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10 Most Popular Instagram Beauty Bloggers 2022 + Pictures


In the past, Instagram and YouTube did not exist, and bloggers became blogger, mostly through “writing”. Today, however, the number of bloggers has increased a lot, and this is definitely the result of the widespread use of Instagram, YouTube and the like. Among bloggers, Instagram Beauty Bloggers usually have more audiences and, of course, more revenue.

Maybe you, like many people and fans of the virtual world, want to become familar with the most famous beauty bloggers in Instagram. Today, blogging considered as one of the most popular jobs and one of the ways to earn money from Instagram.

But which of the hundreds who use the title Blogger, Fashion Blogger or Beauty Blogger in their profile is the most famous? Join Zhinmag to get acquainted with the best world Beauty Bloggers on Instagram.

Who is a Blogger? Who is Beauty Blogger?

Before introducing the most famous Instagram Beauty Bloggers, it is not bad to give an introduction about blogging. You may also be interested in becoming more familiar with the blogger concept. Who is a blogger called? What does Blogger Mean?

Blog is an English word and literally means someone who blogs. Bloggers today are people who focus and work professionally on a topic on social media. For example, some of them work in tourist places and travel to different cities, and some of them work in the field of cosmetics.

Therefore, there are different types of bloggers who work in different fields such as: fashion, decoration, food, fashion and clothing, economics and so on.

Beauty Blogger is also a person whose content aim is teaching makeup and beautification. Instagram Beauty Bloggers often teach their audience how to apply makeup through photos and videos. They also introduce creative tricks to become more beautiful.

Why should someone want to become a Beauty Blogger?

In today’s world, Money is power. In this regard, the main goal of those who become Beauty Bloggers is to earn money.

Beauty Bloggers usually increase their followers through content, advertising and trending, and when their followers increase, they receive advertising orders from different companies and brands. In this way, they earn money by advertising on their Instagram page or YouTube page. Today, many famous Instagram Beauty Bloggers have a monthly income of several tens of millions dollars.

What is the difference between Fashion Blogger and Beauty Blogger?

People who are interested and active in the world of fashion, modeling and fashion called fashion bloggers. Fashion blogging is one of the most popular fields of fashion and both men and women can activate in this field.

Many famous fashion bloggers create their own brand or launch a clothing production line. Or some of them have reached a very high income through advertisements and photos on the cover of famous magazines.

But people who work in the field of makeup and beauty called Beauty Blogger. The activity of Instagram Beauty Bloggers is usually about the latest cosmetics, the best brand of cosmetics and important skin care tips. In the following, you will become familar with the most famous beauty bloggers on instagram.

Best Beauty Bloggers on Instagram

1- Huda Kattan

Born: October 2, 1983, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

huda kattan top instagram beauty bloggers
Huda Beauty

Hoda Katan, known as Hoda Beauty, is one of the most influential bloggers in the field of beauty and make-up. She started out as a simple blogger and gradually grew in popularity by sharing his videos on YouTube.

Huda soon became famous for producing good content and was able to gain a large audience on Instagram. Heda is of Iraqi descent and currently lives in the United States.

In 2019, Forbes Magazine selected Huda as one of the fortieth richest self-made woman; mostly because she was able to start an entrepreneurship by founding his own brand with his sisters Mona and Alia.

In 2013, Hoda Beauty, along with her two other sisters, registered their own cosmetics brand and started their own business in this field. Hoda Katan is currently one of the most famous Instagram Beauty Bloggers in the world and has more than 48 million followers on Instagram!

2- Sadaf Beauty

Born: July 5, 1989, Tehran, Iran

sadaf beauty social media influencer
Sadaf Masaeli

Sadaf Masaeli, known as Sadaf Beauty is one of the most famous Beauty Bloggers on Instagram. She has currently (2022) about 3.7 million followers on Instagram.

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Most of his work is on Instagram, but she also occasionally uploads videos on YouTube. She has a special place in the field of cosmetics.

According to Sadaf, she has not seen any make-up courses, but she always watches famous make-up artists and has learned many things through experience.

Sadaf has been living in the United States with her family for several years and has been married. She has been interested in hairdressing since she was a child and believed that she should either become a hairdresser or a plastic surgeon.

3- Nikkie De Jager

Born: March 2, 1994, Wageningen, Netherlands

Nikkie Tutorials youtuber
Nikkie de Jager

Nikki De Jagger, known as Nikki Tutorialies, is one of the top influencers and Instagram Beauty Bloggers in the world who works in the field of make-up and beauty.

The title NikkieTutorials refers to educational videos that Nikki shares with her audience about make-up, color combinations, and full details.

This influencer is mostly active on YouTube, but is also very popular on Instagram, with more than 14 million followers.

Nikki is of Dutch origin and is well known in the world of beauty blogging. She started her career by sharing make-up training videos on YouTube, but now, her posts have gone viral in cyberspace.It is interesting to know that in 2020, the United Nations introduced Nikki as the Goodwill Ambassador of this organization.

4- Elnaz Golrokh

Born: March 10, 1985 in Tehran, Iran and

elnaz golrokh best influencer in world
Elnaz Golrokh

Elnaz Golrokh is one of the most-followed beauty influencers. Elnaz Golrokh, a famous and handsome Iranian model, graduated from Allameh Amini University with a degree in Graphic Design.

Elnaz lived in Iran until a few years ago, but has been living in Dubai, UAE for several years. Elnaz Golrokh currently has about 4.2 million followers on Instagram and her main place of activity is Instagram.

Elnaz is the family’s first child and has two younger sisters. According to her, she has had a special interest in makeup since childhood. Unlike Sadaf Beauty, Elnaz Golrokh had a beauty salon while living in Iran.

In fact, she did not enter the world of make-up by chance and has been interested in this job since she was a teenager. At the age of 20, Elnaz established an academy and a beauty salon in Tehran, Iran.

Elnaz started her career by establishing this beauty salon, and she was able to expand her business. Iranian famous actress such as Mahnaz Afshar, Tanaz Tabatabai and Sahar Dolatshahi were her makeup models.

According to some reports, she won the first place in the COSMOPOLITAN competition in 2017, and this title has played an important role in his career progress. It is interesting that some have given Elnaz Golrokh the title of Ariana Grande of Iran. They believe that there are many apparent similarities between the two.

Elnaz Golrokh’s husband, Hamid Fadai is also known on Instagram and works as a fashion blogger.

5- Emelijad

Born: 20th of September, 1989.

emelijad TikTok and instagram | Watch Emeli's Newest TikTok Videos
Emeli Jad (Emel Beauty)

We believe that Emelijad is currently the best and most creative Instagram Beauty Blogger. Because she mixed her make-up videos with dubbing, and this has added to the beauty and attractiveness of her videos.

She is from Kuwait and a beautiful and creative blogger of Iranian origin. She became very famous in a short period of time with her creativity.

She has a bachelor’s degree in English translation and is fluent in Arabic, and has not taken any make-up courses. In fact, she became acquainted with this field of art in the family, because her aunt and mother were familiar with hairdressing, and for this reason, she become familiar with the atmosphere of this work.

She had never worked professionally in the field of make-up, but in general she interested in painting and music, which she believes has been effective in the development of her work.

If you are interested in Eyebrow tattoo removal, you can use home methods to remove permanent makeup on your eyebrows.

6- Melina Taj

Born: February 3, 1992 in Tehran and is originally from Shiraz, Iran.

Melina Taj instagram photos and videos Instagram Beauty Bloggers
Melina Taj

Another famous Instagram Beauty Bloggers is Shabnam Tajik, known as Melina Taj. Melina Taj graduated with a degree in architecture and costume design. She started her official activity on Instagram as a Beauty Blogger in 1996, and in the meantime, she shares tutorials for making different types of home masks, important cosmetic tips, and skin care tips, etc. for her fans.

Because Melina interest in acting and has some talent in this field, she prepares attractive videos for her audience and followers. She started her activity as a beauty blogger in 2017. Initially, she published instructional videos for the use of various masks, but gradually expanded her activities to other branches of beauty. Melina Taj has about 2 million followers on Instagram.

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Melina has experience working with famous brands such as FOREO, Launch, Lancome, famous L’Oreal Mascaras and is currently working with world-renowned brands such as sigma lancome, colourpop, iconic london. Therefore, she can be considered one of the most successful Instagram Beauty Bloggers.

7- Zoë Elizabeth Sugg

Born: 28 March 1990 in Lacock, Wiltshire, England

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg Zoella youtuber
Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

Zoë Elizabeth Sugg has been an influencer on Instagram for more than ten years, and that’s exactly why we named her one of the best Instagram beauty bloggers. Zoe also known by her YouTube name Zoella that is her own personal brand.

Zoe has more than a million followers, in addition to skin care and beauty, Zoe talks about women’s issues and problems, fashion and of course food. And most interesting of all, Zoë Elizabeth Sugg wrote a book in 2014 that sold nearly 80,000 copies.

8- Shayla Mitchell

shayla mitchell makeupshayla Instagram Beauty Bloggers

Shayla Mitchell is one of the leaders in the beauty blogging industry in the world. She considered to be the first black person to work as a beauty blogger on Instagram, and that is why he is a little different from the rest of the members of this list.

Shayla has more than 2.7 million followers on Instagram and is considered one of the best world beauty bloggers. Not only does she talk about skin care for you, but she also has fun posts about lifestyle and American social movements, and it can be very inspiring.

9- Lilly Ghalichi

Born: April 30, 1983, in Houston, Texas, United States of America

lilly ghalichi net worth and wiki
Lilly Ghalichi

Another famous Instagram Beauty Blogger is Niloufar Seyed Qalichi, known as Lilly Qalichi. Lilly does not only work in the field of blogging. She is an actress, designer and lawyer who has been nicknamed the Iranian Barbie because of her unique style.

Lilly is the daughter of Sadegh Ghalichi and Forough Ghalichi. Likewise, she grew up with her two siblings named Yassamin and Mohammed Ghalichi. Lilly married with her well-known boyfriend, Dara Mir.

She has starred in an American TV series and since then her fame has multiplied. According to reports, when she studied law, she dropped out of school because of her love and interest in hairdressing. She is currently one of the most successful people in this field.

Lilly had a great interest in makeup from an early age, and following this interest, her eyelash brand called Lily Lashes produced and released by lilly. These three-dimensional eyelashes, which are very attractive and special, have attracted the attention of many famous celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez (American singer), Lady Gaga (American singer-songwriter), Cardi B (American rapper), Kim Kardashian (American socialite) and Rihanna (Barbadian singer).

10- Manny Gutierrez

In the days when options such as software programming and surgery (medicine) provide young people with a high potential for career growth, few professionals choose makeup. Manny Gutierrez is one of those makeup artists who has given up his lucrative life and pursued his dream of becoming a professional in the beauty industry.

Manny Gutierrez, known better as Manny Mua, has had a real interest in beauty since he was a teenager. Hence, he decided to leave his medical school and start his career in providing beauty tips.

When he was young, Manny Mua worked at the counter of some of San Diego’s best salons, such as Sephora and MAC. There, he befriended another Instagram beauty star, Patrick Simondak. After advising on the importance of appearing on popular social media channels, Patrick guided him to get started on social media.

Manny started his career on YouTube, which is popular among young audiences. Soon after launching his channel, he received a good response. He have around 4M Followers and is one of the most followed male influencers.

In this article, we introduced the most famous Instagram beauty bloggers. Blogging is a very lucrative and ups and downs job. Many successful bloggers work in various fields. Who is your favorite blogger? And in what field does it operate? Introduce your favorite blogger in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions about Instagram Beauty Bloggers

1- Who is Beauty Blogger?

Beauty Blogger is someone who produces content in order to teach makeup. The content produced by Beauty Blogger is usually in the form of photos and videos.

  1. What is the source of Beauty Blogger income?

Beauty Bloggers usually make money through advertising cosmetics brands.

3- What are Top 10 world Beauty Influencers Brands 2022?

  1. Huda Kattan
  2. Nyane Lebajoa
  3. James Charles
  4. Nabela Noor
  5. Em Ford
  6. Manny Gutierrez
  7. Nikkie de Jager
  8. Thuy Le
  9. Zoë Sugg
  10. Shayla Mitchell

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