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Biography of Sadaf Beauty, the best beauty blogger in the world


Biography is a style in literature that aims to describe a part of a person’s life. This type of writing style tries to express informative or motivating dimensions of a person’s life.

Most biographies are based on a person’s personal notes and remarks. It is not limited to listing information about a person, such as place of birth, birthday, and date of events. It usually addresses the problems, joys, and ups and downs of that person’s life.

By reading a biography, you feel that the person himself is sitting in front of you and defining all the mazes of his life for you. In this series of articles, Zhinmag try to introduce the world’s successful entrepreneurs and tell you a summary of their biographies.

Choosing a successful person in any series may be one of the most difficult tasks for us, but we are proud to announce that dear Sadaf Masaeli, known as Sadaf beauty will be one of our choices.

Sadaf is an Iranian make-up artist, influencer and blogger living in San Francisco, USA. Her make-up tutorials is famous for many people inside and outside the country.

She is so successful in her field of make-up that everyone knows her as an influential person in virtual networks such as Instagram and YouTube. She is an extremely personable, well-mannered and talkative person who shares all her knowledge in full detail with her followers. Sadaf conveys her enthusiasm for every event and happen to all her audience.

Sadaf can be called the first Persian-language beauty blogger in the world who has made great efforts to pave the way for blogging not only in Iran but in the whole world. Hence, we call her the “Beauty Queen of Iran”.

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3 Interview with Sadaf Beauty and her answers to 28 frequently asked questions

Brief description of Sadaf Masaeli biography, known as Sadaf beauty

  • Born: July 5, 1989
  • Place of birth: Tehran, Iran. She is currently living in America.
  • Nationality: Iran
  • Height: –
  • Weight: –
  • Age: 42 years old (2022)
  • Father’s occupation: Former businessman (buying and selling music products)
  • Marital status: Married
  • Husband: Ali Hamidi
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree of Chemistry from Azad University of Tehran – Associate degree of Health Sciences from the United States
  • Profession: Makeup Artist – Beauty Blogger
  • Years active: 2010–present
  • Website:
  • Date of launching Instagram page: May 2015
  • Start of activity on Instagram: August 2016
  • Date of launching YouTube channel: December 25, 2016

Sadaf Beauty wikipedia – Biography of Sadaf Masaeli, Iran’s top cosmetics blogger

Sadaf was born on the 5th of July 1989 in a family of four (as the second child) in Tehran, Iran. In addition to himself, he has one sister named Sarah. Sarah is Sadaf’s older sister and has been her supporter on many occasions.

sadaf beauty chilhood forbes
sadaf masaeli childhood photo

Sadaf immigrated to the United States with her husband and family around the end of 2017 and resides in this country. They live in San Francisco, the fourth largest city in the U.S. state of California.

sadaf beauty real name sadaf masaeli
sadaf beauty biography

From studying chemistry to the initial idea of Sadaf Beauty’s Instagram page

Sadaf graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the North Tehran Azad University. She had a special interest in make-up since she was a teenager, but given that in Iran, families want their children to become doctors, engineers and lawyers; Thus, Sadaf also faced opposition from her family at the time.

sadaf masaeli income and phone number
sadaf beauty during school

For a while, she thought about becoming a plastic surgeon, but as the days passed and she became impatient, she could not follow its hard lessons.

She even thought of studying architecture, but eventually decided to choose chemistry so that she could later establish her own cosmetics factory! It was after studying chemistry that sadaf realized how much she hated it.

Due to her interest in hairdressing and hairstyles, she spent most of her free time after college on English make-up training channels such as Makeup Geek – Tati – Michelle Phan – Chloe Morello and Wayne Goss. It was then that she realized that there was no one in Iran to do this in Persian.

For some time, her mind was on this issue, until one day she recorded a video of how she make up and sent it to her friend! She also shared a photo of her make-up on Instagram, which fortunately supported by many people. This photo went viral well and the number of his followers increased! It was there that she decided to continue on this path.

The biggest challenge that oyster beauty initially struggled with was that it had to know the tastes and mindsets of her target audience in order to produce content that would appeal to everyone.

The story of Sadaf’s marriage and migration from Iran to the United States

“The story was that my husband’s cousin and my mother’s cousin were close friends since high school. On the birthday of my mother’s cousin, Ali and I met there for the first time, but we did not become friends at that time!” Sadaf Masaeli says.

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After a series of events and conversations between us, we decided to go out and get to know each other better, and finally we decided to get married.

sadaf beauty husband name ali hamidi
Sadaf Beauty married Ali Hamidi

In 2017, when I was 29, I married Ali, and after marriage we decided to move to San Francisco, USA. My husband, Ali had a recording and music studio in the United States, where he worked professionally and even played the piano.

I have to admit that Ali’s presence and his support are one of the main reasons for my success. He bought the first professional camera and ring light to make a professional clip. He also learned photography professionally because of me to publish good quality photos in my Instagram page. Ali also learned film editing so that I could expand my work more quickly.

sadaf masaeli Wedding ali hamidi
Sadaf Masaeli – Ali Hamidi

Sadaf Beauty husband, Ali Hamidi, is present in many of her educational videos, and sometimes they both try different masks on their skin and share them with the audience.

Study nursing in the United States

They chose to settle in America. Sadaf wanted to continue her education in the United States. Since she generally interested in issues such as surgery, prosthetics, etc., she decided to go to university in the field of nursing.

Unfortunately, due to her large workload, she was only able to study for an associate’s degree and receive associate degree of Health Sciences from the US university.

“So far, I’ve gained all that I have learned through experience, and fortunately or unfortunately I have not taken any courses. I have been constantly watching the make-up of famous artists and I have always learned through trial and error.” Sadaf said. It was enough to turn me into a Sadaf beauty.

Sadaf Beauty Net worth & Earnings from YouTube
sadaf beauty is playing the guitar

The story of choosing the name of Sadaf beauty, a famous Iranian hairdresser

Sadaf explains about how she chose the name of her page: “At the beginning of my career, when I wanted to start my own business, I surveyed my followers about my business name, who made some very interesting suggestions, from Baby Beauty to Mom beauty.

Among all the suggested names, the title of Sadaf beauty caught my eye, and I do not remember exactly from which follower this suggestion was made. This name finalized and I named my Instagram page sadaf_beauty.”

sadaf beauty Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos
rhinoplasty nose surgery

photo of sadafs nose surgery

It is clear well from Sadaf’s behavior, ethics and attitudes that she has a high standard level living.

She has influenced the lifestyles of many people and has a well-socialized and mature personality. Of course, you know for sure that no successful human being is flawless!

She is known for her kindness and good manners, thus she has attracted many fans all over the world. It is interesting to know that when her fans find out that Sadaf have traveled to their city for work or entertainment, they greet her with a bouquet. Not everyone can build such a brand and achieve this level of popularity.

Many foreign websites confuse Sadaf Masaeli with Sadaf Taherian, an Iranian model. It is interesting, is not?

Sadaf beauty is a true example of a flawless personal branding.

Sadaf is full of different experiences, so use her information as much as you can. Get inspired by her lifestyle, because the number of such influential people in the community is not even the number of fingers.

Sadaf and respect for animal rights

Sadaf has great respect for the rights of animals and suffers greatly from their persecution. She is so fond of animals that he feeds squirrels and birds in his backyard.

She has a Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) Breed Dog named Fandogh at home, which she raised since her childhood with her husband Ali.

Sadaf beauty before and after surgery and its margins

Many people think that Sadaf Masaeli, like most other celebrities, have gained her beauty through various surgeries, which is not the case at all!

Various photos have been posted on social media before Sadaf’s nose surgery, and there are even rumors of her cheek surgery, lift and prosthesis.

But she has stated several times in posts and stories that she has not had any cosmetic surgery on her face other than nose surgery.

Of course, she has had Botox surgery once in her life, but you should know that Botox lasts for 3 months at best.

She even shared his before and after nose surgery photos with her followers in the form of humor and laughter.

“Honesty is the best policy,” Sadaf beauty explains to her audience. “I believe that the personality and face of a person is not something that we can separate from people. “I have nothing to hide from my followers and I have no fear of doing so.”

Sadaf beauty won WIBA Awards 2021

world influencers and bloggers awards
WIBA Awards 2021 Rocked Cannes

Sadaf’s Perseverance, determination, humor, professional demeanor, honesty and her interest in learning have made she known today as a really influential influencer on Instagram.

Sadaf is frank and precise and has no claims beyond what it knows. She share her good and bad experiences realistically and never promotes or introduces bad cosmetic products for the sake of money.

From the beginning, Sadaf Beauty was not like many people who accept ads from every page, and she did not advertise any good or bad brand for the sake of earn money.

Everyone knows that if she promotes a brand, it must be a good brand, thus when we go to the cosmetics store, we hear the customer say that because Sadaf introduced this’s beauty product, I want to buy it.

In the current market, honesty is paramount, and in general, the biggest policy is honesty. Sadaf beauty has been able to put this well in the minds of her followers.

She not only professionally shares her information in the field of original cosmetics with her followers. She also occasionally shows off her private and personal life so that followers get acquainted with her lifestyle.

If you can honestly, without any expectations, pass on your information to just one person, give him/her the right advice, and get him/her interested, then you can extend that to 1.5 million people.

She received World Influencers & Bloggers award (WIBA Award) , held annually in Cannes, France (at the same time as the Cannes Film Festival). Also, Victoria Bonya, Nataliia Gotsii, Akash Mehta, Luanna, Kat Graham, Elisabetta Gregoraci, and others were awarded.

She has now created such a powerful media and has reached a stage of influence that it can take a cosmetic brand from the carpet to the throne or destroy it completely!

Interview with Sadaf Beauty and her answers to 28 frequently asked questions

1- Ms. Masaeli, can you tell us a little about yourself? Who is Sadaf beauty? What’s your life story?

I born on July 5, 1989. As an Iranian, I am the world’s top influencer in the field of beauty and cosmetics. Early on, when I wanted to start my career, I started with make-up training.

This is not to say that there was no such training before me… No it was not! But the most important factor in my success in this field was the very simple and clear expression.

For some reason, my family and I immigrated to San Francisco, USA and settled there. I married Ali Hamidi in 2017 and I have an ideal life with my husband and I am very satisfied with this situation because he has the most support from me.

2- What is Sadaf beauty real name?

Sadaf Masaeli

3- Where is Sadaf beauty from?

Tehran, Iran

4- How many hours do you work a day?

On average, 8 to 10 hours a day

5- Who is Sadaf beauty husband?

Ali Hamidi

sara masaeli
Sara Masaeli

6- What is the favorite car of you and your husband Ali Hamidi?

  • My husband’s favorite man car: bmw m4
  • My favorite car: benz gt

7- How do you calm down when you are angry?

Silence, it calms me!

8- How many children would you like to have in an ideal situation? Do you like a boy or a girl?

2 or 4 children, I like boy!

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9- Who is your best actor or singer?

Johnny Depp

10- What is your and your husband’s favorite pastime?

  • Beauty oysters: first shopping and then makeup
  • Ali Hamidi: Football and the production of the Darictone podcast

masaeli mother

11- Is being an Instagrammer a hobby or a major job for you?

Yes, my job is to be an influencer! Of course, my work is not limited to Instagram, I also work on YouTube and as a YouTuber I plan to expand my bussiness outside of social media soon.

12- Have you ever been tired of your job and want to give it up?

Yes, sometimes I get very tired of it, but it’s not that I do not want to continue. My tiredness does not last long and I return to work very quickly and with energy. Sometimes the workload is really high and I have to travel a lot.

I always have to be in front of the camera with a lot of energy and freshness, and keeping this energy high and my long working hours makes me totally tired.

13- What countries are your most followers from and what countries have you seen so far?

Most of my followers are from Iran (mostly), USA, UK and UAE, Turkey, Germany and Canada. Iran, Qatar, UAE, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Italy, France, Malaysia, Monaco, Mexico, India, USA, UK, etc. are some of the countries I have visited so far.

14- If you were in Iran, would you still pursue this profession?

I do not know exactly… Maybe I would have done a better job instead! Because I always like to look at situations from the outside so that I can find opportunities in their hearts. When I realized that there was potential for Iranians to do this, I wanted to do it myself.

15- What is the routine of Sadaf beauty life like? How do you spend the rest of your day?

  • I spend 8 to 10 hours a day doing this.
  • The rest of the day I play with dog.
  • I go shopping and do my daily chores.

16- What are the most frequently asked questions by your followers?

They ask more about their makeup, what to do so that their makeup stays good on their face or is more durable! I will answer all of them by publishing serial videos.

17- What is your goal for the future and where do you want to reach?

I do not know whether Instagram will remain active in the future or not! But I just want this popularity and good relationship with my audience to be maintained forever.

18- Which brands have you worked with so far?

TatchaOle Henriksen, Charlotte Tilbury, Wet n Wild, Maybelline, Covergirl, Turkish Airlines, Sigma, Laura Mercier Toofaced, Nars, Fenty Beauty, Caudalie, Urban Decay, Tarte, Colourpop, Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways, Murad, Mark Jacobs, Beauty Blender, Smashbox Mario Badescu, MDNAGuerlain, Lorac, Kat Von D Morphe, Farsali, Origins, Yensa, Farmacy, Fresh and Purlisse

19- What brands do you think are the strongest in the world?

Fenty Beauty, Murad and Colourpop

20- What has been the most interesting or important part of Sadaf beauty’s life in recent years?

Although I’m a dreamer, in 2019 I achieved achievements that I had never dreamed of and were not even on my to-do list. The first major event of my life was the invitation to Beautycon, the largest American beauty festival in Los Angeles.

My invitation there was the biggest event of my life. I supposed to go on stage and put makeup on Ms. Lori Harvey! Appearing on the main stage of Beautycon is the dream of every hairdresser, fortunately, I was honored to do so.

In 2019, I was selected as the most influential beauty influencer in the field of Luxury Cosmetics and the second most influential beauty influencer in the world after James Charles by Forbes magazine in France.

21- Can you explain more about winning the title of the most influential influencer in the world to the audience?

In 2019, at Beautycon event, I did an interview with CBS USA on Entertainment Tonight, where the host told me that you had been selected as the most influential beauty influencer in the world by Forbes magazine in France!

The fact was that I was not aware of this and I shocked to hear this news! I could not believe that I had achieved such great success as an Iranian until I read the article.

22- Why don’t you record your videos in English?

I try my best not to speak English because I like my audience to be Iranian. Although speaking English is not difficult for me, I prefer to speak Persian. Of course, I have many non-Persian speaking audiences from all over the world.

23- What is the purpose of your sponsorship trips and what happens in them?

My travels are classified into 3 categories:

  1. Trips in which cosmetics brand invited us to introduce a new brand or product to the audience.
  2. Trips that we make to help the tourism industry of a country.
  3. Trips that we make to give lectures or gain experience. For example, events held in the field of digital marketing and influence marketing.

I like the third category the most because all the valuable information is exchanged and I can communicate well with others. Sometimes I am invited to these conferences as a speaker, and sometimes I do it just to invest in myself to update my knowledge and learn new lessons.

24- What do you do with the products after unboxing the cosmetics?

I use most products in my videos and photos and if I like something, I take it for myself; I leave some of them in my magic room and give them as gifts to my friends and acquaintances.

25- How do you take care of your skin daily?

  • I wash my face well every day.
  • I scrub my face every few days to completely exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.
  • Every night before going to bed, I apply vitamin C on my face to help remove blemishes and brighten my skin.
  • Finally, I apply a simple moisturizing cream and use eye cream.
  • Every day I definitely use sunscreen for my face.

26- What do you think Istanbul is like?

First: In my opinion, what was striking in Istanbul were the dogs and cats that lived peacefully and fearlessly on the streets of that country! I am an animal lover and when I encounter this enjoyable scene, I really feel happy.

I am proud of the people of that land who have reached this level of consciousness and know how to deal with animals correctly, because the level of Civilization of a society can be measured by dealing with animals!

Secondly: I liked all the dishes of Istanbul, such as Konufa, Baklava, and I really enjoyed eating them.

27- Can you tell me a weird secret about yourself?

So far, nothing I have hidden from my audience. I have always tried to let others know about the moments of my life, so there is no secret about me. You may be surprised that no one knew about my slutty and disorder a while ago, but now almost everyone knows that I am a slut!

Perhaps the secret I can share with the audience is that when I get angry, I am no longer that humor Sadaf, and my morals are 180 degrees different. I become quite serious.

28- What is Sadaf Beauty’s net worth?

The net worth of Sadaf Beauty’s channel through 29 Mar 2022 is $108,535

Sadaf beauty’s communication channels and phone numbers

  • Sadaf beauty Instagram:
  • Sadaf beauty youtube:
  • Sadaf beauty twitter:
  •  Sadaf beauty website URL:
  • Sadaf beauty telegram channel:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number:

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