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Biography of HoYeon Jung, Korean famous modeling


Biography is a style in literature that aims to describe a part of a person’s life. This type of writing style tries to express informative or motivating dimensions of a person’s life.

Most biographies are based on a person’s personal notes and remarks. It is not limited to listing information about a person, such as place of birth, birthday, and date of events. It usually addresses the problems, joys, and ups and downs of that person’s life.

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Choosing a successful person in any series may be one of the most difficult tasks for us, but we are proud to announce that dear HoYeon Jung, will be one of our choices.

Hoyun Jung is a well-known South Korean television actress and modeling. This stylish artist started her professional career in the field of modeling in 2010 and still works in this field.

In 2016, she signed a contract with the Social Management Agency and left South Korea until she became world famous in 2021 with his first series, “Squid Game”. In the continuation of this article, be with Zhinmag to get more acquainted with HoYeon Jung’s biography along with her artistic career and personal and attractive pictures.

In this article, we have presented the biography of this famous South Korean actress and model, along with new and attractive pictures of her and her boyfriend which we hope you will like. HoYeon has been able to attract many fans these days by playing the role of Kang Sae-byeok in the popular series “squid game”.

What movies are Hoyeon Jung in?
who is Hoyeon Jung in Squid Game?

Brief description of Jung Ho-yeon biography, known also as HoYeon Jung

  • Born: June 23, 1994
  • Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Korean name: 정호연
  • Nickname: Yeon
  • Height: 176 cm (5 ft 9+1⁄2 in)
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Dark brown
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Net worth: US$4 milion
  • Age: 28 years old (2022)
  • Father’s occupation: Soup restaurant owner
  • Marital status: Unmarried
  • Boyfriend: Lee Dong-hwi (South Korean actor and singer)
  • Education: graduated from Dongduk Women’s University College of Performing Arts
  • Occupation: Model, actress
  • Years active: 2010–present
  • Reason for fame: Playing in the TV series “Squid Game” (2021)

HoYeon Jung wiki – Biography of HoYeon Jung, Korean actress and modeling

HoYeon Jung was born on June 23, 1994 in Myeonmok-dong, Seoul, South Korea. She is a South Korean model and actress. Due to her interest and talent in modeling, she decided to study a related field at the university, so she studied performing arts at Dongduk Women’s University. She studied in Seoul, South Korea, and also graduated from a private university in Seoul, South Korea. After that, she started modeling and starred in movies as well as TV series.

family hoyeon jung father mother
HoYeon Jung family members

Jung is known for her flamboyant red hair and “fiery” personality. She started modeling at the age of 16. She was modeled without representation at Seoul Fashion Week before signing a contract with ESteem Models to appear in the Korean top model.

After that, she appeared in magazines such as Vogue Girl Korea, Nylon Korea and ELLE Wedding. She also appeared in First Look Korea magazine with Hyun Ji xin and Hyunjoo Hwang and a campaign for Lucky Chouette.

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Vogue magazine has named her “Korea’s Next Top Model.” She is also on the list of “Top 50 Models”. In October 2021, HoYeon Jung was elected Louis Vuitton as global ambassador. She has worked in many films, but became popular in 2021 with acting in the movie “Squid Game”, in the role of Kang Sae-byeok. She has won numerous awards. She is a professional actress and model.

She has many fans on social networks and has millions of followers. She became famous after posting her videos on social media.

HoYeon Jung has been in a relationship with the actor “Lee Dong-hwi” since 2015, they are still together and have a close relationship despite the passing of years.

Earyl life

HoYeon’s nickname is Yeon, and her zodiac sign is cancer. She graduated from a private high school in Korea, but no further details are available on her credentials.

She is originally from South Korea and has not yet revealed many details about her parents, but she also has two other siblings.

Who is Hoyeon Jung husband or boy freind
Is Jung Ho-yeon in a relationship?

Starting modeling career at the age of 16

The face and name of this actress may be new to the fans of Korean serials, and they have only become acquainted with her through the “Squid Game”series. But it is good to know that HoYeon Jung is in fact a familiar face in the South Korean fashion world and in the international arena.

Because she started modeling when she was only 16 years old. She even managed to get to the Seoul Fashion Week shows without working under the supervision of one of the fashion companies. She eventually signed a partnership with modeling company ESteem Models.

In 2013, the famous Korean model participated in the fourth season of a reality show, a TV show called “Korea’s Next Top Model”. This television presence helped her to become more successful and better known.

In 2016, she signed a contract as the exclusive model of the famous Louis Vuitton luxury brand. She then left Korea and emigrate to the United States to become more active internationally.

Leaving South Korea to pursue a modeling career

It can be said that after the cooperation with Louis Vuitton, the upward trend of international success of HoYeon Jung started, and continued with the cooperation with other top brands. Since then, she has worked as a model in many fashion shows of prestigious and luxury fashion houses such as:

  • Chanel (French luxury fashion house)
  • Louis Vuitton (Fashion Company)
  • Prabal Gurong (American fashion designer)
  • Jeremy Scott (American fashion designer)
  • Roberto Cavalli (Italian fashion designer)

Her image has also been featured in the covers of popular magazines such as South Korea Vogue, Japan Vogue, CR Fashionbook, South Korean Harper Bazaar. It may be interesting to know that she was famous for her sharp red hair in the first years of her activity in the modeling industry.

Naked photo of Kang Sae-byeok
photo of Hoyeon Jung South Korean actress

Playing the role of Kang Sae-byeok in the TV series “Squid Game” (2021)

In early 2020, HoYeon Jung along with her modeling career, decided to start acting. So she joined the acting agency “Saram Entertainment” in South Korea to officially start acting as an actress under the supervision of this company.

Encouraged by the agency’s management, Jung decided to send a video of herself from New York and around the time of Fashion Week to the cast of “Squid Game” so that she, too, could take the acting test.

“I remember spending all my time reading the script except eating time,” said HoYeon Jung, referring to her selection for the role. “Then I sent a video and after that the director called me and said he wanted to meet me up close. So I dropped everything and flew to Korea immediately.”

In this thrilling series, she plays “Kang Sae-byeok”, a fugitive North Korean immigrant who participates in a dangerous game to save her family money.

HoYeon Jung’s reaction to being selected to play in the TV series “Squid Game”

He also recalled his reaction after realizing that he was going to start working as one of the acresses in the series, saying, “When the director of the agency told me I was going to play in the series, the first thing I said was : “Why?” When I heard this news, I was very happy, but at the same time, a great fear suddenly came to me and I said to myself: “Thank you very much, but can I really handle it?”

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“I left the country to pursue a modeling career. I was often alone in a strange country to continue my career. Sometimes, really, I felt very alone. The same feeling of loneliness came over me in the role of Kang Sae-byeok.

HoYeon Jung’s personal life

HoYeon Jung is in a relationship with Lee Dong-hwi (South Korean actor and singer), and the celebrity couple’s relationship first became public in 2016.

Ho Yeon’s fiancé has starred in a number of Korean films and series, but perhaps fans of Korean series have remember Lee Dong-hwi more than anything else, as Ryu Dong-ryong in Reply 1988.

In addition, Lee has starred in films such as “Handmaiden” (2016), “Extreme Job” (2019) and many others. He also joined as an R&B singer with Korean band MSG Wannabe earlier this year.

HoYeon Jung and her close and intimate friendship with Jennie, singer of group BLACKPINK

The actress who plays Kang Sae-byeok also has a very close friendship with “Jennie”, one of the group BLACKPINK’s famous singers. They are considered friends and supporters of each other and post funny duo selfies on social media.

In one of the clips released on a Korean television program featuring the cast of “squid game,” Lee Jung-jae, the actor who played Seong Gi-hun in the series, revealed that Jennie herself personally visited the backstage of the series. In support of her friend HoYeon Jung, she sent a coffee van to distribute to all the actors, actress and other behind-the-scenes agents.

Instagram photos of HoYeon Jung

HoYeon Jung, who became much more famous with her squid game series than before, had about 400,000 followers on social media before playing in the series.

From the beginning of the TV series “Squid Game” to the time of writing this article, she has more than 21 million followers on Instagram. She even managed to break the record of the followers of two of the most followed Korean actresses, namely Lee Sung-kyung and Song Hye-kyo.

HoYeon Jung Music Videos

  • The CHANEL Pharrell Collection
  • Taste of Acid
  • Beat
  • Move
  • Going Crazy

Jung Ho-yeon Honors and Awards in the Modeling Profession

She was included in the Hot List and the list of the top 50 female models on Models.com, and in 2017, she was nominated for the Best New Modeling Award in 2017.

Famous magazines such as Vogue Japan and Korea, Harper’s Bazaar, W Korea and Dazed are some of the magazines that have a photo of this model printed on their covers.

Short and interesting facts about HoYeon Jung

  • HoYeon loves to travel and has traveled to countries such as Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria and.
  • She was named Model of the Year in 2017 by Models.com.
  • Jung’s favorite color is black.
  • HoYeon Jung’s New York-based modeling agency is Nomad Management.
  • HoYeon does not have any tattoos on her body.
  • The role of Kang Sae-byeok in the Squid game love cats.
  • Jung was born and raised in Korea but currently resides in the United States.
  • This Korean model is not active in any other social network except Instagram.

HoYeon Jung’s communication channels and phone numbers

Instagram: hoooooyeony

Lee Dong-hwi’s Instagram page (HoYeon’s boyfriend):dlehdgnl

HoYeon Jung’s Twitter: hooooooyeony

Frequently Asked Questions about HoYeon Jung and her boyfriend

1- Who is Lee Dong Hwi married to?

Lee has been in a relationship with model-actress Jung Ho-yeon since 2015.

2- What is HoYeon Jung nationality?

South Korean

3- How old is HoYeon Jung?

28 years (June 23, 1994)

4- What does Jung HoYeon weigh?

about 45kg

5- How many episodes is Squid Game?

9 episodes

6- who are HoYeon Jung favourite actor and actress?

  • Actor: Song kang-ho
  • actress: Amy adams

7- who is HoYeon Jung favourite filmmaker?

Quentin Tarantino

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