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Biography of Mr Taster (Hamid Sepidnam) + Controversial Life


Biography is a style in literature that aims to describe a part of a person’s life. This type of writing style tries to express informative or motivating dimensions of a person’s life.

Most biographies are based on a person’s personal notes and remarks. It is not limited to listing information about a person, such as place of birth, birthday, and date of events. It usually addresses the problems, joys, and ups and downs of that person’s life.

By reading a biography, you feel that the person himself is sitting in front of you and defining all the mazes of his life for you. In this series of articles, Zhinmag try to introduce the world’s successful entrepreneurs and tell you a summary of their biographies.

Choosing a successful person in any series may be one of the most difficult tasks for us, but we are proud to announce that dear Hamid Sepidnam, known as Mr Taster will be one of our choices.

Hamid is an accomplished web designer and marketer and is CEO of the Kaspid company, a web firm. He has not achieved his current achievements overnight! He has had challenges and difficulties along the way and has worked hard for his success. He has been working in the field of web for nearly 20 years and is now a well-known food ranger.

Many say that Hamid eats and earns money! These people are not aware that he wants to introduce Iranian food to the whole world through international figures and worlds famous food bloggers, as well as to help the country’s tourism industry. Hence, we call him “the delicious man of Iran.”

Brief description of Hamid Sepidnam biography, known as Mr Taster

  • Born: February 11, 1978
  • Place of birth: Manchester, England. He is originally from Ardabil but grew up in Mashhad and is currently living in Tehran, Iran.
  • Nationality: Iran
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Net worth: $20 Million (2022)
  • Age: 44 years old
  • Religion: Muslim
  • Father’s occupation: University Lecturer with a PhD in Electronics
  • Mother’s occupation: Teacher and owner of the non-profit school Zanbagh
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Pegah Mahdavi Nader (Pegah Sepidnam)
  • Education: Bachelor of Computer Engineering and Google Advertising Degree
  • Current activity: An Influencer in the food and restaurant industry (He goes to various restaurants uninvited and reports on his experience eating there)
  • Profession: Celebrities

Mr taster wikipedia – Biography of Hamid Sepidnam, Founder of Caspid company and International food blogger and food critic

Hamid was born int a cultural family in Manchester, England. They lived in Manchester until they were 5 years old because their father was studying for a doctorate in electronics. But later, for some reason, he returned to Iran with his family, and his father began teaching at Iranian universities.

hamid sepidnam childhood
Mr Taster Childhood

As a child, he had a warlike and competitive personality and a strong interest in playing football. At that time, when he played football, their team was one of the top teams. Interestingly, Hamid always chose a weak team when playing because he did not like an easy win!

One of the interesting features of Mr Taster is that he will weaken, if there is no competitor. When he sees someone approaching him with the goal of competing, his motivation multiplies. He even sometimes creates this competition imaginatively.

Hamid Sepidnam was very mischievous during his school day! However, he became an excellent student in the first and second grades of primary school. But in the following years, one of his friends, Mr. Ghorbannejad, took the place of the first student.

This seriously damaged him and caused a sharp drop in his grades. Hamid wanted to be given special attention due to the different face he had compared to the others. He always even tried hard to be the best in his field of work.

Hamid Sepidnam entered the university and started earning money

In 1997 (20 years old) he was accepted to Meybod the Islamic Azad University in the field of computer. (Meybod is a city in Yazd Province, Iran). In the 3th year of university, he began to learn programming. Then with the cooperation of Mr. Kazemi, who was a skilled and professional person; Launched Caspid Company. Today, Caspid has about 50 employees.

Student period Mr Taster founder of kaspid company
Owner of Kaspid Company

Inexperienced, Hamid completed his first website design project for a car pad factory in Mashhad. But after a while, He realized that his father had given the company money to order their website designing to his son.

Fortunately, the company they started was one of the first! They had a rival named Mr. Babak Attar, which was an attractive competition for Hamid.

For a long time, with the help of his father’s relations, he designed the websites of various companies (Radferman, Part Sazan, etc.).

hamid sepidnam mother father
Hamid Sepidnam’s Parents

Mr Taster Iran Returned to England!

“I was always upset about why we returned to Iran as a child and my family did not allow me to live in England. I am happy now that I grew up in Iran because the intimacy and some of the characteristics that exist in Iranian families are not in the British! ” Hamid Sepidnam says.

However, I am going to the UK to update what I have learned and to learn new information. While I was in England, I gained a lot of work experience. Life there was very difficult, but I did not give up, because I did not want to return defeated.

Hamid Sepidnam’s Presence in the first company

Hamid entered the data field by the American company Unisys, which provided services to Barclays Bank and Credit Pluds. In fact, he worked there as someone who checked things, for almost two years. He tried to do it at home, because it was unrelated to his main job.

During the time that Hamid worked at Unisys, he was able to strengthen his English because he did not know anything about English. Interestingly, when he returned to Iran as a child, he could not speak Persian and spoke English. But now, because of forgetting English, he had to go to different classes to learn it.

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Mr taster’s Presence in the second company

At one point, Hamid Sepidnam worked as a financial manager at Barclays Bank, but had no interest in the position. “I will never forget that time and I will never talk about it because I have had a very difficult time,” he said.

He tried to improve himself, because he did not want to return loser from England. Meanwhile, he had not received any financial help from his father. During time that he worked in various companies, simultaneously strengthen his English language and gradually expanding and upgrading Caspid Company.

Hamid Sepidnam Withdraw £20,000 from Google

One of his activity memories in this period, was that he removed a bug from Google that allowed him to use a series of free credits. As a result, he was able to withdraw about £20,000 from Google.

This is where Hamid started his business in the field of Google advertising independently and earned good income from it. Of course, Hamid knew that this was not the right thing to do! Since he had no capital or expenses, used this money as a loan. As if someone had given him money so that he could start his own business.

Hamid was very fond of working in the field of marketing, but many dissuaded him from doing so! Finally, after 3 steps, he succeeded in getting his Google AdWors degree.

After a while, Hamid quit his previous job and went to a new job; He became an online marketing manager at Credit Pluds, a car loan company. After interviewing, the company’s director, Sean Armstrong liked Hamid and hired him.

They gave Hamid a website with highly competitive keywords, and he was fortunately able to rank well in search engines with all his hard working. This made a huge impact on the company; Hence the management of the company sent him to the great conferences of the world. His presence at conferences was an important advantage for him; Being able to connect with many successful people!

Mr Taster considered it more important to connect with successful people than to work for Credit Pluds!

Starting activities in social networks and creating the Mr Tester brand

In addition to selling more Credit Plus products, Hamid Sepidnam also increased his salary and gained a great deal of success and valuable experience. After achieving good results in this company, he decided to return to Iran and share what he learned with Iranian companies, producers and youth.

Nusr_et and Czn Burak and Mr Taster
Mr Taster with Czn Burak and Nusret

After returning to Iran, he realized that Mashhad was too small for what he was going to do. So he decided to go to Tehran, which he thought was the biggest decision of his life. Although he continued his work in Tehran, but still kept in touch with abroad and wanted to be informed and participate in major world conferences; Of course, when he was in Iran, he regularly attended conferences.

During this ongoing learning, he realized that everything is not about SEO and website optimization for search engines, but also about working on social media.

Fortunately, he was familiar with Facebook but not with the rest of social media. So he decided to take YouTube and Facebook activities seriously and start producing content.

He posted good posts on Facebook, but still only got 20 likes. It was there that he realized he had to find what people wanted, he thought a lot about what he could do to engage his audience. He finally found the answers to all his questions!

One day he accidentally shared a photo of a small octopus that he had tasted in a restaurant on Facebook. It was well received by users with 400 likes! It was there that he found out that people like strange foods and working in the field of food could be really well appealing to people.

How is the name of Mr. Tester chosen?

He called one of his friend and asked him to choose a name for his food page. Eventually, Hamid Sepidnam chose Mr Taster from among the 30 names suggested by his friend, and the Mr. Taster brand was born.

He now takes money from restaurants, eats and shares his experiences with his followers.

In addition to Tehran, Mr. Taster travels to other cities and foreign countries, which has a potential impact not only on the food industry of that city and country, but also on the tourism industry there.

Hamid was able to create a brand in Iran called Mr Taster. A brand that has brought him both fame and good income opportunities, so he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Iran.

Mr taster holding the first conference

Hamid Sepidnam held his first internet marketing conference in Tehran and various famous professors accepted his invitation and attended there. It was there that one of the best events of his life took place, i.e. attending great people at his ceremonies!

The next day, Mr. Iraj Jamshidi (editor of the Asia newspaper), who was present in conference, called Hamid to thank him for his speech.

In the middle of his speech, he tells Hamid that he must be Louis de Funès of Iran! Hamid is surprised and asks who is Louis de Funès? Mr. Jamshidi replies that there is a movie in which a person goes and tests food; You should be like that too!

This valuable guide prompted Mr Taster to start his collaboration with the Asian newspaper.

Hamid Sepidnam had a special page in the Asia newspaper! He goes to various restaurants uninvited and reports on his experience eating there. He comments on the quality of a restaurant’s food. His reports will greatly increase or decrease a restaurant’s sales.

In addition to attending conferences, he visited restaurants to test their food. His collaboration with the Asian newspaper also raised his prominence. At first, he was known as “gastronome man” but later became known as “Mr. Taster”!

Hamid’s collaboration with Asia newspaper lasted about 6 years and is now over.

Hamid Sepidnam holding the second conference

Hamid also held his second internet marketing conference on branding. Famous professors from foreign countries had attended the conference at the invitation of Hamid Sepidnam! Even Hamid himself had gone to England to invite them.

In 2012, he was invited to speak with the President of Iceland by professors who attended the Iran Conference! Which was a great achievement and honor for him. After that, he participated several other events in different countries of the world and his speeches were noticed by many people.

With these lectures, Hamid was able to connect with successful people and his life changed by attending conferences.

Iranian best Food Bloger in the world
Mr Tester, Rene Sinani, Ahmad Kalateh, Ali Hajimohammadi, Mohammad Halakoei

Mr Taster believes that holding conferences is really hard work! Especially when you want to invite great people to speak to have a special impact on the lives of others.

Hamid was invited by the Malaysian embassy to prepare a report because of his job, and after that he prepared for a trip to Thailand! It was there that someone accidentally suggested him to see Mark Wiens, a well-known Thai tourist who is a great figure in the food industry.

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When he traveled to Thailand, he went to the kitchen of one of the country’s most famous restaurants, tasted some food, and made a report about it. Then he called Mark Wiens. They arranged to go to restaurants and test the food and take pictures! This led him to establish a sincere relationship with Mark! This relationship led him to invite Mark to Iran after 3 years of meeting him.

Hamid met with an American food blogger

One day, Hamid is informed that one of the famous American food bloggers has come to Iran and wants to see him. But unfortunately, the people who invited this American food blogger to Iran do not allow Hamid to meet him! Finally, after 1 hour of waiting, Hamid manages to meet this food blogger for 5 minute, in a very low-level location.

the food ranger and mr.taster
Food Ranger (Trevor James) and Mr Taster (Hamid Sepidnam)

“The people who invited this American food blogger to Iran were thinking about money, and the content did not matter to them,” says Hamid. They took me to a place where it was not at all permissible to show the image of it to the people of the world.

I returned home and that night, I contacted Trevor James, a food ranger, and invited him to visit Iran. Of course, I covered all the expenses of his trip. It was interesting for the Trevor why I was paying for his trip to Iran! Later he realized that I love Iran and the cost is not important to me at all.

Trevor James and Mark Wiens come to Iran

At this point, one of Mr Taster’s misfortunes was that both Mark Wiens and Trevor James’ visas were prepared together.

Mark Wiens migrationology and Hamid Sepidnam Iranian Food Vloger
Mark Wiens (migrationology) -Mr Taster (Hamid Sepidnam)

Trevor wanted to come to Iran before Mark. Mark also called Hamid Sepidnam and told him that it is not good at all for them to come to Iran at the same time! What Hamid could do was promise him that their content would be different.

Fortunately, Trevor finally came to Iran before Mark and tried different foods in Iranian cities for a few days. It might be surprising! His videos were viewed by nearly 30 to 40 million people, which was truly unique.

After Trevor James, it was Mark Wiens’s turn to come to Iran. Unfortunately, due to the problems that occurred in the country in 2009, Mark could not get permission to enter Iran.

Some time passed and finally Mark came to Iran with the sponsorship of Mahan Airlines. He and Mr Taster started their activities in Tehran and went elsewhere. Thank God, this time too, traditional Iranian food was seen in the best possible way in the world.

Unfortunately, after Mark’s trip to Iran, Covid 19 epidemic began; Therefore, it was not clear what kind of reflection this trip had outside of Iran.

What are the problems of being a taster?

Mr Taster has had a lot of problems so far. “When I criticized a restaurant, complaints and threats were raised by restaurant managers,” Hamid Sepidnam says. These threats went so far that they even broke my car window once on the street. However, I have not lost in any case so far. I am trying to cope with these problems because it is part of my career path.

As a food influencer, I have come to terms with even users who swear and insult, due to the lack of proper culture on social media. If you want to be successful in social media, you have to be patient!

Because Cyberspace is very cruel and you have to accept that there will be a lot of unkindness from different people.

Blogging in the food industry is really laborious and sometimes requires media support. I wanted to go to the radio and television several times, but they want money for my presence in the program because I am a brand!

Launching the restaurant-finder application of Mr Tester

Mr. Taster has now launched his website and application. Users can easily find the restaurant that is Mr Taster’s Recommendation by searching the names of cities, regions, restaurants and even the type of food they like. They can taste them with a ease mind and enjoy the most delicious food.

With Mr taster app, in addition to finding quality restaurants in different cities of Iran, you will also be able to get to know international restaurants! An interesting feature of this platform is that it can answer various questions of users.

So far, the information of more than 1000 restaurants has been collected in this application. About 300 reputable restaurants have become members of this restaurant-finder.

In a situation where Covid 19 disease in Iran had disrupted the job market of restaurants and made travel very difficult, this application was able to help restaurants in a very good way.

Hamid Sepidnam is married to Pegah!

Hamid is married to Pegah Mahdavi Nader (Pegah Sepidnam) and they both work together, but do not have children yet. Hamid thinks that one of the reasons for people’s success, both for men and women, is a good couple.

mr taster husband pegah mahdavi nader wife
Hubert Sepidnam or Mr Taster Wife – Pegah Mahdavi Nader

He believes that you should be careful in getting married and choosing a good spouse will take the man to the top of the skies. Fortunately, Hamid is satisfied with his life and gets a lot of support from his wife. “I owe a large part of my success to Pegah”, he says.

Hamid Sepidnam’s last words with the audience

If you have a goal or a dream that you have not yet achieved! And you are trying to achieve it, first of all imagine yourself in your dreams. Aspire for that to happen and work towards it. As long as you do not want to, nothing will happen.

If you’re born poor it’s not your fault, but if you die poor it’s your fault.

So try to fight for your goals and do not wait for anyone to help. Appreciate and value people, be honest and don not breach your promise.

Mr taster’s communication channels and phone numbers

  • Instagram: and
  • Pegah Sepidnam Instagram page (Hamid’s wife): pegahsepidnam
  • mr taster website URL:
  • Kaspid company Website URL:
  • Mr taster – youtube:
  • Mr.taster email: [email protected]
  • Kaspid’s Phone number: +9826214008- +9826210480

Frequently Asked Questions about Mr. Taster

1- Who is the Hamid sepidnam and what does Mr taster do?

Hamid Sepidnam known as Mr. Taster is originally from Ardabil but grew up in Mashhad and is currently living in Tehran, Iran. He has been working in the field of web for nearly 20 years and writing comments on the quality of a restaurant’s food on social media.

 2- Who is Mr Taster wife?

Pegah Mahdavi Nader (Pegah Sepidnam)

3- What age is Hamid Sepidnam?

Hamid Sepidnam Age is 44 years (2022)

4- How much Hamid Sepidnam net worth?

$20 Million (2022)

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