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shadmehr aghili’s biography


Shadmehr Aghili, born on 27 January 1973 in Tehran, is an Iranian singer, composer, arranger, musician, songwriter and actor who started his career in Iran by releasing several music albums. After a short time, he first relocated to Canada and then to the United States of America. Shadmehr Aghili is a music graduate from the school of art. He began when he was very young. He became interested in music with his brother playing the instrument and started his career with the piano in 1989 at the age of 16. After that, he started playing the trumpet in the school of art, Shadmehr aghili then chose the violin as his specialty instrument. He also learned to play bass from YouTube.

Shadmehr Aghili family

Shadmehr Aghili family

Shadmehr Aghili had three brothers named Mohammad Taghi, Mohammad Ali, and Hamid and one sister named Parveen. Two of his brothers died (one in the military service and the other in the Rudbar earthquake). Mohammad Taghi Aghili also died in 2014. His father also died when Shadmehr Aghili was a teenager. His father’s name was Aliqoli and his mother, who lives in Iran, is Asefeh.

shadmehr aghili’s biography

Beginning of his professional activity with Iran Broadcasting

In 1998, he went to the music department of Iran Broadcasting with a group from the music school of art. Foad Hijazi was also among that group. It was there that he saw Khashayar Etemadi and Alireza Assar. His first instrumental album called “Bahar-e Man” in 1998, which was a new arrangement of old pieces was well received and at the same time, he started his collaboration with Iran Broadcasting. Shadmehr’s first work with his own voice was broadcast many times on Iranian channels, Dehati’s album in 1998 was the beginning of a wave that affected all pop music after the revolution. Dehati’s album also holds the record for sales of music albums after the revolution in Iran. In 1993, Shadmehr announced that this album had 10 million copies.

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Shadmehr Aghili entered the music department of Iran Broadcasting in 1998 and started working there, but his works had problems getting permission. The instrumental album Bahar-e Man included old songs such as “Gole- Gandom” and “Bahar-e Man”, “Jane Maryam” and… which Shadmehr Aghili arranged and played piano, guitar and violin in it. He presented three songs called “Baghe-e Zendegi”, “Mabood”, ‘Fasl-e Ashenai” with Alireza Assar. Then, in an album named “Nazanin”, he again presented two songs “Ghafas” and “Ta Binahayate Shab” together with other singers.


The news of Shadmehr’s marriage to Mia Mesa surprised his fans, this Iranian-Filipino couple has a daughter named Melina.

Biography of Mia Mesa

Biography of Mia Mesa

Melissa Misa is a Filipino girl born in San Diego, California. She graduated from San Diego University in Theater Stage Design. She is interested in jewelry design and even has a degree in pearl design. She was not successful in designing for a while and turned to dancing. She is a member of two companies and traveled to many countries, even lived in Germany for a while.

Shadmehr Aghili movies

Shadmehr Aghili movies

Shadmehr Aghili acted in two movies in 2001 directed by Khosro Masoumi and starring artists such as Zeiba Borufeh, Marjan Shirmohammadi, Dawood Naqour, Shahla Nazerian and Shab Berehne directed by Saeed Sohaili and starring Ali Ghorbanzadeh and Akram Mohammadi. The last official activity of Shadmehr Aghili in Iran was to appear in the movie “Par-e Parvaz”. The movie became the best-selling movie of the year. The role of a singer who is not issued permission to release his works and decides to migrate abroad. After that, he left Iran and continued his activities in Canada and then America.

Shadmehr Aghili’s migration and an album named “Khiali Nist”

Shadmehr Aghili immigrated to Canada in 2001 and then to the United States of America, where he managed to sign a contract with “Novamedia” company. While the first album of Shadmehr Aghili was not released abroad, suddenly this album with low quality was released in the Iranian market. Some of the songs that he didn’t decide to release at all were released in this album.

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One month after this incident, Shadmehr Aghili’s album was officially released under the name of Khiali Nisit. The second track of this album (Jina) is one of the first Iranian techno trances. After the release of this album and due to the absence of three songs: Bavar, Mikham Beram, Fale Ghahveh in the album that was released a month ago in Iran, his album was released again this time with these three new songs under the name of Fale Ghahveh and was sold in Iran.

Shadmehr Aghili Biehsas

Shadmehr Aghili’s song Biehshas is considered one of the best single songs of this singer, which was done in collaboration with Amin as a songwriter and composer and Milad Hashemi as an arranger. After this song was released, his fans talked about another masterpiece and gave it a lot of praise.

Shadmehr Aghili

Shadmehr Aghili Taghdir

In 2000, Shadmehr Aghili also released the song of Taghdir in an album called “Naghmehaye Sharghi”, which was released instrumental. Now that about 23 years have passed since its release, this song still has its fans and has managed to attract the attention of many users. The composer of this song is Hasan Shamaizadeh and Shadmehar himself worked as an arranger. But 10 years after that, Shadmehar released another album called Taghdir, and it is interesting to know that he released one of its songs with the same name. This song is written by Mona Borzoui and composed and arranged by Shadmehr himself.

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