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How to Break a Bad Habit; 6 Tips to Gain This Success


Everybody might have a bad habit but not all habits are bad. Some are quite beneficial, such as instantly laying out your cloth the night before or turning off the lights when you leave a room.

However, other behaviors, such as chewing your nails, drinking coffee late in the day, or pressing the snooze button too often, may not be so good.

It’s hard to break bad habits, particularly if you’ve been doing them for a long period. Knowing how habits start in the first place, on the other hand, might make the process go more simply.

What are Habits and How to Break them?

A habit is a set of behaviors that we do so frequently in a way they become part of the routine. Habits are a type of mental shortcut that develops over time as a result of repetition, situational signals, and behavior reinforcement.

If you’re unsure whether you should try to change a bad habit, consider if it’s causing problems in your life, such as hurting your health, career, attitude, or friendships. In these situations, it’s worth investing the time and effort to stop the unhealthy habit.

1. Analyze the Causes for a Bad Habit

How to Break a Bad Habit; 6 tips to gain this success

Consider the bad habit and realize what might be causing it. You may, for example, have formed the habit of going for a snack after completing a task or while feeling anxious. So when you feel anxious you try to eat a snack.

Knowing what drives you to get into that habits will help you break them.

It’s important to be aware of triggers. Also, writing them down, talking about them with someone, or simply remembering them might help. When you find the reason, of course, you can fight it much better.

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2. Find a Replacement for Your Bad Habit

How to Break a Bad Habit; 6 tips to gain this success

You must prepare yourself for a time when you are surrounded by the stress or boredom that triggers your unhealthy habit.

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What will you do if you feel the need to smoke? As an alternative, you can try breathing exercises. Also, you can start dancing or going out with a friend.

What would you do if Facebook tempts you to waste time?? You can write one line for work or start reading a new book.

Whatever it is and whatever you’re up against, you need to have a strategy in mind to replace your unhealthy habit.

3. Prepare Better Environment for Yourself

How to Break a Bad Habit; 6 tips to gain this success

The environment has a bad effect on your habits. As much as possible, keep away from anything that tempts you to engage in your bad habits.

For example, if you’re trying to stop smoking, it’s far more difficult to smoke when you don’t have any smokes in your house. Change your surroundings to make it more difficult to engage in your harmful behaviors. As a result, it might help you to break them.

If you have particular friends with whom you constantly smoke, it may be beneficial to spend less time with them or to clarify your intentions for them.

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4. Find a Reason for Quitting Bad Habit

How to Break a Bad Habit; 6 tips to gain this success

What motivates you to change or break a bad habit? According to research, changing your habit is simpler when the change is desirable or advantageous to you.

Consider why you wish to stop the habit and any benefits you notice as a consequence of the change for a few moments. List these reasons to see if you can come up with a few more that haven’t occurred to you yet.

To boost your motivation, start writing down your reasons on a piece of paper and put it on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or wherever else you’ll see it frequently.

Seeing the list might help you remember the change you want to make. If you were ever tempted to get back to your old habits, your list serves as a reminder of why you want to make a change in your life.

5. Ask Your Friend to Help You

How to Break a Bad Habit; 6 tips to gain this success

If you have a friend or partner who wants to kick a bad habit too, do it together. It’s hard to manage hunger on your own. Let’s pretend that you and your partner both wish to quit smoking.

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Cravings will not go away if you quit with a companion, but it is easier to overcome your habit whenever you face it with someone else.

Make it a point to congratulate one another on their accomplishments and to support one another during disappointments. And if they don’t wish to change any habits, a buddy can still help.

Tell a trustworthy friend about the bad behavior you’re attempting to break. They can support you when you’re feeling down and keep reminding you of your goal if they realize you’re returning to old habits.

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6. Visualize Yourself Passing Through Bad Habit

How to Break a Bad Habit; 6 tips to gain this success

Visualize yourself smashing whatever unhealthy habit you’re trying to overcome, smiling, and enjoying your victory. Imagine yourself forming a new personality. Think about stopping smoking, buying healthier foods, or getting up earlier.

You don’t have to be someone different; all you have to do is go back to your old self. We frequently believe that in order to change harmful habits, we must turn into completely different people.

The fact is that you have already gained the ability to live a life free of your habits. You don’t have to stop smoking; all you have to do is go back to not smoking. You don’t have to become a healthy person; all you have to do is get back to where you were.

You have already managed without this harmful habit, even if it was years ago, therefore you can do it again.

Start from Now

If you’re seeking a way to stop harmful habits, I recommend beginning with awareness.

It’s easy to become absorbed in your negative feelings about your habits. You may either find yourself feeling guilty or spend your time thinking about how things could be… However, these ideas distract your attention away from the current situation.

Simply keeping track of these tips will make you more conscious of the issue and provide you with several solutions for dealing with it.

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