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Eyebrow Tattoo Removal | 8 Very Practical Household Methods!


Eyebrow tattoo removal at home!? What are the home remedies for removing cosmetic tattoos?

It’s become increasingly common to get cosmetic tattoos including tattooing eyebrows.

Permanent eyebrow makeup is an art that was done in the past with the body tattoo technique. But today there are more professional eyebrow tattooing techniques, such as eyebrow microblading, eyebrow micropigmentation, and eyebrow fibrosis.

These techniques can correct the thinness and asymmetry of your eyebrows. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. This means that sometimes you may not be satisfied with your eyebrow tattoo and want to have it removed.

For example, the tattoo color may not be to your liking, the shape may not be right for your face, or even the eyebrows may not be symmetrical.

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with your eyebrow tattoo. It’s only been years since you did it and your eyebrow shape is no longer in fashion. These are all reasons why you may have to get rid of your eyebrow tattoos.

One of the safest and most effective ways for eyebrow tattoo removal is laser. It takes about 4 to 5 sessions to completely remove your cosmetic tattoos with this method, which may cost a lot.

If you are not interested in this method, you can use home methods to remove permanent makeup on your eyebrows.

Why people regret eyebrow tattoos?

Why you should not tattoo your eyebrows?
why people regret eyebrow tattoos? infographic

There are several reasons why you might want to consider eyebrow tattoo removal. These reasons are:

  • Dislike eyebrow color
  • Dislike eyebrow shape
  • Eyebrow shape does not match your face
  • Sensitivity to tattoo ink
  • Eyebrow shape does not match the fashion
  • Eyebrow tattoos color has changed over the years

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Is laser the only way for remove eyebrow tattoos?

The most effective way to remove a tattoo is using laser by trained professionals. The function of laser tattoo removal is to remove the tattoo completely over time. Each session of laser eyebrow tattoo removal is done with the aim of removing the pigments left in the skin.

Can eyebrow tattoo be removed completely?
Laser Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

This treatment is not only for eyebrows but also for other parts of the body. But lasers are not the only way to get rid of tattoos. There are other home remedies that may be effective and have benefits and side effects.

Home remedies for eyebrow tattoo removal

1- Salabrasion or use of salt

How to Remove a Tattoo at Home With Salt
salt and lemon juice tattoo removal

Salabrasion of Tattoos is a painful and invasive home treatment. This technique involves physically exfoliating the epidermis (skin’s visible and first layer) by rubbing salt on the tattooed area.

This old and unpleasant method of removing tattoos is very dangerous and can cause you severe pain and wounds. But using salt is still one of the most popular methods for removing eyebrow tattoos, which is done in two ways:

  • Apply salt topically on the epidermis and remove it with a gentle peel.
  • Use salt to attach to permanent ink pigments and remove them from the skin

To do this method for Dermabrasion, once a day for 10 days, mix chopped organic sea salt with warm water. Dip 2 clean cotton pads in this solution. Apply it gently and gently on your eyebrows.

Leave the cotton pad on the skin for a few minutes. Then remove the pad and wash the eyebrows with clean water and dry with a clean towel. Be sure to do all these steps gently so that your skin does not bleed. Do not repeat this if your skin becomes too irritated.

Side effects of eyebrow tattoo removal with sea salt

Of course, this method is not without complications and some of the most important side effects are:

  • The risk of infection is high because the protective surface of the skin is destroyed.
  • Scrub can cause scars and rough skin.
  • Using salt can cause the skin to become pale.

The likelihood of these complications occurring at home without training is high. But if you leave it to trained people, you can expect to achieve the desired result with minimal side effects.

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The benefits of removing eyebrow tattoos with salt

Despite the side effects and dangers of this method, using salt to remove your eyebrow tattoo is still superior to other methods.

  • First, it has less abrasion than other methods, which means it is a better method for people with sensitive skin.
  • It also less painful and is more likely to keep the skin healthy.
  • Third, experts recommend that people with darker skin use this method, as it reduces the risk of pale skin.

Care Tips When Removing Eyebrow Tattoos

It takes several sessions to use Salabrasion of Tattoos to remove permanent makeup. During the sessions and the recovery period, follow these tips to care for your natural skin and eyebrows:

  • Use non-alcoholic soap and water to clean and dry eyebrows.
  • Do not forget to apply a soothing ointment on the skin of your eyebrows.
  • Do not irritate your eyebrows by plucking, rubbing, cleaning, or wiping.
  • Avoid eyebrow makeup.

2- Eyebrow tattoo removal cream

Shop Eyebrow tattoo removal cream
Eyebrow tattoo removal cream

Tattoo Removal Creams are another home method for eyebrow tattoo removal. But there is no evidence that they are effective. At best, these creams can fade the tattoo. Profade Tattoo 123 is one of these creams.

But still your tattoo will be visible. Since eyebrows are a sensitive and delicate part of the face, these creams can irritate the skin due to their harsh chemicals. Redness, rashes, burning, peeling, permanent scarring, permanent skin discoloration and inflammation are some of the chemicals painful side effects in these products.

Cleansing creams have whitening properties that may cause problems with your skin color.

Tattoo Removal Creams generally contain either glycolic acid or other exfoliating agents such as trichloroacetic acid (TCA). These creams remove the upper layers of the skin and thus remove tattoo pigments.

But the problem is that TCA in high concentrations can penetrate to the upper surface of the dermis. Thus using this method at home is dangerous without the supervision of an experienced person.

Are Tattoo Removal Creams Really Effective?

This answer may disappoint you, but using tattoo removal creams at home is not an effective and safe method.

Although the makers of these creams claim that they can completely remove the color of the tattoo from the skin, but the fact is that the ink of the tattoo is not completely removed and only fades.

Also, since it is almost impossible to apply the cream exactly on the tattoo site, you are certainly at risk of lightening the skin around it. If your skin is dark, it can severely affect the appearance of your skin.

Another problem with these creams is that they only penetrate the upper layer of the skin called the epidermis, but the tattoo ink is injected into a deeper layer of the skin called the dermis.

For this reason, tattoo cleansing creams that only reach the epidermis will have no effect on tattoo ink. In addition, if there is some tattoo ink on your epidermis, removing it by the cream can make your eyebrows look messy and uncoordinated.

Beyond the general ineffectiveness of Tattoo Removal Creams, they can be harmful to the skin as they exfoliate deeply.  This can lead to allergic reactions, Peeling the skin, acid burns and even scars on your skin. These are serious skin reactions that can lead to permanent damage to the skin or tissues.

3- Eyebrow Tattoo Removal using vinegar

Can vinegar remove tattoos?
eyebrow tattoo removal with Apple Cider Vinegar

Removing eyebrow tattoos with vinegar is a method that many people do. But its effectiveness has not been proven, and at best it may dilute the tattoo ink just a little.

To do this, dip a cotton ball in some apple cider vinegar or a mixture of baking soda and water. Pull the cotton on the position to the right and left until the vinegar is completely absorbed into the skin. If you have sensitive skin, do a patch test before starting this procedure.

You should also avoid eyebrow makeup during the treatment process and other beauty treatments for about four to six weeks.

After using vinegar, your eyebrows will look very dark at first. But the color will fade within two weeks.

4- Hot water

eyebrow tattoo remove with warm water
how to correct tattooed eyebrows?

If you have just got your eyebrows tattooed and there are pigments in some areas that you want to get rid of, you can use warm water.

Hot water can penetrate your skin and remove the tattoo ink that is located on the top layer of skin.

To do this, take a hot shower twice a day for 5 days after getting a tattoo. The heat and steam will open up your wounds and basically destroy the unwanted tattoo pigments on your eyebrows.

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You can help this process by gently massaging with circular movements on the eyebrow areas. After this, be sure to dry the area gently with a clean, dry cloth.

5- Use lemon juice

removal eyebrow tattoo use lemon juice
Will lemon juice fade a tattoo?

Lemon juice is one of the most effective ways to remove tattoos at home. Lemon is a natural bleach. Combining lemon with your natural cleanser can remove and eliminate tattoo ink. Lemons are also relatively safe for people with small, light-colored tattoos. Therefore, you can simply use this substance to remove the fading Microblading ink.

To use lemon juice, it is best to mix it with salt. Salt is rich in sodium and chlorine, and lemon juice has a whitening effect. Salt penetrates deep into the skin and helps to fade the tattoo ink. It also regenerates the vitamin C in lemon juice. So, this is a great way to eyebrow tattoo removal.

6- Hydrogen peroxide

does hydrogen peroxide remove tattoos
Will hydrogen peroxide damage a tattoo?

Hydrogen peroxide is another popular and practical household techniques for removing eyebrow tattoos.

To remove the tattoo with this method, first peel the skin of the desired area to remove dead cells. Then apply hydrogen peroxide to the area with a piece of cottonl and wait for 10 to 15 minutes.

You will have to repeat this treatment regularly for several weeks to get rid of the ink of your tattoo disappears and fade your eyebrow tattoo.

7- Eyebrow Tattoo Removal using honey

Does aloe vera and honey remove tattoos?
Can honey fade tattoos?

Honey is a natural and effective way to remove tattoos at home, especially for light and small colored tattoos.

To do this, gently rub honey on your skin and after half an hour, wash it off with warm water. Note that this method is not recommended for complete removal of bold tattoos. It’s the only way to fade the tattoo.

Mix 2 tablespoons yogurt, aloe vera juice, salt and honey to make a thick paste. Then apply it gently on your tattoo area. Leave it for half an hour and then wash it off with warm water. Doing this regularly can effectively lighten your eyebrow tattoo.

8. Aloevera

natural aloe vera tattoo removal
aloe vera tattoo removal

Aloe vera is good and effective for almost any skin problem. Maybe you do not believe. But this versatile plant can also remove your tattoo pigments. To use aloe vera to clean eyebrow tattoos, apply the gel regularly to the affected area. Doing this frequently will cause your tattoo ink to fade over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1- Can salt remove a tattoo?

Although salt is an abrasive and is used in facial scrubs and Salabrasion, it does not remove tattoo ink.

2- Does Tattoo Removal Cream Really Work?

The short answer is No.

3- Is it possible to remve eyebrow microblading at home?

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure. Because the ink is injected into the epidermis. The epidermal layers of your skin also naturally disappear over time, removing very small amounts of deposited microblading pigment each time. If you leave your eyebrows alone, your eyebrow tattoo will naturally disappear in 6 to 8 months. But if you can not wait for this time, you can use one of the methods mentioned above to remove the microblading of your eyebrows.

4- Is it possible to remove eyebrow tattoo with dechlorination?

To some extent yes. Whitening creams are designed to reduce the amount of melanin in the skin, thereby brightening the skin color and can be used to remove eyebrow tattoos with dechlorination. Also, since tattoos can cause scars that increase the color of the tattoo, applying whitening cream on them can cause it to fade.

5- How long does it take to remove a tattoo with a laser?

On average, 3-10 sessions, depending on different factors!

6- How long does it take for eyebrow tattoo to fade completely?

Over ten days, the browns will begins to fade, and it may take up 6 to 8 weeks for the true color to appear.

7-How much does eyebrow tattoo removal cost?

The average cost of laser eyebrow tattoo removal is $200 per session.

8- What is the recommended procedure for permanent tattoo removal?

Salabrasion or use of salt

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that lasers are also often used for eyebrow tattoo removal. I’m interested in learning more about that because I’m thinking about moving to changing up the way I present myself. I think that will help me seem a lot more professional in the long run.


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