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How to Design a Closet of Your Dream


Getting dressed in the morning and even just putting laundry away is easier when you design a closet. Excellent design is the basis of a great organization.

You can surely maintain your clothing in good condition while simplifying your daily routine by hanging them in a closet. Furthermore, permanent installations may assist improve the value of your property.

Design a Closet Space

It is a difficult task to design a closet since it includes everything from choosing the proper lighting to deciding on the best storage arrangement. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a huge closet due to the limited space in current houses.

This post is written for those who want to build a closet in their home or room. We go through some of the most important factors to help you have your ideal walk-in closet design!

Decorate Your Closet with Shining Elements

How to Design a Closet of Your Dream

Design a closet using Glass and Lucite since they are ideal closet accessories. Also, they provide elegance without adding clutter to an already cramped space.

They’re also modern works. As a consequence, when it comes to selling your home and appealing to local buyers, an overly feminine setting will not deter them.

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Light Up Your Closet

How to Design a Closet of Your Dream

Light fixtures are essential in closets, especially those with little natural light. Choosing the right clothing need adequate lighting.

Strong overhead lights assist you to avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions later in the day since items become sheer when exposed to the right lighting. If you wish to create a celebrity look, design a closet with beautiful decorations.

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To ensure safety and light balance, provide a 30- to 36-inch space between the light fixture and the top of the surface below while installing it.

Organize Your Closet

How to Design a Closet of Your Dream

Morning rushes provide little time for precise folding. As a result, make it a practice to clean up at the end of the day. Keeping your items organized will keep your wardrobe neat and in good working order.

Show simple items like shoes, scarves, and purses. All non-hanging clothing should be folded up in drawers. You are don’t have to store folded clothing and pajamas on shelves. Keep your underwear and jewelry in a safe place.

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Design a Closet by Finding a Blank Space

How to Design a Closet of Your Dream

When it comes to design a closet, make the most of your space.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a large walk-in closet with pre-installed shelving and rods. Later, add the pre-fixed shelves and rods to ensure that they perfectly suit your closet.

Maybe you have a home office that you don’t use as often as you’d like or one that’s big enough to divide into two sections for work and dressing. If you work in the fashion or lifestyle industry, displaying your clothes in the same space might serve as a daily inspiration.

Make a List of Items

How to Design a Closet of Your Dream

Before you can even think about creating a closet, you need to know what you have. Making a list of everything you want to keep in your closet is a crucial step towards achieving your dream wardrobe.

Make a list of everything that requires secure storage as well as specialized one, as this will help in the organization of your accessories.

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If your wardrobe comprises cocktail dresses rather than jeans and t-shirts, your closet’s hanging space will be drastically different. Even though you’ll have this fantastic new space to store everything you want, you should try to purge as much as possible.

In your present closet, decide what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. There’s no point in loading up your new room with things you won’t use.

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Add a Personal Touch

How to Design a Closet of Your Dream

Design a closet in a way that everyone notices it’s yours.

Decorate the area with pictures or artwork to make it feel more friendly. Including a nice sitting area or a TV in your closet can help it serve many purposes. Adding a few personal touches to your closet may help it become your personal dressing room.

Keep the Flow

How to Design a Closet of Your Dream

Regardless of its size, the flow of a closet is one factor that may entirely derail it. The most serious mistake is attempting to integrate an island in any way possible. Make sure there are enough pathways throughout your closet for quick access to the most frequently used things; 3 feet is the minimum we recommend.

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Combine Function & Style

How to Design a Closet of Your Dream

While designing a closet, you should think about how to organize stuff. Priority is always given to the function. We also enjoy employing luxury materials like wood, mirrors, metals, and marble. The luxury is completed with lighting in the clothing rods and indirect lighting.

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