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Biography of Manny Khoshbin, Iranian Billionaire + Untold Story!


Biography is a style in literature that aims to describe a part of a person’s life. This type of writing style tries to express informative or motivating dimensions of a person’s life.

Most biographies are based on a person’s personal notes and remarks. It is not limited to listing information about a person, such as place of birth, birthday, and date of events. It usually address the problems, joys, and ups and downs of that person’s life.

By reading a biography, you feel that the person himself is sitting in front of you and defining all the mazes of his life for you. In this series of articles, Zhinmag try to introduce the world’s successful entrepreneurs and tell you a summary of their biographies.

Choosing a successful person in any series may be one of the most difficult tasks for us, but we are proud to announce that dear Manny Khoshbin will be one of our choices.

Mr. Khoshbin is a natural born Iranian entrepreneur, investor, and writer who has amassed considerable wealth in the United States. His special strength and expertise in real estate consulting is commendable.

He knows the secret of his wealth in working hard and smart. He has achieved considerable fame by sharing various photos of his luxury and Supersport cars on the social network. In a way, he can be considered the strongest influencer of luxury and special cars in the world.

Manny Khoshbin, a self-made Iranian millionaire, lives in the United States. He faces many challenges and difficulties on the path to success. He even at some point in his life, considered misery as his strongest motivation, but he never gave up. He pursued his goals and stepped up the ladder of progress; Hence, we can call him the “Emperor of American Real Estate.”

What is Manny Khoshbin salary?
What is Manny Khoshbin’s job?

Brief description

Manny (Manouchehr) Khoshbin

  • Born: January 14, 1971
  • Place of birth: Tehran – currently living in the United States
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 82 kg
  • Net worth: $ 80 million
  • Father’s occupation: Former accountant of the oil company
  • Mother’s occupation: Housewife
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse:  Leyla Milani – model and actress
  • Children: Priscilla Khoshbin, Enzo Pasha
  • Education: Diploma
  • Honors: Largest luxury car collector in America – CEO of The Khoshbin Company, based in Orange County, CA.

Manny Khoshbin wikipedia – Biography of Manouchehr Khoshbin, Iranian billionaire

Manny Khoshbin was born as the first child of the family in Iran-Tehran. Besides himself, he has 2 brothers and 1 sister! Manny’s job is to invest in real estate. He also buys and sells the most expensive and luxurious cars in America.

He has a special interest in the main character of the movie The Godfather. He is a successful YouTuber and loves cigars. It is interesting to know that Manny never forgets morning exercise!

The story of Manny immigration at the age of 14

In 1984, before 14, his father, Nasser Khoshbin, decided to flee Iran and save his life. Because at that time in Iran, when boys reached the age of 14, they had to join the army. Since Manny was his father’s favorite son and did not want what happened to his brothers during the war (six of his brothers were martyred or wounded in the war) to be repeated for Manny; He decided to emigrate from Iran.

Finally, two weeks before Manny’s 14th birthday, they left Iran with $ 2,000 for Turkey and then for the United States. Because his father’s friend owned a gas station in Costa Rica and promised his father that he would work there, they chose to live in the United States.

Living in a van with 6 people

Manny Khoshbin’s family traveled from Los Angeles airport to his father’s friend’s house. Since wife  of his father’s friend  did not know that they were going to their house, she was surprised to see them!

After spending the night there, his father’s friend expressed his wife dissatisfaction with them staying at their house and asked them to leave. As a result, Manny and his family were forced to spend a few nights in an inn until his father realized that their money was running out.

Manny’s father calls his friend and tells him that this is not a tradition of friendship. I bringed my family here from Iran because of what you said! His friend tells him that he can sell him one of his cars to drive or live with his family.

Finally, they go to his father’s friend and take a van with the rest of his father’s money and live in it for a few weeks! Living in a van definitely brought a certain tension, pressure and anxiety! Certainly, it is really difficult when you go to a foreign country without any preparation and do not even know their language; Of course, Manny’s father could speak English because he had previously studied in the United States and was an accountant for an oil company.

Manny Khoshbin life From ASL class to buying two dumbbells to exercise

Get up early and exercise even if it's a quick set of push-ups or lifting weights
Manny Khoshbin Never Give Up

In order to find a good job for himself, Manny’s father bought newspaper every day so that he can get a job. After a while, an accounting firm hired him, and two weeks later, he received his first paycheck. He was able to provide an apartment complex, and since then, their lives have changed from a car to apartment.

Manny always blamed himself for these hardships of the family. He always thought that he had to do a great job and answer for his parents’ troubles! His goal was to be able to provide comfort for all family members.

During the first two years of school, he was not happy at all because he could not speak English. His classmates also made fun of him because he was a thin, short boy. It was at this point that Manny decided to take an ASL (American Sign Language) class for 3 hours a day.

Manny Khoshbin was a thin and short boy, so he started weightlifting at the age of 14. He bought his first two dumbbells for $ 1 at auction. Those two dumbbells later became his real friends. In fact, exercising increased Manny’s self-confidence! It is interesting to know that the vast majority of entrepreneurs exercise! Because they believe that you have to build your body first and then your mind and thinking.

Manny Khoshbin From garbage collection to selling second-hand items with his brother

Manny was constantly looking to help her family in some way. The first idea came to him when he was taking the garbage out of the apartment! He found that Americans dump their second-hand goods in the trash instead of selling them. Manny and his brother collected discarded items and sold them at the second-hand auction market over the weekend.

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Manny’s mother went to the second-hand shop to buy kitchen utensils, and they went with her to sell second-hand goods. They did this for 2 years. They only sold $ 10 for rent and the rest of the money they earned was net profit. Fortunately, they were able to help their father in this way, and it really felt great.

Manny worked in the Kmart chain store at the age of 16

What does Manny Khoshbin do?
Who is Manny Khoshbin?

After the age of 16, Manny Khoshbin could go to work legally. In 1986, he worked as a cleaner at the Kmart chain store for an hourly wage of $ 3.15. That totaled about $ 500 to $ 600 a month.

Manny was recognized as an exemplary employee for 3 months due to his work discipline and timely presence in the store. He was promoted after 8 months to the position of Assistant Director of Sports Goods kmart. It was a big promotion, from being a cleaner to being an assistant manager!

Manny’s salary had doubled during this time. During the two years he worked there, he put some of his salary in an envelope each week and hid it. Until a year passed in any case and Manny turned 17!

Manny’s first car at the age of 17

How much is Manny Khoshbin's car collection worth?
Khoshbin’s First Car Was a 1983 Honda Accord

Finally, with a one-year savings of $ 5,000, Manny Khoshbin was able to buy himself a 1983 Honda Accord at auction. He loved to trade since he was a child, and at the age of 17 this dream was coming true!

He was about 15 or 16 years old when he painted a mansion with a few palm trees and two Mercedes cars, because he wanted to be a millionaire and own a few special cars and a mansion. He did not know at the time what kind of car Ferrari and Lamborghini were. He only knew Mercedes.

Manny Khoshbin sells nuts!

After a while, Manny realizes that Key Mart is not the place where he can make his dreams come true. So he was always looking for new and good opportunities in the newspapers. One day, he sees an ad for a multi-level marketing company called wwi, which promised a weekly income of one thousand dollars! It was definitely more than what he earned at Kmart. He contacts them and finds out that Kmart is a multi-level marketing company that sells knife service, nuts and .etc.

He goes to that company for an interview and is hired by that company. 3 months after being hired by that company, Manny was able to become the top seller of that company. He would go to various stores and shops with a basket of nuts and do marketing.

During this time, he was able to communicate with many people and establish a close relationship with them. Because his grandfather owned a nut shop in Iran and he was familiar with the profession. This work took 3 years.

Manny Khoshbin launching the first business at the age of 18

Iranian-American billionaire
Manny Khoshbin is an Iranian entrepreneur

One day he was shopping at Costco (chain stores) with his father when he noticed that all the goods he sold were sold there in bulk.

He quickly calculates to find out how much he pays for each bag of nuts he buys and how much it costs Costco. It was there that he found out that the company he worked for, was selling nuts much more expensive.

Eventually he concludes that he has to buy it directly from Costco and then sell it to his own customers! He buys some nuts in bulk, uses his father’s computer to label them, and then packs them.

Because of her childhood experience in her grandfather’s nut shop, Manny Khoshbin decided to enter the business directly and sell nuts with her own packaging and label. He rented a small office when he was 18, and after a while, sales reached a point where he had to hire people to work.

One day at a fast food restaurant, he was selling nuts to customers while waiting for his order to be ready! Ironically, a gentleman who was a health expert took three packets of nuts from him and told him, “He can’t sell them without a license!”

In fact, Manny did not know that if he wanted to repackage food products in the United States, he would have to have a license! Because it cost so much to buy advanced equipment, he had to give it up after a year and stop the nuts-selling business.

Manny was very disappointed because his job had stopped, but he worked for one of his clients for a year! He reminded himself every moment that this was a cross-section and the only way to enter the next stage.

Loss of capital in 1991 (about 20 years old)

With the savings of $ 20,000, Manny Khoshbin wanted to start a business! When he told this issue to his father, his father told him that all his friends told him that they could buy a gas station with the loans that was given to start small businesses!

So at the suggestion of a friend of his father, they are encouraged to buy a gas station but did not have enough money to buy a gas station. So they had to put their money in a brokerage to get a loan, which was suggested by his father’s friend.

A few months pass and they realize that the company where they saved their money has been a scammer. Oh, not only did Manny fail to buy a gas station, he also lost all of his capital!

Manny Khoshbin entered the real estate industry in 1992

In 1992, Manny worked as a loan officer for a mortgage company. He managed to obtain a license for buying and selling real estate without any money or job.

Manny works like this for 6 months and because of his work, he realizes that a lot of money can be earned with the commission fee that is taken on each loan. So he decides to start a mortgage company by earning a broker as a partner and make a good income.

Manny used the money he earned from the commission to start buying confiscated property at auctions. He spent all his time doing this, he only wanted to make money, and finally managed to earn $ 100 in his first year. With that money, he was able to buy a Mercedes and a 3-piece suit. It was there that Manny tasted the first taste of a millionaire’s lifestyle!

Although Manny Khoshbin was not a millionaire, he makes good money as a 21-year-old. He has been doing this for about 2 years, but as rates rise, the trading market begins to slump again.

Manny goes bankrupt at 21 years old

At the request of his partner, Manny set up a 79-cent discount store, earning an average of about $ 30,000 a month. After a year, he decided to turn that store into a supermarket. They wanted to increase the number of their stores to 10 in order to make their company public! If that happened, he would have a public company at 22 years old!

Unfortunately, a large chain store called Food 4 Less was set up in the area where Manny had a store. As soon as that store opened, Manny store sales dropped by 50% and they could not compete with a giant called Food 4 Less.

After 2 years, Manny was losing $ 10,000 a month, which was very disappointing. All his family, friends and acquaintances said that he should declare bankruptcy and close the shop! But Manny believed that bankruptcy was not an option at all because it was a confession of failure!

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Because Manny had a mortgage company, he knew that America is a country where credit comes first and credit is king in this country!

So he buys his partner’s share for little money and fires eight of his employees. He then calls his family and asks them to come and live with him.

manny khoshbin mother father sister family
Manny Khoshbin Family

To reduce costs, Manny Khoshbin employs family members, and this decision makes their cash flow positive. After that, he concluded that the only way to escape this catastrophe is to sell the store!

Because the Food 4 Less store was next to Manny’s store and he could not compete with it forever. So after a year and a half of hard work, he sells the store for $ 285,000.

Manny’s investment and success in the automotive and real estate industry

Manny Khoshbin had lost all his assets and only had some money from the sale of the store. After paying off the store’s debts, he put the remaining $ 180,000 into E-Trade for a profit and was able to triple his money by September 1999.

With the money he earned from the stocks, Manny starts his business by buying 3 properties and reaches a point where he buys a shopping center and 2 houses. From then on, he realizes that he can make $ 100,000 by buying, renovating and decorating any property; That was really amazing.

So he buys more houses and apartments and makes a good profit! He mostly offered to buy properties that had several price reductions! Because this way he understands that the seller needs money and therefore he buys their property at a lower price. He achieved great success and increased his money to 10 million dollars within 3 years.

Manny was 29 years old the first year his new properties value reached $ 1 million. He was very excited at the time and was constantly checking his bank account!

Manny Khoshbin net worth

In 2004, when Manny was almost 33 years old, his money had tripled, and he kept trying; Because it was just the beginning and it was really addictive to taste success! He browsed the real estate markets online to see where the best return on investment was. By 2007, he had sold $ 130 million worth of property in Houston, Texas.

Manny khoshbin considers one of the keys to his success in proper timing. He is not greedy and he is fully aware that the market has a cycle! Most people are passionate about investing and do not want to sell their property when prices are falling! Because they think they will lose by selling it. Instead of making emotional decisions, they should consider the market cycle.

If we want to estimate how much Mani has done in real estate consulting negotiations so far, we can say: about 700 to 800 million dollars! From 2018 to 2019, he sold almost half of his property and invested his money in buying some cars because he thought that at that time, a car was better than investing in real estate.

Honestly, the secret of Mr. Manny khoshbin’s billion-dollar fortune is that he always doubles his investment in a recession and collects some cash and waits for the situation to change!

Manny lives in California, but most of her assets are in Texas. Some of his cars are worth over $ 25 million, some of which are: Bugatti Veyron, Porsche, Roadster, McLaren, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini Aventador, Mercedes.

Manny khoshbin marriage with Leila Milani as his second marriage experience!

manny's wedding to leyla milani
Manny khoshbin and Leyla milani wedding

In 2011, when Mani was 41 years old, he married Leila Milani, a famous Canadian-American model, TV host, entrepreneur and retired actress. The result of this marriage is a boy named Enzo Pasha Khoshbin born in 2016 and a girl named Priscilla Khoshbin born in 2012.

Leila Milani, born on April 4, 1982, is an Iranian-descent designer, modelist and actress who was born in Canada. The actress studied design and business at the University of Los Angeles and holds an academic degree in the field. She has appeared on several television shows on various American networks, including NBC and Fox News.

Due to her great interest in wrestling, she has often supported her fighters in competitions as an encouragement. In 2005, she became known as the promoter of the WWE Diva Search World Wrestling Championships. Eventually, she went beyond wrestling and started modeling in a TV contest. With Mani’s help, she also entered the business world and started a luxury hair extension company (Leyla Milani Hair).

khoshbin family wife daughter son child
Enzo Pasha Khoshbin – Priscilla Khoshbin

Manny’s advice to the audience

I did not really know I was going to be a real estate investor when I started scouring and selling garbage at auction! So do not worry about the next 5 or 10 years, but worry about how you can progress and improve yourself today. I advise you to always look for a better position mentally and physically, the people around you and even your job, I promise you will eventually get what you want.

If you try to achieve a better situation, you will finally achieve it; Please do not worry about how you will reach the peak. Just slowly approach your goal and build a platform for progress and do not have any anxiety about it!

Many people seek to understand the whole path today, but they are sorely mistaken. You need to know that success takes time, and if you try and move forward, your subconscious mind will do the rest.

In my opinion, as you progress, just focus on the bigger picture and eliminate annoying noises. There are always people like friends, family, etc. who doubt your success because they do not have a rich mindset and think that you can not succeed and achieve your goal. They are people who can not discourage me from my goals, but encourage me more; I personally show these people how to reach a goal.

He advises that if you want to buy a property, research it well and seize the opportunities.

Books by Manny Khoshbin

  • Manny Khoshbin’s Contrarian PlayBook: How to Build Your $100 Million Real Estate Portfolio from the Ground Up – 2011
  • Driven LIB/e: The Never-Give-Up Roadmap to Massive Success – 2021
  • Driven: The Never-Give-Up Roadmap to Massive Success – 2018

Manny’s communication channels and phone numbers

  • Instagram:
  • Youtube:
  • Website:
  • Leyla Milani Instagram page: leylamilani
  • Leyla Milani Website URL:
  • Manny khoshbin’s mobile number: His phone number was removed from the Website for good reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions about Manny Khoshbin

1- Who is the Manny khoshbin and what is he known for?

Manouchehr Khoshbin, known as Manny Khoshbin, was born in 1971 in Tehran, Iran. He is an Iranian writer and real estate investor, best known for being the Chairman and President of the Khoshbin Company Inc. in 2005.

2- Who are Manny Khoshbin son, father, mother, and first wife?

Enzo Pasha is Manny Khoshbin son, Naser khoshbin is his father and we do not know much about his first wife ,

3- Who is Manny Khoshbin married to?

Leyla Milani

4- Is Manny khoshbin Iranian?

yes, he is an Iranian-born American Chief Executive Officer, Entrepreneur, President as well as an Investor.

5- What age is Manny khoshbin?

He born on january 14, 1971 (age 51 years)

6- How much Manny Khoshbin net worth?

$ 80 million

7- Where is Manny Khoshbin new house?

Costa Mesa property, located at 3150 Bear St. right off the 405 freeway

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