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how to effectively beat social media distraction


Social media distraction is one of the most common challenges that everyone struggles with. It can negatively affect your work productivity.  You cannot find a suitable time to dedicate to hobbies and recreational activities since you waste most of your time on social media. Still, there is no need to delete social media from your life forever; you must just control it.


Practical tips to overcome social media distraction

There are some easy and practical tips that can help overcome social media distraction effectively including:

how to effectively beat social media distraction

1. Determine a purpose

You should first determine what you want to achieve by overcoming social media distractions. Your answer to this question can be very important since it can help you set a significant goal. You may just want to go to bed earlier rather than surf on social media. Perhaps you want to spend much more time with your friends, or maybe you have to stop using social media at work. Once you’ve determined an objective, you can jot it down. For example, if you are not allowed to use social media at work, put a note on your computer. If you do not want to use social media before bed, put the note close to your comfy chair. Ensure you can see it wherever it is.

2. Identifying patterns

Typically, social media distraction begins with a specific sign. You must find out what feelings make you deal with a social media platform. You must also know the exact time of this issue. You certainly discover a behavioral pattern you can improve it. Recognizing this pattern enables you to focus your efforts. It is difficult to set your whole schedule immediately, so begin with problematic points.

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how to effectively beat social media distraction

3. Customize notification settings

Notification is one of the most distracting issues. The more notifications you receive, the more you will get distracted. But you should know that you can change your notification settings. You can choose infrequent notifications or stop them completely.

4. Change your morning routine

Some people start their day by checking their cell phones. Some others have to check their emails, but these are dangerous activities that can have negative effects on your productivity early in the morning.  You should avoid using social media early in the morning. Of course, you can use them in emergencies or special situations, like verifying the time of a morning dental check-up. You can devote your morning to exercise, eating a delicious breakfast, or using another useful activity that invigorates you.

Monitor and control your app usage

5. Monitor and control your app usage

While using your cellphone or tablet, you can check your app usage to know exactly how much time you’re devoting to social media. You can make use of this as a standard to reduce the time. You should set time limits so that you can control and manage the allotment. You can also remove social media apps from your device completely. You can start your computer whenever you decide to check your social media platforms.

6. Employ a web blocker

The internet provides its users with plenty of possibilities that can be too appealing some days. You can easily shift from work to social media in the same browser, and recuperating from a distraction can be very time-taking. You can solve this problem by making use of a web blocker that prevents you from having access to social media.

7. Designate no-tech zones

You can establish specific zones in your home or workplace where technology is not permitted. If you do not use devices in places where you must concentrate, you will lower the risk of getting distracted by social media.

Execute a rewards program

8. Execute a rewards program

If you have to make use of social media at every turn, it is better to execute a rewards program. A classic motivation way is to designate for yourself a list of duties to do before dealing with less productive activity. This list can include work duties, household tasks, or more creative activities, like going outside or developing your skills.

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9. Make use of Timeboxing

Timeboxing is a technique to manage time. You devote specific sections of time to do specific activities. For instance, you can dedicate the first hour of work to responding to emails. You must do the activities at a specific time. By utilizing this method, you can determine the time when you are and aren’t allowed to make use of social media. You must adhere to your time boxes, and you can indulge in social media when it’s allowed.

Focus on a hobby

10. Focus on a hobby

If you can dedicate your time to hobbies and recreational activities, there is no need to waste your time on social media. Hobbies and recreational activities can take the place of social media platforms. You can choose simple hobbies such as reading a book or difficult ones like woodworking. It does not make any difference what you choose, it is just important to dedicate your time to productive activities that you can do rather than using social media.

11. Stop or reduce social media use

Sometimes, serious issues need serious actions. If you are determined to overcome social media distraction, you can stop or reduce social media use for a full week. It will be hard, but it will help you understand social media is not obligatory for living a fruitful and productive life.

12. Post occasionally

Most people make use of social media to share their lives and successes. While it is a good way to inform others of your life wherever they live, it can also cause distraction. Begin by sharing just one post per platform daily. That way, you can still be in contact while you can also avoid getting distracted.

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