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Biography of Mohammad Halakoei, Specialist in Cryptocurrency


Most biographies are based on a person’s personal notes and remarks. It is not limited to listing information about a person, such as place of birth, birthday, and date of events. It usually addresses the problems, joys, and ups and downs of that person’s life.

By reading a biography, you feel that the person himself is sitting in front of you and defining all the mazes of his life for you. In this series of articles, Zhinmag try to introduce the world’s successful entrepreneurs and tell you a summary of their biographies.

Choosing a successful person in any series may be one of the most difficult tasks for us, but we are proud to announce that dear Mohammad Halakoei will be one of our choices.

Mohammad has conducted extensive activities, studies and research in recent years in the field of tokens, cfd and coins. He has managed to gain a lot of experience and information about this fledgling industry by regularly attending domestic and international conferences in this field around the world. He even has a close relationship with the founder and CEO of Binance, Mr. Changpeng Zhao.

By launching his website called Halakoei Academy, he provided the ground for the world’s largest digital currency consortium to have a special look at Iran. You should know that Mr. Halakoei is one of the most influential influencers in the field of financial markets and digital currencies of the country.

In recent years, Mohammad has provided this information to those who are interested without any expectations. Even today, due to the high revenues from cryptocurrencies, he publishes his training courses and offers them to the public for free. Hence, we call him “the godfather of Iran’s cryptocurrency “.

Brief description of Mohammad Halakoei biography, instructor of cryptocurrency and blockchain

  • Born: March 1, 1985
  • Place of birth: Isfahan, Iran (resident in Turkey)
  • Nationality: Iran
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Net worth:
  • Age:35 (2022)
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Father’s occupation: Employee
  • Mother’s occupation: Housewife (deceased)
  • Marital status: Single
  • Number of children in the paternal home: 4 children (he has 3 older sisters)
  • Education: MBA Information Technology Graduate of WWS University Malaysia
  • Current activity: Teaching cryptocurrency and stock exchange
  • Profession: Consultant, author, researcher, teacher and trainer, internet marketing instructor, cryptocurrency consultant, content marketing expert

halakoei academy arzdigital

Mohammad Halakoei wikipedia – Biography of Mohammad Halakoei, Director and founder of Halakoei Academy

Mohammad was born in a completely religious family on March 1, 1985 in the beautiful city of Isfahan. He was the last child in the family and had 3 older sisters. Because her parents wanted to have a son, they gave birth to Muhammad after 12 years, so all attention was on him and he became a favorite of the whole family.

Mohammad Halakoei explains: “Because my family loved me so much, so all their attention was on me and I was very lazy.” When I wanted to go to kindergarten, I did not even want to go to school by car and I wanted my parents to take me to kindergarten. Although we had a mediocre financial level, our life was very good. I had a very good childhood and I would like to go back to that time.

11 years old – Facing an unfortunate incident in elementary school

Since I did not have a playmate of my age as a child, I spent most of my time with my parents. I remember when I was in the fifth grade of primary school, my mother had a severe headache and was not in a normal condition. Unfortunately, it was there that we found out that my mother had a stroke.

The doctors were completely disappointed with her life, but God wanted to give my mother life again. My mother came back to life but half of her body was paralyzed!

It was a difficult situation for me at that age! Because my mother had to cut her hair short. Some time passed and I was living with a paralyzed mother. The fact was that my family paid a lot of attention to me as a child. But at this point no one was paying attention to me anymore.

By the time I got to middle school, my grades in the first grade had dropped sharply. In the second year of middle school, the number of courses I missed increased, and in the third year of middle school, I broke the whole record, and the only course I was accepted in was art and sports.

I did not have really favorable conditions during that period. It was at this time that I heard the news of the accident and the death of my sister’s husband and niece! Not only did the situation not get better but it got worse! Until in this situation, my mother became aware of this case and her situation deteriorated. I can not tell you the feeling of those days, but my mother could no longer eat and was fed only through serum.

mohamad holakoie resume and education

16 years old – Mohammad Halakoei buys a musical instrument

I remember at that time in our house, my mother was lying on the bed in one corner and my sister who had an accident was lying on the bed in the other corner. Finally, the day that I could not have imagined arrived. I was 16 years old when I came home from school one day and found out that my mother had been taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, my mother died.

With the loss of my mother, I did not have good conditions and the course of my life changed completely. I was a child that my mother paid a lot of attention to as a child, but at that point I lost everything and was now alone. Although my sisters were by my side, no one could take my mother’s place.

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I decided to talk to my father about my bad situation and tell him that I needed more attention and financial support. Because of his working conditions, my father did the only positive thing he did for me during that period was to buy a big organ called Casio in installments for 500,000 Tomans.

There was an organ shop on our street and the owner was familiar with music, and I went to him to learn music. Because I was young, I was almost forgetting the bad things in my life until I realized I was short of money and had to support myself as much as I could.

1999 – From working in a supermarket to buying a computer

I was looking for a job until I worked as a cleaner in a supermarket next to the citadel shop, and then I became an apprentice for a florist. I had to fetch water from the Mosque every day to irrigate the flowers! One day when I went to the mosque to fetch water, I saw a banner in the basement of the mosque with an advertisement for a computer training class; It was very interesting to me.

I was interested in new things, so I decided to enroll in computer classes. But unfortunately I did not have a computer at home! So I saw the solution in selling my organ for 400,000 tomans and asking my father for help for the rest of my money. Finally, my father bought me a Pentiom 1 computer in installments with an employee check, and I started trainig Windows 98.

Gradually, I realized the appeal of the website, but no one knew about the website, and I started searching the internet myself to learn how to design a website. For the first time from a company in Tehran that registered domains, I registered halakoei.net and started designing with a beginner software called FrontPage.

I believe in this, no event can be accidental! One day I happened to meet a web company and wanted to go there for an internship. The manager of my company called me and said why did you come here? I told him that I am Mohammad Halakoei and I want to learn a job!

biography halakoie cryptocurrency

17 years old – Mohammad Halakoei enters a web company as a slave

It was a very large and luxurious company and I felt I was very lucky because the staff were all fashionable and there was a whole lot of computers.

When the CEO asked me if I knew English, I replied that I did! He started speaking in English and then asked me to translate what he had said, but I did not know anything about the language! I told him that I did not understand what you said; The fact is that I lied simply because I wanted to be part of your company.

The CEO told me that if you want to work for me here, you must be my slave! His words were heavy and incomprehensible to me… I thought and left the manager’s room sadly to leave that company forever.

As I was about to leave the manager’s room, I kept feeling that someone was telling me, Muhammad, he told you to be my slave, but you are missing out on a great opportunity! This company is doing web work and you are interested in it.

At that moment, I was arguing with myself about how I should react and finally decided to return. I went to the company manager and knocked on the door and said I had come to be your slave! Go pick up the broom and start your work!

I had experience in cleaning and I went to start my work. There were many employees, from fashionable women to very professional men. Many employees, in order to joke and laugh together, said: “Come and wipe my desk!” My only thought was: I am now in a company that one day I lived with my dream, so I did not want to lose it!

atinegar founder mohammad halakoei

From being a slave to becoming a web design expert

One day a gentleman working for a web company ran into a problem that I guided him through. At that moment, the manager came to me and said, “Do you know the job of the web?” I said yes! I work the web at home.

He asked me to help them with the project they were doing. Her offer was great, and I was very happy. I felt that all the hardships I had endured were gradually yielding results.

I helped them publish an online magazine that was about the Internet for the first time. Eventually, it got to the point where even my articles were published in magazines under the name of Mohammad Halakoei.

Eventually, the company’s manager forced to hand over his company to his partners because he had international projects. It was then that I lost my job.

One day at home I was thinking what should I do? I remembered that on the way home, in the announcement that had been posted on the wall, I had seen a text entitled Free Success Training Workshop. Anyway, I found their numbers and called to go and see them up close.

Anyway, I found their number and called and registered my name to attend that workshop. A speaker spoke there for an hour and a half about success. His words were so interesting that I was really impressed and I wanted to go there every session to use the material. But they said that in order to continue the training, you have to enroll in the course.

Unfortunately, I did not have enough money, but I went to the workshop manager and told him to let me work as a laborer in order to be allowed to attend the success training class. He refused!

internet sales seminar halakoei mrtaster

19 years old – Establishment of the first official company by Mohammad Halakoei

Finally, I could hardly raise money for the training course and attend all the courses. There I learned communication skills, public speaking, anger management and other important skills.

After I left the second company, I started taking projects at home and worked as a freelancer. I had learned exactly how to get a client for myself through an ad and to start a website for a small fee for others. Finally, the day came when I received a good order from a private company in the electricity department and received 500,000 tomans for it.

It was interesting here that my work was liked by the manager of the company and offered me to register a company as a partnership and I would manage it. So I started my first official company when I was 19 years old.

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After a while, I, Mohammad Halakoei, with a bag of experience, decided to separate from my partner. The experiences I gained during that time, the books I read, the training classes I attended, helped me learn how to connect with people and also manage my anger. In short, I decided to separate from my partner and start my own company.

2007 – Bankruptcy of Mohammad Halakoei, cryptocurrency analyst

In 2007, I was finally able to establish a company with an initial capital of 5 million Tomans.

Mohammad Halakoei goes on to explain: Unfortunately, the company I founded had a bad failure because I did not know the knowledge of staff management and financial management well. I will never forget that I had to sell all the tools and equipment I had bought so that I could pay off the debts, but I did not dissolve the company legally!

hajimohammadi sinani teymouri halakoei

From working on the web in a parking lot to selling CD packs in the booth of a 5-star hotel

I did my chores at home for a year or two, but I was tired of it and needed an office. So I borrowed money again and started working in a parking lot. This time I did not spend much money and only because of the sales and communication skills I had learned, I was able to get a good customer.

I did not let the customer into my office because I embarrassed to have the customer come to my workplace in the parking lot. I always went to the customer myself.

Until one normal day, I was given an offer at a 5 star hotel which was really great! They were going to have a cosmetics fair. There were a lot of booths there, so I got one of those booths.

My work was to design a website and it had nothing to do with cosmetics. But I talked to the booth manager and he came up with an interesting idea, and that was to design a website for people active in this field.

I did something creative at the time that was very interesting. I picked up all the information from a wesite that translated a lot about cosmetics. Then I copied and pasted it into a CD pack and sold it at the fair. Fortunately, we were the busiest booth in that exhibition because everyone was the same and we were different!

Gradually, the demand for the website increased and our company became one of the most famous in the city. It got to the point where I increased the staff of my company. I thank God that my efforts were fruitful. It was at this point that my dreams were slowly becoming a reality!

halakoei google silicon valley

2015 – Travel to the US and visit Google

“Always early in my work, at night when I wanted to go home, I had the dream of seeing Google up close once,” says Hamad Halakoei.

Finally, the day came when I could hardly get a visa to travel to the United States! Eventually I went to the United States and toured some of the cities in this country. Until I achieved my biggest dream, which was to see Google.

In Silicon Valley, there was an SEO training course that I attended. Silicon Valley is where all the world’s big brands are located, from Amazon to Facebook and more.

I traveled to different countries and gradually my situation became financially stable. I could even live in different countries. I even knew the company as my own child and I had to take care of it.

Anyway, I kept my company with all my heart. I did not have the knowledge of management and experience of such issues, thus suffered a lot of fines and damages! Although I had received a lot of training and I went to classes with love and passion, but everything that happened was only because I had not received the right training.

The story of Mohammad Halakoei’s migration abroad

One day a friend of mine offered to live abroad and immigrate. Again, at first I did not accept it because of the national sweat I had. With a little reflection I saw that the conditions were interesting. I had to put all my fears aside and emigrate!

I was always afraid of migrating and living in another country! Although I sometimes went out of my comfort zone, I had endured many hardships. Because of that I did not want to lose now that I had reached a stable life.

halakoei binance changpeng zhao tron justin sun

Mohammad’s familiarity with the world of cryptocurrency

When I became acquainted with digital currency, my mood changed emotionally and financially! Yes, digital currencies have changed my life, so I owe my current life to cryptocurrencies.

I believe that people should not be prejudiced against their own possessions. But I feel that the world of digital currencies is so beautiful that it can affect the lives of others as it transforms my life.

When I go back to my past life, I realize the paths I went wrong, the things I should not have done, and the mistakes I made. I would love to write the experiences of all these years in the form of a book.

Many may say that Mohammad Halakoei is a successful person, but in my opinion, success has many definitions. Mohammad wrote a book called “Bamboo Success” which reached its seventh edition in Iran. He met with the biggest brands in Iran, including Digi Kala, Aparat, Bazaar app, and used the experience of all of them. He gathered all this information in the book Bamboo Success, which is a truly unique book.

interview startup fortune

Interests and entertainments of Mohammad Halakoei

  • He is interested in sports such as swimming, tennis and billiards.
  • He Loves the internet and reading.
  • He Loves research in the fields of management, e-commerce and success.
  • He is interested in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain because he thinks it is a very lucrative but dangerous world.

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Mohammad Halakoei’s communication channels and phone numbers

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