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How to Buy a Great Sofa | 11 Tips from Experts


A couch or sofa is a significant furniture purchase you may have to live with for decades, so it’s critical to make the right choice. This article will give you some tips about How to Buy a Great Sofa. Style preferences are subjective, but when selecting a high-quality couch, there are objective factors you can use to guarantee you receive a sofa you’ll love for years.

What should I look for when buying a sofa?

How to Buy a Great Sofa (1)
How to Buy a Great Sofa | 11 Tips from Experts

Whatever you call it, the sofa, couch, or settee is the main point of your living room and the area where you’ll rest and unwind, so it’s essential to get it correctly. Purchasing a couch requires time and thought. It would be best if you chose a style that complements your living area, a color that you like, a durable material, and, most all, it must fit through the front door. Before spending your money, familiarize yourself with the various sizes, fillings, and finishes.

Follow these 11 guidelines while looking for a new couch.

How do I pick the right sofa?

1. Check the Fit

How to Buy a Great Sofa
How to Buy a Great Sofa

It’s pointless to select a sofa if it doesn’t suit you properly. All members of your family should be able to sit comfortably. When purchasing a reclining couch, ensure comfortable in all positions. The depth of the chairs is the most critical factor to consider while fitting. Depending on your height, choose deep or shallow seats; with your feet level on the floor and the backs of your knees just slightly in front of the lower seat cushion, the couch back should support your back correctly. Whether you like to nap on the sofa, make sure to lie out on it first to determine if it is long enough for comfortable napping.

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2. Ask About the Joinery

How to Buy a Great Sofa (1)

Although the frame pieces are joined together may not be immediately obvious, this information should be available from the salesperson or written technical specifications. Look for wooden dowels, double wooden dowels, wooden corner blocks, or metal screws and brackets to link the frames together. Although staples, nails, and glue may be used, never buy a couch that has been built only with them.

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3. Evaluate the Frame | How to Buy a Great Sofa

How to Buy a Great Sofa (1)

The other tip for How to Buy a Great Sofa is Upholstery fabric and cushions may be updated as needed, but no sofa can be called a nice piece of furniture without a sturdy, high-quality core frame.

Evaluate the Frame
Evaluate the Frame

Start by studying the frame if you want to buy a decent sofa. A decent couch will have a solid hardwood frame, ideally a “kiln-dried” hardwood frame made of oak, beech, or ash.

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Inexpensive sofas may have frames made of particleboard, plastic, or metal, but a good-quality couch will have a solid hardwood frame made of oak, beech, or ash. Pine frames are inexpensive, but they frequently bend and tremble after five years. The couch’s legs should be built into the frame or secured with screws or dowels.

If the legs are only glued on, don’t even consider that sofa. Lifting one front corner or leg of the couch off the floor to a height of 6 inches or so is a simple test for robust frame construction. If the second front leg does not raise swiftly from the floor, the frame is twisted and weak. Any couch that bends or creaks visibly throughout this test should be avoided.

4. Consider the Springs

How to Buy a Great Sofa (1)

There are three types of springs used to support the cushions of a couch. The ones that aren’t springs at all, but merely webbing or mesh, are the least costly (and the least durable). If you want a good piece of furniture, stay away from these sofas.
Serpentine springs—twisted strands of snaking wire that bridge the distance between frame members—are used in most sofas.

These provide strong support, but they may droop with time if the metal isn’t heavy-gauge. “Eight-way hand-tied springs,” incredibly comfortable but also highly costly, are used in luxury couches. Some experts question if hand-tied springs are more pleasant than excellent serpentine springs, but only you can decide.

5. Test the Arms

How to Buy a Great Sofa

A couch with a strong wooden frame and dowels or corner brackets should be a decent piece of furniture, but it’s still a good idea to aggressively test the sofa’s arms to ensure they’re extremely tight and have enough space when you lean on them.

The most typical area of failure on a couch (other than the upholstery) in a household with active children is the arms. Push firmly on the arms and check for any signs of wobbling as you test the couch. Any couch that isn’t rock-solid should be avoided.

6. Feel the Padding | How to Buy a Great Sofa

How to Buy a Great Sofa

The couch’s structure and all of its corners should be adequately cushioned. Check all corners with your hand to ensure you can’t feel the frame’s edges through the upholstery. If you can, the upholstery will likely wear out fast, and your sofa will be uncomfortable to sit on.

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7. Evaluate the Upholstery

How to Buy a Great Sofa

Quality upholstery isn’t necessary for your sofa’s sitting comfort, but it is necessary for its aesthetic appeal. Patterns and stripes should match at the seams, much like well-tailored clothes. Mismatched patterns or stripes, even if they don’t strike your attention immediately away, give you the impression that something is “wrong.” Stripes that match at the seams give a couch a polished look.

8. Test the Operating Mechanisms

How to Buy a Great Sofa

If your sofa is a recliner or a sleeper, test the mechanism frequently and aggressively to

Check the Cushions

ensure it works smoothly and effortlessly. Reclining or motion furniture is usually more costly, but you’re getting a working, smooth-running system.

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Don’t ignore any mechanical flaws or sluggish performance you detect; they’ll only worsen with frequent usage in your house. All seams and welts should run straight, and patterns should be centered.

The cover was poorly fitted, as shown by uneven welting and seams pushed to one side or the other. Higher thread counts in fabric upholstery imply a denser weave and more durable fabric.

If there are any buttons, make sure they are firmly sewed on. Loose buttons will fall off and get lost easily.

9. Check the Cushions

How to Buy a Great Sofa

The cushions you seat on should be firm and durable, and they should fit tightly into the couch frame. After you press down and let go, the cushions return to their original form. When you sit on a cushion that remains place when you press down, it will quickly flatten, look ugly, and feel unpleasant. Cushions that don’t fit properly will rapidly lose their form, and the edges will begin to appear unsightly.

There are many disputes over which material is ideal for couch cushions. The most frequent substance used is polyurethane foam, but it’s vital to strike a balance between a firm foam that lasts but is too rigid, and a soft foam that is pleasant but breaks down too soon. HR foam is a step above, providing a more pleasant and long-lasting cushion. The use of goose down combined with feathers is common on really fancy couches, but you will pay a high price for this luxury, and the cushions will need to be plumped often. HR foam covered with down-and-feathers is a hybrid form of cushion that some experts suggest because it combines the best of durability and comfort.

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10. Measure Up

How to Buy a Great Sofa

One of the most important tips for How to Buy a Great Sofa is The delivery service could not get more than one sofa through the entryway, so it was returned to the store. To make delivery simpler, many sofas have legs that can be unscrewed and removed, and in certain circumstances, a door may be removed from its hinges to expand the space enough to let a huge couch through. Measure the height, breadth, and diagonal opening of all entrances in your home and bring these measurements with you when you go couch shopping.

11. Look for the Gold UFAC Tag

How to Buy a Great Sofa

Look for the gold UFAC sticker, which indicates that the couch maker confirms that it was built using UFAC techniques for fire safety. The Upholstered Furniture Action Council (UFAC) was established in 1978 to make upholstered furniture more resistant to smoking cigarette ignition. According to UFAC, the number of home fires has decreased significantly since these rules were implemented.

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