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setup consultants in Dubai | List of business in Dubai


You are going to start business in Dubai, here you can find the list of best business setup consultants in Dubai who are recognized to offer effective business setup services.

Because of recent transition from conventional oil-based trade to modern technology-based companies, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and especially Dubai has emerged as one of the most attractive potentials for modern-day enterprises. This has led to an increasing number of new Small and Medium Businesses, SMBs, and start-ups specializing in the digitalization of conventional companies and business processes flock into Dubai.

For overseas companies and investors from foreign countries, who are setting up enterprises in the main cities of the United Arab Emirates, business setup consultants in Dubai are the best option for all of these people and firms, which need assistance in the process of setting their business up, from documents to licensing and registration to collecting resources and staff to setting up an office in the mainland or free zone.

In order to set up your business as quickly and easily as feasible in Dubai, you should be familiar with how to run it, which need to know about the most recent legislation, regulations, and guidelines that apply to businesses and trade in the United Arab Emirates.  This is where you can receive business setup consultant services.

Entrepreneurs who have already established themselves might also benefit from their expertise as these consultant companies have a good grasp of the client markets and the best ways to reach them.

In addition, organizations and agencies that provide services for company establishment in the UAE are more economical and charge much less for their services compared to foreign companies that conduct case studies and market research specifically for them. As a result, they can be used by businesses of different sizes, including those with a little or limited budget.

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

Top 10 business setup consultants in the Dubai who have helped significant number of customers; have gained positive ratings; and have commercially successful service portfolios are included in this list.

To receive high-quality services and the best advice on how to start a company in Dubai, go through the list and choose the one that best suit your needs.

1. Biztrack Business

BizTrack Business Group is one of Dubai’s most remarked business setup consultants. They know the value of Business when Middle East and worldwide investors consider the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as an essential element of their operations.

Your success will basically be defined by your knowledge and understanding of the market. You need to be completely aware of the local processes, competitors, and techniques to make progress and advance.

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This will guarantee that every cent of money you spend on the establishment of your low-cost business setup in Dubai, UAE. will be spent wisely and beneficially. They provide a  vast range of services including:

  1. New residency visa
  2. Residency visa renewal
  3. Residency cancellation
  4. Renewal of ID Card
  5. New Establishment Card — Ministry of Labor
  6. New Establishment Card — Immigration
  7. Renewal of Establishment Card — Ministry of Labor
  8. Renewal of Establishment Card — Immigration
  9. Profession change
  10. Entry / residence permit correction
  11. Local service partner (sponsor) arrangement
  12. Drafting of Memorandum and Article of Association
  13. Full assistance with EIDA card applications
  14. Registration of the lease agreement with RERA
  15. Registration with emirates post (P.O BOX)
  16. Residency visa re-stamp
  17. 17. Medical checkup for visa purposes
  18. Transfer of Sponsorship
  19. PRO Services Dubai
  20. Register Business
  21. Setup Workspace
  22. Issue Family Visa
  23. Business Trade License Services in UAE
  24. Tourism Trade License In Dubai
  25. Industrial Trade License in UAE Professional Trade License

 Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address — Offices 3, One Central, DWTC, Dubai
👉 Phone Number — +971 50 681 0554
👉 Email — [email protected]

 Social Links:

2. JUMEIRA Consultants setup consultants in Dubai

JUMEIRA Consultants provides customers with consultancy services in the UAE and GCC nations. Services are given in different areas including Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore company establishment.

JUMEIRA Consultants setup consultants in Dubai

Not only general accounting services, but the business also provides a variety of Tax Certificate services. Other outstanding services among the JUMEIRA Consultants:

1.    Liquidation of a business

2.   Dubai-based limited liability company

3.   Registered Agent in the British Virgin Islands

4.   Opportunities for Investment in Dubai

5.    Services for the Dissolution of Corporations

6.   Certificate of Tax Resident Status

7.    Liquidation of a business

8.   Trademark License

9.   Possibility of a Return on Investment

Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address — Office №1603, City Tower 2
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
👉 Phone Number — +971 4 3277 201
👉 Email — [email protected]

Social Links:

3. Kiltons

As one of Dubai’s most famous and reputable business setup consultants, Kiltons offers its services throughout the whole emirate. The organization has been recognized as one of the top business setup advisors in the UAE.

Additional services provided by the firm contain advising for UAE-based company establishment and corporate branding, accountancy, and marketing services, as well:

1.    Advertising & Marketing

2.   ISO Certification

3.   Certificates Attestation

4.   DED

5.    Trademark Registration

6.   Corporate Branding

7.    Special Approvals

8.   Recruitments

9.   Auditing and Bookkeeping

10.      Mainland Company Formation

11. Offshore Company Formation

12.       Free Zone Company Formation

13.       Virtual Office

14.       Professional License

15.       Industrial License

16.       Commercial License

17. UAE National Sponsorship

Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address — G06, Bin Thani Building, Near Hilal Bank, Al Qusais, Dubai,
UAE. P.O. Box 237739
👉 Phone Number — +971 4 392 0111
👉 Email — [email protected]

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4. Aurion Business Consultants setup consultants in Dubai

Aurion Business Consultants is considered one of the most well-known business setup consultants in Dubai, UAE. The organization employed professional staffs with various technical and commercial expertise that can help you start up a business in any of the UAE’s free zones, mainland, or offshore territories.

Aurion Business Consultants setup consultants in Dubai

Some of the services provided by the organization includes Business setup in Dubai and other UAE Freezones, legal papers for business formation, and PRO Services for Visa and bank account opening.

Other than that, the Aurion Business Consultants provide a variety of services, including the following:

  1. UAE-based offshore business
  2. Company Registration in the UAE’s Free Zone
  3. Registration of a Mainland Company / LLC
  4. UAE PRO Services
  5. PRO Services in UAE
  6. Visa Assistance in UAE
  7. Freezone Company Liquidation
  8. Closing Company in Dubai
  9. Warehouse in UAE
  10. Trademark Registration in UAE
  11. Will Registration in UAE
  12. Consultancy / ISO Certification
  13. Knowledge Management Services
  14. Corporate Identity
  15. Accounting
  16. Open a Bank Account in the United Arab Emirates
  17. Value-Added Tax / VAT

Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address — Office # 213 & 214, 6 EA Building, DAFZA, Dubai Airport Free Zone
👉 Phone Number — +971 425 04150
👉 Email —[email protected]

Social Links:

5. Business Link UAE 

Business Link UAE is among the best business setup consultant in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Service areas that are covered by the company consist of:

Business Link UAE 

  1. Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore company creation
  2. solutions for the business world, for example
  3. Taxes and accounting
  4. Liquidation of a business
  5. Dubai Product Registration
  6. Emails for Business Purposes
  7. In Dubai, trademarks may be registered
  8. The process of establishing a bank account
  9. Packages for Starting a Business
  10. Company-provided extras include:
  11. Attestation and Legal Typing
  12. Setup of a Virtual Office
  13. Sponsor from the United Arab Emirates
  14. Services Provided by PRO
  15. In Dubai, a subsidiary company was set up
  16. Visa Services for the United Arab Emirates
  17. Setup of a branch office, etc.

Official Detailed Information:

👉 Address — Oasis Center, 3rd Floor, #49 PO box: 282007 Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai, UAE
👉 Phone Number — +971 43 215227
👉 Email —[email protected]

Social Links:

There are several other companies that have gained a great deal of reputation in providing business consultancy services. Below list you can find some of the most well-known companies. You can choose the company according to your budget and kind of service you need.

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  • Riz & Mona consultancy
  • Shuraa
  • Commitbiz
  • NEX consultants
  • Virtuzone
  • Start any business
  • Creative Zone
  • RadiantBiz
  • Decisive Zone

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