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Ramadan in 2022 | Ramadan traditions around the world


What are the traditions of Ramadan that distinguish it from the other months of the year.

Ramadan, the month of God’s feast, is celebrated every year in Muslim countries with special splendor and welcome from Shiite and Sunni Muslims. In all countries, special ceremonies in accordance with the culture of each country are held this month, which shows the unity among Muslims around the world.

Countries made up of a significant portion of the population are Shiite and Sunni Muslims. In this month they are trying to show their unity and empathy by holding Iftars parties. Of course, each country has a special ceremony to welcome this month according to its customs.

It is interesting to know that each of these countries also starts Ramadan at a certain time. The following is a brief overview of these ceremonies and rituals in some countries. Stay tuned to Zhinmag to tell you about the customs and rituals of Ramadan in different countries of the world.

What month is Ramadan?

Ramadan, also spelled Ramazan, Ramzan, Ramadhan or Ramathan, is the name of the ninth lunar calendar. It is only month that is mentioned in the Holy Quran. In this month that lasts twenty-nine to thirty days, fasting has become obligatory for Muslims.

Ramadan is a holy month in Islam, and Muslims worldwide engage in fasting, prayer, reflection, and community during this month. The Qur’an mentions this month as the month in which the Qur’an was revealed.

In Ramadan, Muslims refrain not only from ate too much food and drink, but also tobacco products, sexual relations, and sinful behavior

The Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) says about the month of Ramadan:

Ramadan is called Ramadan because it is a month that burns the sins.
(إنَّما سُمِّیَ الرَّمَضانُ لأِنَّهُ یُرمِضُ الذُّنُوبَ)


O people! The month of God came to you with blessings, mercy and forgiveness. The month that is superior to all months in the sight of God. Its days, nights and hours are superior to all days, all nights and all hours. The month in which you are invited to the feast of God and have been favored by Him. Your souls are glorified in this month, and your sleep in it are worship. Your deeds are acceptable, and your prayers are answered in it. The best hours that God has mercy on His servants.

For more information about Ramadan, we recommend that you read this article published in Wikipedia on this subject.

Ramadan tradition in different Asian countries

Ramadan in India

Ramadan in India is associate with many customs that make arrival of this month more pleasant for this country Muslims. The first thing that is common in India during the Ramadan celebrations is decorating mosques with small colored lights. Indian people holding Quran recitation classes and meetings in Ramadan.

Many children learn to recite the Quran for the first time in these sessions. One of the enduring rituals of the Indians is to break their fast with dates, water or salt. According to them, this increases the blessing of the tablecloths. One of the foods that is always seen on the Iftar table of Indian Muslims is “Angji”.

Indians even have special ceremonies to wake up suhur. A person who wakes people up for suhur receives a gift to announce the end of Ramadan. In the last decade of Ramadan in India, Muslims are fulfilling their long tradition of i’tikaaf until Laylat al-Qadr. It is also customary for people to visit the cemetery of their city on the night of the 27th. They recite al-Fatihah for their dead.

Ramadan traditions in Pakistan

In Pakistan, people form long lines to pray in mosques, sometimes closing the streets. Pubs and bars in Pakistan are closing down with the arrival of Ramadan. Government and non-governmental organizations hold iftar parties. Pakistani Muslims have a tradition of breaking their fast with dates, rice and meat after prayers. These three foods are a regular part of Iftar in Pakistan.

“Blockeh” is one of the foods that are sold a lot during Ramadan and can be found in every stall. Food prepared with red onion and fried meat.

Ramadan in Egypt

Egypt has the highest diversity of nationalities and religions among Islamic countries.

In this country, many Arab and non-Arab Muslims live together. Each of them welcomes the month of God’s feast in their own way. Inspired by the celebrations of the Pharaonic and Coptic eras, different nationalities hold parties during Ramadan. This make Cairo, the capital of Egypt, a bustling city during Ramadan.

Cairo usually experiences very quiet days and nights full of celebrations and parties during Ramadan. The silence of the city usually lasts until noon, and from noon onwards, Muslims of different nationalities perform their rituals.

Ramadan kareem traditional islamic festival religious
Fascinating Ramadan Traditions Around The World

Ramadan traditions in Lebanon

The happiest Ramadan ceremonies are held in Lebanon. In this country, people wake up for suhur with the singing of a person known as “al-mozharati”. This person walks in the streets and beats his drum and sings this song to the people: “Wake up and praise the Eternal God”, “Get up and eat up suhur. The month of Ramadan has come to visit you”. Celebrations and dancing and the joy of the people begin only after Iftar.

In the hours close to Iftar, the streets are completely quiet and secluded. But hours after iftar, people go to restaurants, cafes and the beach and have fun with their families until per-dawn. Few people sleep until up suhur in Lebanon. The opening hours of the offices in Lebanon during Ramadan are 10 am.

Ramadan in SyriaSyria experiences three different decades during Ramadan, during which people prepare for various Ramadan ceremonies.

In Syria, Ramadan is known among the people as three decades of “food”, “clothing” and “sweets”, respectively. In the first ten days, people perform the rituals of this decade by holding iftar ceremonies and cooking special foods for iftar. In the second ten days, the Syrian people will buy new clothes and prepare for Eid al-Fitr. During the last ten days, a market for delicious Syrian sweets is hot, and people buy sweets to celebrate Eid al-Fitr.

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It is customary in Syria for people to wake up at dawn with a ceremony called drumming and singing drums. Every night, hearing the sound of drums, people get ready to eat breakfast and pray.

Ramadan traditions in Qatar

Ramadan in Qatar is fundamentally different from other Muslim countries. In this country, people go to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan from the second half of Sha’ban. This has led to many joyful and passionate ceremonies and celebrations during this period in Qatar. These celebrations have their roots in the culture of this country.

After the arrival of Ramadan, the people of Qatar hold parties and meetings for men and women after Isha prayers. In these meetings, they also raise religious issues or recite the Qur’an. At these meetings, guests are usually served with pastries and coffee. Eid al-Fitr also has a different effect on Qataris. On Eid al-Fitr, Qatari Muslims visit each other after Eid prayers and eat the food together. Children go to the houses of their acquaintances and neighbors to celebrate Eid.

Ramadan in Indonesia

Indonesians are going through one of their happiest days during Ramadan. People rejoice and dance after seeing the crescent moon until morning. Some people are also playing drums for the people on this blessed night. Indonesia has interesting traditions during Ramadan. One of these customs is the “Halal to Halal” ceremony. People compromise and establish meetings in mosques for this purpose.

The night of the revelation of the Qur’an also lasts a full day and night for Indonesians. On this day, special ceremonies are held at the Presidential Palace. As in many other countries, Indonesian Muslims spend the last 10 nights of Ramadan reviving and worshiping.

what is ramadan in islam
Ramadan traditions from around the world

Ramadan traditions in Saudi Arabia

The Saudis have a strange custom during Ramadan that is not seen in any other country. In this country, people who have good financial ability change their household appliances with the arrival of Ramadan. They do this, because believe that the holy month of Ramadan is auspicious and the month of God’s feast.

Every day after Iftar, shia and sunni Arab Muslims perform the rituals of Umrah. After performing these duties, men traditionally smoke dried skin of “jrak” fruit in their meetings and engage in religious discussions, women prepare the table for suhur and iftar. Dates, Arabic coffee, minced meat and fish are among the regular dishes on the Saudi Iftar table.


Oman and Ramadan

In Oman, after the first day of Ramadan, families start visiting each other and break their fast at one person’s house every day. Omanis eat special foods such as meat, rice, tea and coffee at suhur.

This month, the children play a game called “Qarnaqshwa”. They walk the streets of the neighborhood, going from house to house and asking them for sweets.

Ramadan traditions in Afghanistan

Ramadan begins in Afghanistan when a neighboring country announces the sighting of the crescent moon. Because Afghanistan geographical location makes it very difficult and sometimes impossible to see the new moon crescent.

They prepare the necessary food before beginning of Ramadan, and mass iftar is one of the customs of this month. There are various kinds of entertainment in public places and mosques, and the people of Afghanistan. In addition to taking care of daily affairs, worship and recite the Qur’an. Numerous religious classes and conferences are held this month, often after night prayers.

Common iftar dishes include rice, meat and milk. Pomegranate juice is one of the most popular drinks after a meal. Agriculture almost stops during Ramadan, but factories and offices are open and only their working hours are reduced.

Ramadan in Iraq

One of the interesting Ramadan tradition in Iraq is that From the first night of Ramadan until the last night of it, near the time of dawn, people roam the streets and wake the fasting people to eat suhur by beating the drums. During Iftar, Iraqi families go to mosques with food trays to distribute their food to the fasting or needy.

Baklava, zucchini, dates and soup are some of the most popular Iraqi foods this month. In the special deeds of the Laylat al-Qadr, much emphasis has been placed on the pilgrimage of Imam Hussein (AS).

Therefore, large crowds spend this night in Karbala, so that there is no vacancy left in Karbala on these nights. The pilgrimage to Najaf Ashraf also has a special mood. Because the days of martyrdom and beating of Amir al-Mu’minin Ali (AS) are also on these nights.

Ramadan in Tajikistan

The most important practice during Ramadan in Tajikistan is to offer Taraweeh prayers in congregation and to recite the Qur’an. Another important program in this month is giving iftar. The people of Tajikistan are hospitable and host parties under any pretext.

In Ramadan, it is less common for families to eat iftar at home! because they are invited to the house of family or brothers and sisters, etc. for iftar.

Laylat al-Qadr considered to be the night of the 27th of Ramadan. On these night, young and old usually stay up in mosques to pray and recite the Qur’an. Religious scholars also give lectures.

ramadan muslim traditional food iran
Try these delicious food during Ramadan in Iran

Ramadan traditions in Iran

Before the arrival of this month, people in different parts of Iran are cleaning their houses and neighborhoods. In fact, they go to greet Ramadan by cleaning their houses. Therefore, they can perform their religious duties with leisure and peace of mind.

Fasting people usually wake up hours before the call to prayer to eat suhur and perform the practices of suhur. After ablutions and prayers, they make the intention to fast and then start eating suhur. It is usually hot and cooked food that often accompanied by rice.

Among the ceremonies that take place, especially during Ramadan in Iran, we can mention Women’s and Men’s Assembly for reciting the Qur’an, which is often held in mosques after morning or noon prayers.

One of the ceremonies that was more prosperous in the past, is meeting friends and acquaintances after Iftar. It is less performed today.

Before iftar, women prepare iftar and tea. At Iftar table, special Iftar prayers are recited and they break their fast by drinking some hot water or dates. Some people also break their fast with sugar or hot candy.

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Ramadan in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Ascension month is the name given by the Muslims of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the holy month of Ramadan. Celebrations are held in this country one week before the beginning of Ramadan.

With the beginning of Ramadan, the people of the Republic of Azerbaijan hold their equestrian competitions and national celebrations. Most restaurants are closed this month, and dinners called Ehsan dinners are held in most mosques in the country.

Ramadan traditions in the United Arab Emirates

The UAE is one of the countries with special plans for this month. In addition to the cultural programs that will be televised this month, restaurants and hotels also offer special arrangements for fasting people. Emirates flights also provide special services to their passengers during Iftar. Other measures this month include special discounts for Emirates stores for customers.

Ramadan in Kuwait

On the last day of Sha’ban, a ceremony called Quraysh is held in Kuwait. In this ceremony, the Kuwaitis celebrate the end of Sha’ban and the arrival of Ramadan. They distribute special sweets and halvah among the people. Attending the house of the elders and congratulating the arrival of Ramadan is another ceremony. The people of Kuwait dedicate the first five days of Ramadan to it.

On the 15th day of this month, special ceremonies are held in this country. On this day after Iftar, children come to the streets in traditional clothes and congratulate the arrival of the middle day of Ramadan by singing local songs. Another Muslim tradition in the country is to set up tents to distribute iftar among the people. In Kuwait, there are also people called Al-mosharati who wake people up at suhur.

Ramadan traditions in Malaysia

One of the most important things that Malaysians do during Ramadan is to offer congregational prayers and iftar. These rituals are performed every year with the presence of a large number of fasting people. In addition to the traditions that have been left from the past, modern mosques have been built in Malaysia. Where religious ceremonies are held every year, especially during Ramadan. This has caused many tourists to come to this country this month.

During the month of Ramadan, Malaysian cities take on a religious appearance. People help beautify its appearance with religious decorations throughout the city. Another manifestation of the coming of Ramadan in this country is the establishment of markets for Ramadan named Melam Passage. This markets held every day in all parts of the city and during Iftar.

Ramadan tradition in various European and American countries

Ramadan in Turkey

In Turkey, the customs of celebrating Ramadan and the ceremonies of this month are very similar to those of Iran. In this country, people illuminate the streets before the start of Ramadan and congratulate each other for coming of Ramadan.

The Turkish people believe that God opens the doors of blessing and mercy to them during Ramadan. For this reason, even in the worst economic conditions, people set up Iftar tables and Ramadan parties. Foods found on Turkish Muslim iftar tables mostly include olives, dates, cheese, baklava, soups and stews. Special dishes that are mostly cooked for iftar and are known as jhorba. Other rituals, such as reciting the Qur’an in mosques, holding meetings and parties in Turkey, are same as in Iran.

Ramadan traditions in Germany

Ramadan is celebrated in Germany in completely different conditions from Muslim countries. Public life and social etiquette do not change, and life goes on at the same pace and intensity. The difference in time in Germany is also one of the things that make Ramadan different in Germany. Days in summer are very long and winters are very short and end at 4 p.m.

About 3.5 million Muslims live in Germany. In companies and offices that have a large number of Muslim employees, facilities are provided to them this month. It include changing work shifts in two-shift and allocating short time for prayer and iftar. Since many Muslims in Germany are immigrants, they try to visit each other this month. They especially try not to leave immigrants alone and away from their families.

Muslims in Spain and Ramadan

There are special arrangements for Muslims during Ramadan in Spain, with special Iftar and Suhur services in its restaurants and hotels. The reason for welcoming the holy month of Ramadan is to attract maximum tourists, especially Muslims, to this country.

British Ramadan rituals

London is a city with a large number of Muslims and have interesting Ramadan tradition . With the arrival of Ramadan, halal food and drinks are served in many cafes and restaurants in the city. Mosques in London carry out activities related to this month in order to better serve the Muslims of this city.

Ramadan Ceremony in Italy

With Ramadan starting, Italian Muslims are preparing for the month’s rituals and attending religious lectures held by Islamic centers. Ramadan in Italy is an opportunity to strengthen relations between the country’s Muslims, who come together for Iftar. Italian Muslims are mostly present in the mosque of Rome.

Ramadan traditions in the United States

One of the blessings of Ramadan in the United States is the gathering of Muslims to celebrate this month. Ramadan provides an opportunity for American Muslims to get acquainted with the customs of Islam. It also creating unity among the people of this country.  These include inviting American non-Muslims to Iftar in Muslim religious places.

Muslims in the United States go to the nearest religious centers, including mosques, to offer prayers and break their fast. Mosques in the United States, in addition to being a place of worship and prayer, are also considered the gathering place of the Islamic community, and this role is more prominent than ever, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

Frequently asked questions

1- Ramadan 2022 begins and ends on what date?

Ramadan 2022 will begin in the evening of Friday, Apr 1, 2022 and ends in the evening of Saturday, Apr 30, 2022.

2- What do Muslims do during Ramadan?

Healthy adult Muslims abstain from food and drink in Ramadan from dawn until dusk. They engage in fasting, prayer, reflection, and community during this month.

3- Why Ramadan is celebrated?

Because It is considered one of the holiest Islamic months.

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