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Nikeland | Everything about metaverse Nike


Word metaverse has been in the news in recent months or year, and you must have heard of it. Part of this popularity is because of the corona virus pandemic which has forced people to stay at home and increase their presence online. However, you may ask yourself what metaverse is and how it really works. If you want to learn about this emerging technology and one of the famous companies that have started a movement in this field, Nike, you will find this article helpful. Metaverse nike or nikeland will be explored and a lot of information will be presented here.

What is the Metaverse?

Since the announcement of Facebook rebranding to Meta and focusing on the term metaverse, there has been contentious debate about metaverse. Some think that it is just a sci-fi speculation. Or it can be considered as an umbrella term that is a mixture of augmented reality and virtual reality.

Everything about metaverse Nike or Nikeland-What is the Metaverse

A metaverse can be considered as virtual reality simulation that can be employed for different purposes, ranging from business and education to entertainment and social networking. This 3D virtual world, which can be explored and interacted such as physical world, is created and maintained by users. We all know the internet as a immersive and universal virtual world, the metaverse is a hypothetical repetition of the internet with the special attention to social connection.

Internet is the underlying network of the virtual world of metaverse that is a shared, online 3D space in which users, computer-generated objects and avatars can interact with each other. Various needs such as online gaming, training, education and social networking can be met in metaverses. Virtual worlds that reflect the real world or entirely new and imaginary worlds can be created via metaverse. Metaverses step forward to offer users a unique and immersive experience which is different from anything else on the internet. Interesting feature about them is that they are constantly come up with new and endless possibilities for interaction and exploration by evolving and expanding.

The rise of the nike Metaverse or nikeland

In order to understand the metaverse we should analyse the word first. The word metaverse is consisted of ‘meta’ and ‘verse’. The meaning of meta is ‘beyond’ and verse is originated from ‘universe’, both have a Greek origin. So, it can be defined as beyond the universe.

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The rise of the nike Metaverse or nikeland

Neal Stephenson’s literature in his novel Snow Crash, which published in 1992, is considered as the origin of the concept of metaverse. He pictured metaverse as the highest and ultimate revolution of the internet. He gave a perspective in which there is a direct link between virtual interactions and the real world. This book tried to offer a clear definition of the metaverse as a physical diligent virtual creation with avatars to do social interactions and support for gaming. He used real-world developments of the main character to define the metaverse.

After Neal’s book several other books, films and television shows were released to shed more light on metaverse; for example the film Ready Player by Steven Spielberg. In brief, all these works define the metaverse a virtual reality that allows people to do anything; they can perform in real life experiences depending on the advancement age.

How to access Nike metaverse or Nikeland?

There are multiple platforms that offer VR, augmented reality, and extended reality to access the metaverse although there are various portals to use these. This has resulted in multiple tech companies who offer a range of experiences such as virtual workplaces, shopping, real state or gaming. We can name platforms such as Fortnite, Roblox, decentral, and Sandbox as good examples. These worlds can create the sense of physical presence in the virtual world through a VR headset where users can navigate with the guidance of voice controllers, eye motions, or motion sensing controllers.

Multiplayer games such as Fortnite, Rec Room, or Horizon Worlds are more popular ways to access the metaverse in action. Building virtual stadiums to watch a sport game, hosting concerts, or virtual shopping are the wider and newer applications of the metaverse that tech companies are working on them by doing experiment.

Nevertheless, some experts argue that metaverse can be accessed through smartphones, exactly the same as how we access the internet and there is no need to such headsets to inter metaverse space. For now, there is uncertainty in information about being able to access the metaverse. We need to gain more knowledge to be able to define a clear way of entering the metaverse.

Metaverse, virtual reality and video games or more?

Even though the metaverse has been known to be a more expansive and exaggerated form of virtual reality, the gaming has already adopted its fundamental form. Taking the online game Fortnite; as an example, users can have a personal avatar that is employed for interacting with other similar players, earning virtual currency, changing outfits, and more other activities.

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Metaverse, virtual reality and video games or more

The game Second Life is another example that comes closest to metaverse. In this game, users are allowed to buy land and even get married via digital avatars meaning that the metaverse is taking one step forward. The metaverse would not be a single and centralized. Several platforms will be supported, and it will be a multitude of communities accessible on a variety of devices.

Nike or Nikeland

Nike, one of the world-famous sportswear brands, implemented its first blockchain technology by successfully launching NFTs by posting that there has been racing in the Nikeland metaverse. How is it working? let’s see.

Nike or Nikeland

A global online gaming platform, Roblox, features significant games. This platform has more than over 230 million active players and 32.6 million daily active players. The net worth of $30.52 billion makes this company 595th most valuable company in the world. Brands that are going to improve their digital presence can use this platform which provides a community on the platter.

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Nikeland world can be defined as an outdoor sport theme amusement park based on a metaverse experience. Various playing fields, a lobby area, and a showroom area are different sections of Nikeland. Users can play wide range of track and field sports including Basketball, wall climbing and Soccer. They also can choose different floors, such as lava, stadium-like fields and many others. If players want to challenge themselves to earn rewards, they can use the reward points to buy Nike clothes, shoes, accessories, and merchandise for their avatar from the showroom.

Currently, Nikeland is a sports person paradise because of tracks, fields, courts, swimming pool, wall climbing, and various activity areas provided. Users are able to play games, chat with other visitors in the metaverse, and even create their own games, or buy gears for their avatars from the Nike showroom. Nikeland accepts just metaverse currency. You can earn credit by playing games or through fiat money.


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