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Rose Tattoo design | Stylish and new designs for girls and boys


Did you know that the color you choose for your rose tattoo design will also change the meaning of your design? Red is associated with passion, love and even anger. While yellow is a color that indicates friendship and happiness.

Beauty is a choice and young people consider tattoos as one of the symbols of beauty today. Due to the beautiful patterns that some styles have, it causes a beautiful effect on the skin surface. By engraving a tattoo on your body, you want them to have a special meaning or to show your creativity in some way.

Tattoo on the body is an art that has long been popular with people, especially men. This art can be performed anywhere on the skin. It is like a mirror that shows inside you. In the past, tattoo designs were simpler and more rudimentary. But today, thanks to advances in tattoo technology and tools, you can enjoy a variety of beautiful designs, such as heart rate tattoos, Water lily Tattoo, animal designs, nature, writing or whatever that expresses your unspoken spirits and words.

One of the most popular and common tattoo images is the rose. Rose tattoo is not only beautiful but also symbolic. Flowers represent life, beauty and pain. That some things are not always as they seem. The flowers are stunning, but the thorns cause pain.This can be a reminder to protect your heart or to take care of people you trust.

Rose tattoo design is one of the most popular designs among girls and boys. It can be performed on the hands, feet, shoulders, neck or anywhere else on the body. In the following, we will introduce some beautiful rose tattoo designs on your body.

History of roses and Mythology

There are many myths and stories about the meaning of rose tattoo designs. The beauty of rose, its pleasant aroma and even its thorns have ancient stories that explain the meaning of this magnificent flower. Apart from that, do you know why roses and rose tattoos are often associated with romantic ideas?

The ancient Greeks believed that the rose was originally white and turned red after the thorn in the hand of the goddess of love, Aphrodite, entered and her blood was shed on the flower.

For the first time, roses began to grow in Iran. After several thousand years, they began to be cultivated in all parts of the world, and new and more varieties were created. The rose is now considered a feminine flower that embodies beauty.

The rose tattoo design first caught the attention of sailors who had been sailing for a long time. The sailors showed their respect for their wives and lovers who had to leave the house with rose tattoos.

Many people who have chosen this particular image for themselves believe that it shows their outer and inner beauty. If the rose is shown with a thorn, it indicates that the owner pays more attention to his flower. An inner peace by emphasizing that charm can be seductive. The rose without thorns is a symbol of external beauty, as if to say “look, but do not touch.”

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The meaning of rose tattoo on the body in different countries

Rose tattoo design has its own importance in each country. In China, the rose tattoo is a symbol of prosperity, in Japan is a symbol of love, passion and in Europe is a symbol of mystery.

Of course, it can be said that all interpretations are relatively similar. Red roses in every language and every culture are the embodiment of love and beauty.

Modern young people and women who decide to decorate their bodies with refined tattoos often prefer flowers. The queen of floral tattoos has always been and remains a rose.

Rose can mean delicate beauty or love, but there is a deeper meaning behind the rose tattoo design, which varies based on its color, openness, and closure, and so on. The beauty of this flower represents a new promise, hope and beginning, and its thorns symbolize defense against loss.

There are many interpretations of Rose Tattoo design. In ancient times, a rose tattoo was applied to the body of prisoners who had been sentenced to death. It has been a long time and is now forgotten, and over time the attitude towards this Tattoo design has changed a lot.

Combining rose tattoos with different images such as snake, skull or heart is also common. Think about the meaning and image you want to convey in order to find the right design for you.

What does rose Tattoo design and color mean?

Today, the rose is first and foremost a symbol of love and affection. But it can have other different meanings depending on the color, number of flowers, and its combination with other designs. The question that comes to mind when you see roses of different colors is when each color of these roses is suitable for. For example:

  • The red rose symbolizes love, passion, and affection.
  • The pink rose is a symbol of first love. It also shows your elegance, tenderness and gratitude.
  • The yellow rose shows friendship, chastity, and purity as well as joy and hope.
  • The blue rose represents an impossible task, something that cannot be achieved. It actually represents a person who swims in the opposite direction of the water, does not recognize the standards of the world, but ultimately achieves his/her goal.
  • The black rose represents love with sorrow. A love that has been lost and has left you deeply saddened. It also shows sacrifice and hope for something unattainable
  • A Rose tattoo design in the form of a white rose speaks of the purity, innocence, loyalty of its owner.
  • The rose and the clock are a symbol of love and eternity.
  • The rose and the dagger are reminiscent of lost love and are accompanied by suffering.

As you can see, combining tattoo colors and different designs can convey different concepts. Another thing to remember is to be very careful when choosing a design. Because, this tattoo design wants to be with you for the rest of your life. Tattoo removal is difficult, expensive and sometimes impossible.

The best rose tattoo designs on hands & shoulders

Beautiful girlly small hand tattoo designs and rose tattoo designs on the hand have recently become very popular among women. Be sure to be careful when choosing a girl tattoo design.

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Rose tattooing on the hand is the same meaning of lotus in the East: love (pure and innocent).

Due to the many possible side effects of tattoos on the body, it can be seen that most people who are interested in special and beautiful flower tattoo designs on their hands are very careful in this regard.

You can see the girl’s tattoo on the hand below, and according to your personal taste, you can choose and execute different types of girls’ tattoos on your hands and shoulders.

small rose wrist tattoos for guys small rose hand tattoo male rose tattoo on hand girl small rose on hand tattoo meaning rose tattoo on hand simple rose tattoo ideas shoulder rose shoulder tattoo black girl rose tattoo on shoulder with name small rose tattoo on shoulder rose tattoo on shoulder female rose on shoulder tattoo meaning

Girly rose tattoo design and ideas on the back of the neck

To apply a girly tattoo design on the back of the neck, use a mechanized needle to pierce the skin so that a canal is opened on the woman’s skin and the color settles. This causes pain, swelling, and bleeding.

The level of pain varies depending on the tattoo artist and the type of tattoo on the body of the woman or girl. We recommend that you do not blacken your beautiful body as much as possible, and you should also know that body tattoos can cause infectious diseases.

New and luxurious girl tattoo on the back is suitable for young girls who want to get a girl tattoo design on the back of their neck. Here you will see the most beautiful designs for girls on the back of the neck, along with the latest photos of rose tattoo design on the back of the neck for girls and women.

Have the most beautiful tattoo pattern on the back of your neck according to your taste. Girly tattoo designs should be delicate and small! Because the finer and more delicate the tattoo on the back of the neck, the more beautiful the neck looks.

One of the most popular tattoo designs on the body and back of the neck is the rose tattoo. In this section, Zhinmag has prepared photos of various types of girly rose tattoo designs for the back of the neck of girls and women.

rose neck tattoo girl small flower neck tattoo woman flower neck tattoo smallneck rose tattoo meaning

Important points in tattoo on the neck

You can see all kinds of thin and delicate designs of girls’ tattoos on the back of the neck here. Considering that a woman’s body is delicate and sensitive, and also many men do not like large tattoos on a girl’s body! It is better for you to use a delicate girl’s rose tattoo design on the back of your neck to give more beauty to your body.

It is better to leave the girl’s tattoo design on the back of the neck to a professional tattoo artist! Be sure to go to places that are approved and licensed and use a disposable sterile needle for tattooing.

Finally, you should know that generally tattoo designs on the back of the neck are not very large, especially for women and girls! Because using large designs for neck tattoos will not look beautiful. For this reason, many professional tattoo artists use small designs of girly tattoos on the back of the neck.

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