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Biography of Huda Beauty, Arab Blogger + Pictures


By reading a biography, you feel that the person himself is sitting in front of you and defining all the mazes of his life for you. In this series of articles, Zhinmag try to introduce the world’s successful entrepreneurs and tell you a summary of their biographies.

Choosing a successful person in any series may be one of the most difficult tasks for us, but we are proud to announce that dear Huda Kattan, known as Huda Beauty will be one of our choices.

Huda is an Iraqi-American make-up artist, founder of the cosmetics line Huda beauty and one of the best Instagram Beauty Bloggers. She is one of the prominent examples that has gained fame and money through social networks, especially Instagram and YouTube. Her makeup tutorials and tip as well as her cosmetics brand products are very famous among world people.

She is known as the most influential person in the field of cosmetics on Instagram and as a beauty blogger. She honestly shares her personal experiences about using cosmetics with her audience. Huda videos have millions of views. Huda professional behavior in managing social media also has a great impact on her becoming a billionaire.

One of secrets to the success of this popular and attractive Blogger and YouTuber is the presentation of short but rich educational videos as well as his few promotional posts. Huda’s audience recognizes her as a Blogger with positive energy. They accept her kindness and simple expression in a friendly way. Hence, we can call her “Malak-al-Jamal”, which means the angel of beauty.

Brief description of Huad Kattan biography, known as Huad Beauty

  • Born: October 2, 1983
  • Place of birth: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.
  • Origin: Iraqi
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: –
  • Net worth: $510 Million (2022)
  • Age: 38 years old
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Father’s name & occupation: Ibrahim Kattan, University Professor
  • Mother’s name: Susu Al Qazzaz
  • Marital status: Married
  • Husband: Christopher Goncalo
  • Marriage date: May 30, 2009
  • Children: 1 child, Nour Gisele, born on 2011
  • Education: Financial Management at University of Michigan–Dearborn
  • Years active: 2010–present
  • Profession: Makeup artist, Beauty Blogger, Entrepreneur
  • Date of launching Instagram page: May 2, 2012
  • Date of launching YouTube channel: January 16, 2007

Huda Beauty wikipedia – Biography of Huda Kattan, Founder of the cosmetics line Huda Beauty and the world’s largest Beauty influencer

Huda was born on October 2, 1983 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S. Both of her parents are from Iraq, but at a young age they immigrated to Cookeville, Tennessee in the United States and then moved to Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

huda beauty childhood arab beauty bloger
Huda Kattan Childhood

Huda is the third child in the family and besides herself, she has 2 sisters named Alya, Mona and a brother named Khalid.

Huda studied financial management at University of Michigan–Dearborn. It is said that her academic field has had a great impact on her success and becoming a millionaire.

“Because my father was a university professor, we traveled a lot,” she said. “It was a really difficult time. I did not have a happy and wonderful childhood because my father was always working and studying to earn a living”.

“It was really a very different atmosphere and I grew up in such an atmosphere. It was this atmosphere that made me bold and courageous, yet it did not make me a superficial person! I am a businesswoman and all these challenges have turned me into a hard-working person who cannot be defeated by anything.”

Qattan family father mother
Huda Beauty Family

17 years old – The story of Huda Katan’s acquaintance with her husband

University, In addition to influencing Huda economic development, became a place for her to meet her husband Chris Goncalo.

Their romantic relationship began when Huda was 17 years old; Huda Beauty and her American-Colombian husband moved to Dubai in 2006 and settled there. The couple have a 12-year-old daughter named Nour Gisele.

Huda Kattan's husband Christopher Goncalo
Who is Huda Katan’s husband?

Huda is now 38 years old and has been famous and successful since the age of 30.

Huda decided to return to the United States to attend hairdressing courses, and after completing her training courses, she returned to Dubai and launched a Weblog to share her cosmetic tips. It was after this time that she founded a cosmetics brand called Huda Beauty.

The popularity of Huda kattan on social media

Huda Beauty’s story began when Huda, as a vlogger, shared her personal experiences with her audience on how to use cosmetics. In the beginning, she was just a blogger, but as the YouTube community grew, she also came to YouTube and became a vlogger.

Her followers on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tic Tac and SnapChat have become millions, and the number of people watching his videos is very high.

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After a short time, Huda Beauty turned to Instagram, where she was able to shine well, because good content always has its own viewers.

The secret of Huda Beauty success

Before becoming a blogger, Huda worked for the American cosmetics company Revlon as a makeup artist, and collaborated with well-known brands such as Cartier and Mercedes.

Huda was named in Time Magazine as one of the 25 most influential influencers on social media in the world. Among the Beauty Bloggers in the world, Huda gets the most money for her advertising posts.

According to Forbes, Huda Katan is one of the ten most influential and money-making Bloggers in the world and one of the top self-made American women who has been able to achieve great wealth through the cosmetics industry.

It can be said that Huda Qattan has gained this enormous wealth by producing quality video content and Blogging.

Most of us do not like to share our personal and professional information with others, however, if the transfer of information is done properly, it can turn an ordinary audience into a loyal audience. The result is that the loyal audience eventually becomes a regular customer.

“When I set out on this path, my main goal was not just to impress people, greed and make money,” says Huda. “In fact, I wanted to inspire others in some way, and in this way I was able to achieve my goal.”

Huda’s sisters, saving angels of Cosmetic brands

Huda sisters, Alya and Mona Katan, have co-founded the Hb Angels Investment Group with Huda. Their sole purpose is to invest in small cosmetics companies and help them grow and become big, global brands.

huda mona alya qattan sisters
Huda Qattan sisters

Huda Katan explains the reason for investing in these brands as follows: When I was a child, my friends and many people around me told me that you look like a very strange girl! They meant I was dreaming and I could not get what I wanted!

But today I have come to the conclusion that we have limited ourselves and all speculation has been wrong. We can go anywhere and achieve our desires with effort.

We created the Huda Beauty Angels (Hb Angels) group to help people who want to launch their own cosmetics brand but have financial trouble. Because we ourselves have come to realize that starting a business in the cosmetics industry is very hard work without money.

2013 – Creation of Huda Beauty products

In 2013, Huda Kattan, in collaboration with her two sisters, registered a successful cosmetics brand called Huda Beauty. Huda’s younger sister, Mona, is her business partner, and her older sister, and Alya manages Huda’s social media.

As a professional make-up artist, Huda knows what products the consumers is considering and what they expects from a quality cosmetic!

Huda is someone who has a good understanding of this ecosystem. Huda found out that Middle East is one of the main consumer centers of cosmetics, which is more affected by social networks than anywhere else. She knew for sure that most of the social media audiences were young women.

In an interview, Huda Beauty said that her source of inspiration was Princess Yasmin, a fictional character in Aladdin (1992 Disney film). “Ever since I was a child, the style of this cartoon character with black hair and long eyelashes has fascinated me,” Huda explained.

That’s why the first product in the Huda Beauty store was artificial eyelashes. Even Kim Kardashian, an American media personality, socialite, model, businesswoman, and occasional actress, liked these eyelashes very much, so she started promoting them.

Interview with Huda Kattan, Instagram beauty blogger | Answers to 17 frequently asked questions

Makeup Products Online
Huda Beauty Makeup Products

1- What was the first product of Huda Beauty brand and by whose advertisement did it become famous?

Artificial eyelashes, it became famous in collaboration with the French brand Sephora and with the promotion of the famous American model Kim Kardashian.

2- In what field did Huda Beauty work after producing artificial eyelashes?

After producing artificial eyelashes, she activate in the field of producing eye shadow palette, liquid lipstick, highlighter palette, lip liner, Cream Powder, concealer makeup, etc.

3- In which program did Huda Kattan reveal the details of her life as a Ticketaker, YouTuber and Instagram user?

In 2018, Huda attended on Facebook Watch with family members on the Huda Boss show, where she showed off her work and personal life details.

4- Does Huda Beauty participate in charity activities?

Yes! Huda has been at the forefront of many charitable events. In the month of Ramadan in 2021, she donated nearly 1 million meals to the needy in a food preparation campaign, and in the same year, she donated about $100,000 to a charity to fight Covid-19.

In June 2020, Huda Kattan announced that she had donated $500,000 to a training charity called NAACP

5- What were the fringes of Huda beauty with Jeffree Star, American YouTuber, entrepreneur, makeup artist, and former singer-songwriter?

In 2018, the famous, Huda Beauty, Iraqi blogger and YouTuber clashed with Jeffree Star, the American make-up artist and blogger! Because she slandered that Huda Beauty products were copied from the Beauty Bakerie brand.

She had stated that she had no problem with Huda, but with copying her. But things got to the point where they got into a fight and she called Huda Beauty a thief and announced on her YouTube channel that Huda has a serious problem with the LGBTQ community.

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6- What was Huda Kattan’s most challenging issue in business and launching a successful brand?

I had many challenges, good and bad! When I entered the beauty industry, it was very hot and thriving, which made it challenging for me because I had so many competitors and so many people wanted to be part of the beauty market themselves.

But only a few could do it. I was interested in the world of beauty products and I wanted to find tricks to become more beautiful, and since adolescence, it was very important for me to become a very attractive person.

7– What is your advice for your daughter?

I always tell her that one cannot do something that everyone likes! I always told myself to focus on people who do not like me, while I should focus more on people who love me and I should care about their opinions.

It’s very hard work, why should I sometimes care about other people’s opinions? Because we are all human beings!

8- How important is it for you to be known as a strong woman who is involved in empowering other women?

This is a serious matter, being a role model on social media is a big responsibility. When we succeed in a new business, we lose our motivation.

It is strange to ask ourselves what was our purpose in doing this? I say I do this for my children, my daughter, and future generations, not necessarily for the millennial generations! I think most of all about the generations born after 2010, and I ask myself: in what world will they grow up with social media?

Because I’m on social media and I know there is a lot of pressure on us, we are overwhelmed by the large amount of content that is being produced on social media.

9- You are a working mother, is not it difficult for you to balance work and family life?

No! I always think of my daughter, I never imagined myself as a mother, and when I had a baby, I took it seriously. I often ask my daughter if you would like me not to go to work and she says: No, I would like you to be Huda Beauty!

This is very important to me because she knows how I work. My daughter’s view of women is very different from our generation’s view. In our time, being a feminist was considered an insult, but for my daughter it is a positive concept.

She lives in a world that has changed and I want this world to be wonderful and for people to feel satisfied.

10- Is it not difficult for you to work with your sisters? How is the cooperation with them?

It’s hard because most of what we say to our loved ones we do not say to others! But we have been through these steps for a long time and we have learned to work together.

Each of us has our own style of work that has been useful to the other. Sometimes we want to adapt our work to someone else’s style and Sometimes we do not want to. But in the end, all three of us have a goal and we try to do it best in every way.

11- How important is working for you in Dubai? What is the business climate like in this country?

The UAE is a growing country! working in Dubai is also challenging for those who are coming to the country for the first time. Because they have to work hard to be absorbed in the workplace.

12- What or who helps you to be realistic?

Most of all, my daughter helps me to be realistic. The girl is very simple and entertains herself with her Barbie or things around her. Or she makes colored spaghetti and I get encouraged when I get home.

13– What does the future like for Huda Kattan?

We are not just a cosmetics brand, but we bring a beautiful world along with other cosmetics brands. We want to be a leader and make people feel empowered by using our cosmetics.

14- You inspired from whom to be an entrepreneur?

Josephine Estée Lauder, Entrepreneur, hairdresser, American businesswoman, one of the most famous make-up artists and owner of Estee Lauder cosmetics brand.

15- Are you thinking of developing your own cosmetics brand?

Yes, Sure! Although the world’s Huda Beauty emperor now has a growing billionaire brand, but we think beyond that and our dream is to take bigger steps.

16- How many visitors does Huda Kattan website have annually?

It can be said that Huda Kattan’s blog has about 45 million visitors every year. And all its beauty products are available in more than 1,500 reputable stores around the world.

It is interesting to know that Huda:

  • She is obsessed with pink.
  • Extremely afraid of the dark and spiders.
  • The shortest person in the family
  • She does not smoke but drinks alcohol

Huda Beauty’s communication channels and phone numbers

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