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Top 10 strategy to learn English at home (Update 2022)


Have you ever wondered how good it would be if you learned English at home? It is both very convenient and has many other benefits. For example, if you really want to learn English but do not have enough time, or if language institutes are too far from your home or workplace or cost too much, then the best way is to learn English at home.

You may be thinking right now that learning English at home is very difficult, because there is no one to correct your mistakes. Or how can you progress when you do not know where your problem is? These concerns are valid, and there may be other issues as well.

For example, you may be worried about pronouncing words correctly. In fact, you may not even know where to start. In fact, learning English does not necessarily mean reading books all the time. There are many resources that can help you get on the right track.

Be sure to be at any level of the language, beginner or intermediate, go to class or learn at home, there is actually no magic way to learn English. But the following techniques are the best techniques available that will increase your learning speed by up to 50%.

what is the purpose of learning english
5 reasons to learn english

How Long Does It Take To Learn English?

English is easier than other languages such as Chinese or Polish. For people who do not speak English and spend 3 hours a day studying, it takes about 12 months to reach average level. But the best ways to learn English at home is that Set a goal for yourdelf.
Remember that it’s very important why you decided to learn English. Some sample goals for learning English include:

  • Achieve a specific score in the TOEFL or IELTS
  • Ability to understand original language movies without subtitles
  • Ability to converse with an English-speaking friend
  • Traveling abroad as a tourist
  • Immigrating, working or studying in foreign countries

There are many other goals, but choose the one that is important to you.

The best ways to learn English at home

1- Review this way

The best way to learn is that when you first read something new (for example, a word), if you review the same thing over the next 24 hours, you will retain up to 80% of what you have just learned.

In this case, after a week, you can remember it all after just five minutes of reviewing the same thing. This will stay in your mind for up to 30 days. After forty days, if you read the same thing again, it will last in your mind for up to 6 months!

2- Practice for at least 4 hours a day

You need a lot of perseverance to become proficient in 2-3 months. In other words, you should practice English 8-14 hours a day. It is better to read 1 hour of words, practice 1 hour of simple conversations of books in front of the mirror with yourself. Then listen to English for 2 hours and read English texts for 2 hours. Continue in the same way.

Continue in the same way. If you are more focused on the conversation, listen more. But do not worry, because reading also helps your ability to speak. For some, 2 hours of reading and listening a day is enough. But if you want to learn English at home very fast, it is better to use this method.

3- Listen to English music or watch videos in English

The best way to learn English at home is to watch TV or watch English videos. Watch cartoons to learn English fast. English animations use a universal language that anyone in the world can understand and enjoy. Watching best animations for learning English enhance your English language learning.

Find content that appeals to you. There is a lot of content in English, from instructional videos to numerous interviews and videos in the online world, each of which can serve as English instruction, especially if it is of interest to you.

For example, imagine that you are interested in technology, you can find hours of video in this field. The biggest advantage of this method is that you are interested in this field and you are well acquainted with it, so you do not get tired of seeing it. Your initial familiarity with the topic will also help you memorize words and phrases and understand the whole thing sooner.

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If you are looking for other video resources for learning English, try FluentU as well. The site has a large collection of English videos taken from real-world sources such as music videos, TV shows, The Hunger Games movie trailers, news and inspirational speeches.
In addition, FluentU provides many other learning tools to help you improve your English language skills. These tools include crossword puzzles, flashcards, word lists, and more to enhance your grammar and vocabulary.

Another great way to learn English at home is to listen to English language radios. Because you can watch TV and radio programs online, you have the opportunity to improve your listening skills wherever you are! You can learn English even when you are doing the dishes or sitting on the train.

4- Interpret and write an english summary

One of the best ways to learn English at home is to write it down in English. Writing can be a creative and relaxing activity. Having a diary or blog in English is the best way to practice your language continuously. In addition to improving your grammar, you can learn to use English better in everyday life.

This method is one of the newest discovered methods of studying English in recent years, which increases learning and learning speed in a unique way. To do this, whenever you have read two or three paragraphs of the English text, write your opinion in 3-4 lines in English or summarize it.

Always leave a space in your notebook next to your notes to write your own interpretation of the subject. Later, when you re-read the same paragraph and 3-4 lines at the same time, you will make an overview and you will see its effect clearly!

Carry a small notebook with you so that you can write down a new word quickly as you learn it. If you have extra time, review the words you have written. Set a specific number of words for yourself and increase their number each week. Do not just learn the word yourself, but also learn how to use it in the text and spell it, and also write a sentence about it.

5- Read English aloud

A great way to improve your English speaking skills is to read the texts aloud whenever you can. Even if you make a mistake, reading aloud will help you to speak English more easily.
Use a book or newspaper or anything in English to read aloud. Even if you do not understand the meaning of all the words, it will cause your tongue and brain to practice saying English words. You will find that when you speak English you can make sentences faster and easier. Reading aloud is also useful because you do not use your chosen words.

6- Talk to yourself in English

You can speak English to yourself when you are doing your daily chores. This makes you think in English. For example you could say: I’m going to the kitchen to…, I love tea because it…

Say what you see! You may look out the window or watch TV, say whatever you see. For example, say in English a man in a blue shirt is driving. This may be a simple exercise for learning English at home, but you can see how it can increase the harmony of your mind and language.

After a while, you realize that you no longer need to translate a sentence in your mind. Then when you have a real conversation, you find that you can express your thoughts more easily. Do not worry about mistakes when saying sentences, the most important goal of this exercise is mastery and fluency. If you want to correct your mistakes, record your voice and listen again to see where you went wrong.

7- Speak English with your friends who are interested in this topic

Another great way to learn English at home is to practice with someone else! First of all, a study partner can motivate you and make you more responsible for your study assignments.

Have a meeting with your friends. You do not have to have a big party, even a small gathering is a good way to practice English. Get your ear, tongue and tongue used to English. It does not matter what you do, just get together, have fun and learn English.

Second, studying with other people will help you practice English language skills such as speaking and listening. You can certainly speak English to yourself, but if you are talking to someone else, you will learn how to speak English.

Third, even if your friend’s English is not perfect, he or she can still give you advice and feedback on how to improve your English. He /she can point out any mistakes you do not realize. Finally, reading with friends can make English more fun.

8- Use free and great language learning apps

You might think that language learning apps are like the thousands of Windows software you bought over the years and got no results from. But make no mistake! Because apps like Doulingo and Memrise, and many other language learning apps, in a new way, have turned learning into a game.

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These applications have been able to create a tool that will get you to your goal dozens of times easier and more enjoyable than the complex and fruitless software of the past. The biggest advantage of these tools is that they do not cost you anything and you can use them for free.

English computer games are also one of the best ways to learn English at home. When it comes to learning English, most people do not even think about computer games, while online single or group games are a great way to enhance English reading, listening and speaking.

If you love adventure and you have a headset, you can also try group speaking. This feature helps you to join the conversation and meet new people. Talking to the screen may seem a little weird at first, but it’s a fun way to learn English.

9- Integrate English language with your daily life

When you learn English at home, it is important to make it a part of your daily life. You can attend any lesson or practice session you include in your curriculum! But if that’s all you do for language learning, your progress will not be enough.

  • Repetition and consistency are important when learning any foreign language. Try to think and use English often, even if only for a few minutes or seconds.
  • Write your grocery shopping list in English.
  • Add English subtitles to programs when you watch TV.
  • Make an English diary and write about what you do during the day.
  • Write your social media posts in English in addition to your native language.
  • Download an English dictionary on your mobile phone so you can easily search for any word you do not know.
  • Translate any poster or billboard you see around you into English.

10- Learn grammar and words online

If you feel you have to start from scratch, there are many different sites that can help you. Unlike books, most of them are free! Free Websites to Practice and learn English at Home:

  • English at Home

English at Home website is a great offer for beginners and is divided into different sections such as conversation (conversation learning), words and grammar (learning grammar). The conversation section is amazingly useful and practical, as it tells you which terms and phrases to use. There are a variety of simple and selective exercises to enhance grammar, comprehension and words on this site. Also, many articles have been written in a humorous tone!

  • Free English lessons

The Free English Study website is a great resource for learning English. A very large portion of it is devoted to grammar and colloquial phrases. Another advantage of this website is that it is divided into different levels and you can easily find what you are looking for. You can also find various useful links from other sites.

  • British Council: Learn English

The British Council: Learn English website is very attractive for both children and adults. It is one of the best free sites for learning English. The available videos are very entertaining and have a lot of common and slang words. Also, all clips have subtitles so you do not miss any part. Games and jokes can also be fun for you and useful for beginner learners. This website is also very suitable for the IELTS test and has various tests that you can choose from.

do you speak english yes, i do
Do you speak english?

Other important tips for learning English at home

  1. Practice out loud in front of a mirror (or record your own voice to find out what your problems are).
  2. In case of unemployment, driving, etc. Listen to and practice English songs (we mean listen to music that has subtitles).
  3. Learn common English terminology and idioms.
  4. Chat with English speakers on social networks like reddit or Instagram.
  5. Try to express everything you see in English.
  6. Create an account on blogfa.com and set up an English language blog.
  7. Use rosettastone and Duolingo websites to learn English at home.
  8. Install English language apps on your phone.

Make English learning a hobby

The best way to learn English at home is to make learning fun and engaging. Do you love cars? Prepare and read car magazines in English. Are you interested in sports? You can watch TV matches reported by an English speaker. Are you interested in reading books? Find English translations of your favorite books and use them to practice reading. Again, We suggest you find and read your favorite topics from this website!

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