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How To Treat Puppy Watery Eyes at Home? 2022


Has it occurred to you that your pet’s eyes appear to be tearful or to be dripping with excessive liquids? There are several reasons for puppy watery eyes. In fact, the majority of the time, a person will be required to assist the dog. In certain instances, medical assistance is in demand.

If your dog has watery eyes, you’ll learn how to cure them here at Zhinmag.

What Does It Mean To Have Excessive Tearing and Eye Discharge?

 Treat Puppy Watery Eyes
Treat Puppy Watery Eyes

It’s not uncommon for dogs to suffer from severe tearing or epiphora. Bright, colorless, yellow, and even green effusion may occur as a result of the development of the infection. 

It’s typically an indication of eye disease when your dog’s eyes are leaking and tearful.

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What Are the Various Kinds of Puppy Wet Eyes?

 Treat Puppy Watery Eyes
Treat Puppy Watery Eyes

It’s possible for your dog to have watery eyes due to many ocular diseases.


  1. In certain cases, a full row of eyelids might be in danger.
  2. They may develop in an unnatural direction or place on the eyelids.
  3. Genes are a consideration.
  4. A wide range of breeds are susceptible


As a result of this disorder, the eyelid curls inwards. Several dog breeds are susceptible to this genetic condition, including:

  • Akitas
  • Shar Peis
  • Great Pyrenees
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Pekingese
  • Newfoundland
  • Saint Bernard Bulldogs
  • Pomeranian Mastiffs
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs
  • Great Danes
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Japanese Chin
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Dalmatian, Rottweiler
  • Siberian Husky
  • Poodle
  • Basset Hound
  • Irish Setter


  • This condition means an infection of the inner tissue surrounding the eyeball.
  • It is common for both eyes to be affected.
  • Allergies or other factors may trigger an infection, whether bacterial or viral.
  • A different illness might be the root cause.
  • Some breed-specific problems may increase your risk. Collie Dogs and German Shepherd.


  • Hereditary (unusual growth) or behavioral (infection of the eye ducts) causes (tumor or bacteria)
  • This is a problem with brachycephalic dogs because of the deep sockets and thin eyelids.
  • Among the dogs with a flattened and broadhead are the Pug, Pekingese, Bulldog, and Boston Terrier, all of which are members of this group.

Corneal Ulcer

  • That’s the eroding of the epithelial (the external surface of the eye) into the stromal.
  • Trauma is by far the most prevalent culprit.
  • It may occur as a result of various disorders, such as Dry Eye or Epithelial Dystrophy, which can be passed down through families of Boxer.

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What Are the Symptoms of Excessive Eye Discharge in Dogs?

 Treat Puppy Watery Eyes
Treat Puppy Watery Eyes

For most circumstances, it is simple to determine whether the pet’s eyes are excessively watery or whether there is an ocular leak. Various additional abnormalities of the eyes may accompany this.

The Most Important Signs

  • The eyes have a glassy aspect.
  • Redness or puffiness of the upper eyelids
  • Slightly reddish or “red eyes”  to the eyeball 
  • Swallowing of the lower lid or straining of the eyes
  • Discoloration or clumping of the fur surrounding the eyelids
  • The inability to see clearly
  • Itching or discomfort 
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Causes of Excessive Tearing and Drainage in Dogs’ Eyes

 Treat Puppy Watery Eyes
Treat Puppy Watery Eyes

Dogs may suffer from a wide range of eye conditions. In many cases, they’ll result in an overabundance of tears and discharge. Eye problems may range from minor to severe, depending on the situation.

Breed Character

Those with short faces such as Shih Tzu, Cocker Spaniel, or Pug facial structure are more susceptible to eyes leakage. Severe ripping is also common in several tiny dog breeds. It is possible for certain breeds to accumulate wetness in their face and nose skin creases, which may provide the perfect breeding ground for bacterial development. If the environment is not maintained warm and tidy, this might result in inflammation.

Inflammation of the Eye

 Treat Puppy Watery Eyes
Treat Puppy Watery Eyes

Dogs’ eyes may get infected with germs, viruses, or fungi. It’s possible that something irritating slipped into your eye and caused this. It is also possible that other species will spread the virus. As soon as an eye disease is confirmed, the dog would need treatment with the necessary prescription meds. Applying liquids or cream to the eyes many times a day is common for this treatment regimen.


Ecologic allergens may cause your pet’s eyes to become red and watery. As in people, this is analogous to the effects of hay fever. In rare cases, antihistamines may be of assistance.


 Treat Puppy Watery Eyes
Treat Puppy Watery Eyes

When an object bothers the eye, it may cause severe weeping and outflow of tears. Some dogs may touch their eyes because of tiny pollutants or allergies, which may worsen the redness and swelling already present. Scratching the eye with anything pointy, such as an animal paw or item, may cause more severe eye damage. 

As quickly as you believe your dog has suffered eye damage, make sure to take him to the veterinarian right once.

Tear Duct Blockage

The conjunctival duct is responsible for draining water from the eyes via the nose.  It is common for eyes to overflow from the eye due to a clogged nasolacrimal duct, instead of discharge normally.

Severe Dry Conjunctivitis 

 Treat Puppy Watery Eyes
Treat Puppy Watery Eyes

This disorder, often known as dry eye, is defined as a lack of weeping. The absence of moisture leads the eye to become irritated. Having extremely dry eyes may lead to a sticky, viscous discharge, diseases, inflammation, and vision problems. Treating this problem requires the assistance of veterinarians.

Corneal Irritations

Injury to the cornea may develop as a result of trauma, inflammation, or some other kind of eye ailment (corneal abrasion).

If left untreated, corneal ulceration may progress to a life-threatening state, leading to loss of eyesight or possibly the impairment of the eye itself.


 Treat Puppy Watery Eyes
Treat Puppy Watery Eyes

The eyelashes develop in an unnatural manner as a result of this disorder. Irritating hairs develop along the edge of the eyelids and into the eyes area.


When you have this disorder, your eyelids will droop inward. On the other hand, the rubbing of the lids and eyelids against the cornea causes discomfort. 

Dog Eyes Tearing and Drainage: What to Do About It?

 Treat Puppy Watery Eyes
Treat Puppy Watery Eyes

It’s critical to take action as soon as you notice an issue with your dog’s eyes. As long as your dog’s eyes remain clear and there is no sign of redness or swelling in them, it’s OK to keep an eye on the situation. Maintain the cleanest and most dry environment possible all around the eyes. You should seek veterinary treatment if the leakage is not improving by itself, especially if you see additional indicators of eye issues.

Contact your veterinarian if you observe any of these symptoms:

  • The smell of leakage from the eyes
  • Ocular discharge that appears yellow or green
  • An involuntary movement of the eyeball.
  • The appearance of inflammation or edema around the eye or the region surrounding the eye.
  • The dog is scratching his nose or tugging his eye.
  • Problems with eyesight

In the absence of veterinary care, minor eye problems may swiftly escalate into life-threatening ones. If you wait any longer, it’s possible that your dog could have lasting visual issues.

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Diagnostics for Canine Eye Discharge

 Treat Puppy Watery Eyes
Treat Puppy Watery Eyes

Take your dog to the doctor immediately if he has wet eyes since this might be a sign of a more severe condition. It will be important for the pet nurse to know how long the eye has been leaking and whether or not there has been any evidence of sickness in recent weeks.

In cases when your dog is displaying indications of discomfort, your veterinarian may use temporary anesthesia to momentarily numb the area around the eye before beginning the checkup. If necessary, the eye may be stained with fluorescence. 

 Treat Puppy Watery Eyes
Treat Puppy Watery Eyes

This is a non-invasive treatment that checks for wounds, unwanted material, and tear draining, and it’s painless and quick. Staining and tilting your dog’s head downward are the first steps in determining whether or not the nose is capable of draining. It won’t take long for staining in the nose to become visible with proper function.

Additionally, the doctor will conduct a Schirmer Tear Test on your dog’s eyes to check for ocular injury and ductules function. There may be the option of using radiology to search for any potential impediments.

The doctor may recommend additional research with an optometrist based on the reason for the epiphora.

How To Treat Puppy Watery Eyes?

 Treat Puppy Watery Eyes
Treat Puppy Watery Eyes

Depending on the outcomes of your veterinarian’s examination, he or she will propose a course of action. This frequently entails the use of medication eye ointment or drops, which you administer at home multiple times a day to treat the condition. In certain cases, oral drugs are common as well.

E-collars are necessary for the majority of dogs. You can stop your dog from touching his eyes and scratching at his eyelids with the help of this dog collar! Until your veterinarian says it’s alright, don’t try to get rid of it! If the inflammation persists, significant damage to the eyes might result.

Occasionally, clinical intervention is necessary, particularly if the reason is entropion or similar structural abnormalities of the jaw joint.

In more difficult circumstances, your veterinarian may recommend that you consult with a vet ophthalmologist.

How to Avoid Eye Drainage and Excessive Tears?

 Treat Puppy Watery Eyes
Treat Puppy Watery Eyes

If your dog is healthy, you may be able to minimize severe ripping and the resultant stench by doing a few easy steps:

Keep frequent checkups with the vet for your canine companion.

Cut the hair surrounding your dog’s eyes. It is frequently preferable to take your dog to a hairdresser to get this hair clipped and prevent damage.

As a preventative measure, you should clean your pet’s eyes every day and gently wipe the area surrounding them. When it comes to keeping the eye region nice and clear, over-the-counter cleaning products of optic level are typically safe for use.

The Recuperation of Dogs with Watery Eyes

 Treat Puppy Watery Eyes
Treat Puppy Watery Eyes

Patients with epiphora will need to revisit the clinic for follow-up care. In fact, it is vital that any fundamental issue be completely resolved at the appropriate time. It is very unusual for dogs to have repeated inconsistent bouts of illnesses involving watery eyes; thus, even if you believe that your dog is alright, the doctor will have to ensure that the treatment has been comprehensive and adequate. The necessity for several flushings may arise in various situations.

It is possible that you will need to apply contact lenses or cream at home for an extended length of time. It’s up to the doctor to help you figure out the best way to administer the eye drops.

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