding Remarks

Staying at home does not mean loneliness and fatigue. With a little creative thinking and planning, things can be done in such a way that the atmosphere of the house is very warm and pleasant even on quarantine days. To get rid of tiredness and have a quiet and stress-free home, this week, pick a few examples of fun things we have mentioned and do them at home.

Look at this era as an opportunity. The closure of most recreational and cultural centers can be tedious and even frightening at first glance. But if we look at it from a different perspective, the situation will be different.

During this time you should be self-reliant and seek to experience things that you have always dreamed of finding an opportunity to do. We hope you look at the earth today with a little optimism and only pay attention to scientific and documented instructions

As you read this article, you will come up with many more exciting ideas that you can add to your list of interesting works. Be happy and well.

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