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Heatless Curls Short Hair overnight [7 Ways]


The following methods for heatless curls short hair overnight are perfect if you already have short, straight hair and are trying to discover ways to add volume or shape them in a manner that will not harm them.

The process of achieving gorgeous, naturally curly hair is rather straightforward. But if you want to have curly hair every day, this isn’t really an option! Fortunately, Zhinmag will offer you a variety of heatless hair-curling techniques that you may employ to get the curls you want. So you will never have to style your hair with hot equipment again.

How Can I Gain Heatless Curls Short Hair Overnight?

heatless curls short hair overnight

Settle in because you’re going to discover ways for heatless curls short hair overnight. This includes overnight and instantaneous work. 

Make Use of a Drinking Straw or a Pen

heatless curls short hair overnight
Drinking Straw or a Pen

If you’re a sugar addict like me, you’ll never run out of juice straws!

In fact, you would trim the straws to the appropriate length depending on the length of the short hair.

In order to begin, you must wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo. Once you’ve dried your hair, grab a gel or mousse and split it in half from the crown of your head down.

Grab a little section of your hair and wrap it around a straw or a pen to create a knot. Afterward, take the straw or pen from the center, and tie it to your hair with a hairpin.

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Use Hair Rollers | Heatless Curls Short Hair Overnight

heatless curls short hair overnight
Hair Rollers for heatless curls short hair

Straight hair can be curled without the use of heat by using hair rollers. In order to keep your hair in place while you sleep, wrap your hair up in the rollers as soon as it is about 80 percent dry.

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Actually, it is possible to achieve heatless curls on straight hair by using hair rollers.

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Weave Your Hair

heatless curls short hair overnight

Make sure you wash and dry your hair properly before weaving because wet hair is more prone to damage. Depending on your goals, there are two possible outcomes when weaving.

The first step is to separate your hair in the middle and weave two braids on each side of the head if you want to achieve curls towards the end of your hair.

Also, in order to get curls that originate at the base of your hair, separate your hair in the middle and make two French braids on each side of your head.

Take your time undoing the braids after completing any of the following procedures. Once your hair is undone, comb it softly and playfully with your finger and apply mousse to keep the curls in place.

Go For Bathrobe Trick

heatless curls short hair overnight

Try out the “bathrobe trick” that went viral on social media. Generally, it’s a new take on the small, stretchable heatless mini rollers you may be familiar with. If you have long hair, this is a must-have.

To perform this, you must first put the tie of a bathrobe over your head (I know this seems like the beginning of a joke, but trust me, it isn’t) so that it falls on both sides by your ears. After that, split your hair in half and wrap each half around the hair tie in a twisting motion. Using an elastic, fasten it around your waist, and then go to sleep.

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Put It in a Bun | Heatless Curls Short Hair Overnight

heatless curls short hair overnight

If you have long hair, you could really achieve beach waves by spinning and pinning parts of it into bread rolls while you sleep or even while it dries. However, the wave becomes tighter as the bun gets smaller.

The position of the bun is also important. Putting your hair in a low bun instead of a top-knot will cause the waves to start softer and smoother at your roots. 

Scrunch With Mousse

heatless curls short hair overnight``

As soon as you’re out of the shower and towel-dried, brush your hair for soft waves. Start by getting your preferred hair styling mousse and distributing it throughout your hair as you bend your head over and scrunch it.

When applying mousse and scrunching, if you have thick hair, it might be good to divide your hair into sections so that you don’t miss any areas. In order to get the finest results, you must have wavy or curly hair.

Braid your hair 

heatless curls short hair overnight

Braiding is a reliable approach to get a beachy look on any hair type. The most important thing to remember is that smaller braids produce smaller waves, while bigger braids produce broader waves. Play with the form and placing of the braids depending on your hair type and how much volume and the weight you want to achieve. You may make one braid or several.

Allowing your hair to air dry and being rinsed between washes can help bring out the beachy texture you’ve worked so hard to get. You’ll get a more pricey, beachy wave as a result of using this method.

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