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why is Mario Casas famous?+biography


Mario Casas is a famous Spanish actor who starred in the well-known movie Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo, El Barco, Las brujas de Zugarramurdi. He is a very famous actor in his own country, still, he has cooperated with different international companies. Mario was born in the city of La Coruña. His father was a builder and his mother was a housewife. Mario has four siblings including Sheila, Christian, Oscar and Daniel. While Daniel has not still chosen his future career, the other siblings have decided to become actors like their older brother.

why is Mario Casas famous?

Mario did not contemplate the cinema. When he was a little boy, he was interested in a decent career in the police. Mario once said that he would be a footballer in the future. He also headed to the sports section of the leading club of the city, “Deportivo.” It is difficult to guess but he could be one of the best strikers in the world. The family relocated to the suburbs of Barcelona in 1994 and he forgot the dream of becoming a footballer.  Mario was trained in art at school. He was then asked to participate in commercials as an actor in high school and Casas appeared in front of the camera for the first time. Casas went to Madrid and set food in the Cristina Rota School of Dramatic Arts when he was 18.

Mario Casas’ films

Mario Casas’ films

Mario Casas was the principal performer in television series for the first time. Most of these series were exclusively produced for Spanish people and the people of other countries do not know them. In addition, he starred in the television series Los Hombres de Paco. Antonio Banderas was the name of the first work, which was released. He displayed the role of one of the four young friends.

mario casas biography

After this famous and successful project, he appeared in the leading role in the youth drama Mentiras y gordas. The film dealt with the topic of young people, who are not willing to leave an insouciant life. Fuga de cerebros, which was a youth comedy began in 2009. The film narrates the humorous situation of the school bully, who was attracted to and began to love his classmate, who is accepted into Oxford. A high school student forges a certificate and moves to England together with his friends so as not to lose her.

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He appeared in some short films including Paco, Mad Money, Miedo. Then he experienced progress in his biography in 2010. First, the movie Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo came out, for which Mario won many different awards. The film revolves around the love relationship between a home girl and a young man with the inclinations of a bully. The movie was welcomed in Spain, so the second part of which named Tengo ganas de ti came out.

mario casas biography

Then he appeared in the outrageous tragicomedy Carne de neon of Paco Cabezas. This movie produced many positive feelings and emotional responses due to the social themes and the amazing differences of opinion of the critics: Carne de neon was considered a bad and a good film at the same time. The film narrates the story of a meeting between an adult boy and a mother, who spent time in prison.

Mario Casas drew the attention of the directors, so it is guessable that he was selected for the leading role in the extensive post-apocalyptic series El Barco. The film starts with a nonchalant walk on a yacht with his friends but it comes to light that the water devours most of the land following the explosion of the Hadron Collider. The yacht plays the role of a real ark that rescues its inhabitants.

mario casas biography

The actor tried to have the best performance in one of the top-selling Spanish films of recent years, called Las brujas de Zugarramurdi. This comedy horror deals with the myth of the existence of cannibalistic witches. The heroes try to escape from the police where they are quickly captured by the witches.

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In 2012, he experienced displaying the leading role in the police thriller Grupo 7, where he appeared in the role of a young police officer, who encountered unfairness in the system of internal organs. Anthony De La Torre took on the role of his mentor, a conceited and cruel defender of rule. The film triggers an outbreak of abrupt excitement among film critics. He also appeared in a comedy melodrama called The Mule, where he displayed the leading role. This movie narrates the relationship of a young couple.

Apart from domestic films, and joint movies of the Spanish companies with other European film companies, Casas once took part in the shooting of the South American film calamity The 33. The historical melodrama Palmeras en la nieve and the situation comedy Mi Gran Noche were great successes among his last movies.

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Mario Casas personal life

Mario Casas personal life

Mario Casas has experienced some love relationships. When he was playing one of his first roles, the actor started seeing ambitious star Amaia Salamanca. Then he was attracted to María Valverde and began to love her, his co-actor in the movie Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo and the film The Mule. They continued their meetings in 2014 but they finally terminated their relationship.

Later, it was rumored that Mario underwent a change in his life. The actor started a friendly relationship with actress Blanca Suárez, who was his co-actor in the movie El Barco and Clara Lago, and also in the second episode of the melodrama Tengo ganas de ti. Lately, Casas was seen with the actress of Ukrainian-Ethiopian ancestry Berta Vázquez. She was his co-actor in the film Palmeras en la nieve.

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