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New Trending Hairstyles Men 2022


Time to be ready for a fresh start. The new year is a great chance to start again, whether it’s through changing your lifestyle, clothing, or even your haircut. Also, when it comes to haircuts, there are so many new trending hairstyles options that make it difficult to choose one that is right for you and your own sense of fashion.

To assist you out (and spare you some time), we’ve compiled a list of short and medium hairstyles in Zhinmag.

What Are the New Trending Hairstyles?

New Men's Hairstyle Trends 2022
New Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2022

Try something new this season and be inspired. The short haircuts for guys listed here are suitable for a wide range of facial shapes, hair textures, and lifestyles. So, look through our photo collection to discover new trending hairstyles for autumn.

New Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2022:

1- Buzz Cut | New Trending Hairstyles

New Trending Hairstyles Men 2022

Many of the Spring/Summer/2022 fashion shows gave us a glimpse of the new grooming trends to come, including various buzz cuts in different forms. Also, an alternative to an up-and-down fade, or buzz fade, is to use geometric lines on the front and sides.

Moreover, it’s a fantastic option for those with fine or thinning hair or those who are balding and want a quick and easy haircut.

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2- Crew Cut Fade

New Trending Hairstyles Men 2022
Crew Cut Fade | mens hairstyles 2022

one of the men’s hairstyles 2022, the crew cut is a versatile option that can be styled as short or long as you choose. In addition, a crew’s potential is limitless, whether you smooth it back or spike it.

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3- Mullets 

New Trending Hairstyles Men 2022

The mullet, one of the most popular 80s haircuts for males, is still popular in 2022. Whether you’re at work or at play, this new trending hairstyle is sure to make you stand out.

On the other hand, this is a great option if you’re more outgoing and like trying out various hairstyles.  Moreover, hairstyles such as the modern mullet are notable for their eye-catching form an easygoing feel. They are short in the front, shorter on the sides, and longer in the back.

4- Bro Flow

New Trending Hairstyles Men 2022
mens hairstyles 2022

Despite its developing popularity, the Bro Flow gives men’s hair a fresh new look and feel. However, those with thick, medium-length hair looking for a low-maintenance haircut would find this style ideal.

Also, the typical Bro Flow is characterized by waves that curve back from the face and neck, giving the wearer a comfortable and rough look and feel. In a word, if you have naturally wavy hair, this hairstyle is perfect for you!

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5- Skin Fade | New Trending Hairstyles

New Trending Hairstyles Men 2022

Another approach to adding drama to your appearance is styling your hair with a Skin Fade haircut. Since the cut is literally a part of your skin, this particular hair fade leaves you with very little hair. Moreover, short to medium-length hair on top and a well-groomed beard are the greatest ways to suit a fade like this.

6- Natural Curls | New Trending Hairstyles

New Trending Hairstyles Men 2022
2022 mens hairstyles | Natural Curls

2022 will be all about adopting a more natural appearance to what might otherwise be a traditional haircut. In fact, this is a great opportunity for men with naturally curly hair to show off how attractive and cool curls can be.

Hairstyles with short sides and back and wavy tops are popular but don’t forget to add volume at the crown of your head.

7- Undercut Fade 

New Trending Hairstyles Men 2022

With a trendy undercut, you may give thanks to the days of the skaters. There are several ways to style this haircut, and it’s a great option if you would like to leave some length.

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8- Rudolph Valentino 

New Trending Hairstyles Men 2022

This hairdo, which dates back to the 1920s, was quite fashionable at the time. In honor of the Italian-American actor and style legend Rudolph Valentino, whose hair was styled into a beautiful side parting, the term originates from Valentino’s trademark style.


9- Taper Haircut 

New Trending Hairstyles Men 2022

Tapers of various shapes and sizes go well with a brushed-up haircut. High-skin taper haircuts give you a sharper look, while low-skin taper haircuts are better for those who like a more subtle style.

10- Shag | New Trending Hairstyles

New Trending Hairstyles Men 2022

The shag haircut for males is expected to be quite popular in the year 2022. Also, it comes in a variety of styles, from short to long and layered to tousled and wavy to straight and sideburned.

The nostalgic aspect of this haircut was adopted by celebrities and rock stars of the 1970s, including David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and Mick Jagger.

11- Regular Haircut

New Trending Hairstyles Men 2022
haircut for men 2022

Go for a standard one when you’re unsure about what kind of haircut to get. It’s simple and elegant, so it’ll look great on every face shape with any hair type. There are also a variety of options to accompany it, such as a taper fade on the sides of the hard part haircut for guys.

12- Gentleman’s Haircut

New Trending Hairstyles Men 2022
new trending hairstyle | Gentleman’s Haircut

Are you more interested in smooth and trendy men’s hairstyles? Look at this dapper gentleman’s hairstyle for inspiration. Its versatility makes it ideal for a variety of settings, from the most formal to the most laid-back.

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