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Puppy Bloodshot Eyes | How To Treat It at Home?


Seeing your dog’s large, loving eyes melts you to the core. However, if you face with puppy bloodshot eyes, it might be a cause for concern. Aside from the fact that dogs have three eyelids and much more rods in their cornea, dogs’ eyes are quite similar to those of humans. The presence of more rods enhances dogs’ ability to detect light and movement, but their ability to discern color is limited compared to that of humans.

For a variety of causes, dogs might get red eyes; however, many of them can be resolved quickly and without causing undue anxiety. It’s best to get to the bottom of the problem as quickly as possible if you discover your dog’s eyes are inflamed.

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What are other symptoms of puppy bloodshot eyes?

Puppy Bloodshot Eyes
Puppy Bloodshot Eyes

There are many additional eye symptoms that you may encounter in addition to redness.

  • Peeking
  • Release of mucus
  • Blinking frequently.
  • Itchy, red, and swollen eyes
  • Repetitive eye wiping.
  • An upsurge in eye-watering
  • Scars or scrapes on the cornea
  • An item has been lodged in the pupil’s cornea.
  • A yellow or green discharge indicates inflammation.

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What are the reasons behind puppy bloodshot eyes?

Puppy Bloodshot Eyes
Puppy Bloodshot Eyes

There are a variety of causes for puppy bloodshot eyes. One common reason is:

Kératoconjunctivitis sicca (Dry Eye)

Dryness and inflammation of the cornea occur when tears are absent, which keep it wet and clear of foreign matter or harmful bacteria. Inflammation of the eyes can be extremely painful and cause them to appear red in the morning. Inflammation of the tear is one of the most frequent causes of dry eye. It occurs when tissue involved in creating the watery part of the tear film is damaged.

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Puppy Bloodshot Eyes
Puppy Bloodshot Eyes

Infection of the conjunctiva (pink eye)

The first signs of pink eye are redness and swelling of the cornea — a pinkish, moist layer that covers your eyelids and front of your eyes. Skin becomes flushed due to this irritation. It is possible to get pink eye from external allergens such as dust or pollen.

Puppy Bloodshot Eyes
Puppy Bloodshot Eyes

Cherry eye

Unlike humans, canines have a third eyelid.  Certain canines are born with a genetic abnormality that affects the tendons that keep this eyelid in place, making it reappear and look like a cherry inside of the eye.

Corneal injury: It is possible to produce redness in a dog’s eyes if anything damages the cornea. Dogs may be injured and irritated when they have their eyes poked by grass stalks as they gallop through thick grass.

How to treat red eyes in dogs?

Puppy Bloodshot Eyes
Puppy Bloodshot Eyes

According to the diagnoses, a range of treatments options is available.

Medications for the Skin

It may take a week or two for the symptoms to go away; however topical treatments may be used to the skin up to three times a day. All kinds of medications are available to treat a wide range of ailments.

Medicines Taken Orally

It is possible that oral antibiotics will be recommended in the event of an infection or eye injuries. There are various anti-inflammatory drugs that are available. There may be an underlying ailment present, in which case an oral drug will be recommended.

Puppy Bloodshot Eyes
Puppy Bloodshot Eyes


In certain cases, surgery may be necessary to treat the reasons for red eye.  It is likely that the vet may attempt to physically readjust the duct with drugs if cherry-eye is identified. There are several surgical options available if the gland returns after therapy. 

Surgical correction of the eyelid so that it does not brush on the cornea is another option for treating entropion disorders. There are times when an incurable disease causes puppy bloodshot eyes, and the need for an eye operation is essential. Aside from the loss of depth awareness, the pet is unlikely to suffer any other negative consequences from this procedure.

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Is there any home remedy?

Puppy Bloodshot Eyes
Puppy Bloodshot Eyes

Yes. In fact, it’s always best to see your vet when trying any home remedies, but if you believe the problem is due to foreign matter in the eye, there are a few things you may do.

Cold, warm water with salt in it

The first step is to add a teaspoonful of salt to warm water and give it to your dog. Apply a little amount to your dog’s eyes, and then use a sterile clean cloth to remove the remaining. Clean water-based eyewash is also available at the human pharmacy.

Warm compressing

In order to alleviate redness, place a warm compress over your pet’s eye and provide mild pressure for 5–10 minutes. To avoid burning yourself, test the washcloth’s temperature on the inside of your hand gently.


You may also use Benadryl to reduce inflammation and irritation if you suspect it’s an allergy-related problem. To avoid overdosing on the medication, contact your veterinarian to check your dog’s type and size.

Are Certain Dog Breeds More Likely to Have Eye Problems?

Puppy Bloodshot Eyes
Puppy Bloodshot Eyes

Despite the fact that any puppy may have bloodshot eyes, some breeds are much more susceptible to eye problems than others. Long-haired breeds with flat faces are all more prone to certain eye problems.


Not only is it never pleasant to see your puppy’s bloodshot eyes, but it may also be quite stressful for the animal. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian right away. Veterinarians collaborate with dog owners to diagnose the source of the problem and devise a care plan that will get your pet back in the best shape possible.

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