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Tai Lung in kung fu panda | uprising facts


Do you want to know Tai Lung?One of the most famous and popular animations is Kung Fu Panda. Since in this animation action and comedy are combined in an interesting way, a lot of viewership attract to it. Now we will discuss surprising facts about Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda.

uprising facts about Tai Lung in kung fu panda1
uprising facts about Tai Lung in kung fu panda1

Tai Lung in kung fu and his physical characteristics

Tai Lung is a gray and tall leopard that his muscular appearance, yellow eyes and two sharp teeth show us strength. Tai Lung dresses include purple pants and a brown belt. These are just a few descriptions about the physical characteristics of this leopard, but if you want to know the surprising facts about Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda, follow this article!

uprising facts about Tai Lung in kung fu panda2
uprising facts about Tai Lung in kung fu panda2

Tai Lung and Dragon Scroll

What are the surprising facts about Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda? What has made this tiger so mysterious for viewership?

Tai Lung is the main warrior and antagonist in Kung Fu Panda. A leopard with a lot of pride and ambition for receiving the Dragon Scroll, but this pride causes him to enter a dark way.

uprising facts about Tai Lung in kung fu panda3
uprising facts about Tai Lung in kung fu panda3

The young Tai Lung was so skillful in the art of Kung Fu. He has a close relation with his father figure “Shifu” that was also his master. As Tai Lung became older and more professional and skillful, his personality changed. He became a prideful leopard, So prideful that he thought he must achieve the Dragon Scroll and become the Dragon Warrior.

Oogway and his idea about Tai Lung in kung fu

The other surprising facts about Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda come back to Oogway; and old master and turtle. When Oogway approached Tai Lung, the old turtle thought Tai Lung doesn’t deserve the Dragon Scroll. Because in Oogway’s opinion, Tai Lung’s heart was so dark.

uprising facts about Tai Lung in kung fu panda-Oogway and his idea about Tai Lung
uprising facts about Tai Lung in kung fu panda-Oogway and his idea about Tai Lung

Since Shifu didn’t react after hearing Oogway’s opinion, Tai Lung became so angry and thought    the act of Shifu as treachery. Tai Lung went to the Valley of Peace, destroyed everything in his path and wanted to achieve the Dragon Scroll by means of force. Since Shifu didn’t defend Tai Lung, he was so resentful, so he ambushed angrily his father figure.

Tai Lung finally attacked Shifu angrily, jumped into the air and tried to slam down on Shifu. He fastly dodged as the Tai Lung smashed the stairs while landing. Tai Lung then threw a big piece of the steps at Shifu that he broke apart in a flash of green light. Tai Lung punches him and sent him back into the Hall of Warriors.

Way or goal?

Why Oogway didn’t see Tai Lung as worthy of being a dragon warrior? What was Tai Lung’s wrong? As you know, something that is more important than the goal is the way. When a person just thinks to the goal, he maybe forgets many things.

Shifu and Oogway’s opinion

To Shifu’s opinion, Tai Lung was a very skillful Kung-fu warrior. He understood the talent, skill and determination of Tai Lung. Shifu told him that he deserves greatness. And the final greatness is achieving the Dragon Scroll. Being a Dragon Warrior was the super goal in Tai Lung’s life and trained so much for it.

uprising facts about Tai Lung in kung fu panda-Shifu and Oogway's opinion
uprising facts about Tai Lung in kung fu panda-Shifu and Oogway’s opinion

But the old master, Oogway was wise. To his opinion, Achieving the Dragon Scroll was not the main goal, but the way was important. Oogway said it’s necessary sometimes to walk away from a lot of things to really achieve a goal. And in life you can get the best and most important things, only when you lost them. As you see these surprising facts about Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda, teach us a lot of lessons, so please read the following text.

What we learn from Tai Lung in kung fu panda!

The goal in itself can cause sadness, anger and death. Sometimes by trying too hard, you can achieve a goal, but it’s dangerous. However challenge is needed, but for most of the people who challenge themselves too much, it is as harmful as sloth.

Nowadays in most of the cultures and families, children are expected to achieve the goal. The Goal causes one not to attain true and real mastery. Real mastery is an endless journey towards a goal. There is neither failure nor success.

As Panda and Tai Lung both dreamed, they both wished; one lost and went out of his mind; the other gained and lost and found exactly what he was searching for.

At the end, all of the books, writers, poets and etc., arrive at the similar conclusion. For achieving the mastery, you can’t be satisfied of any special goal, but you should search satisfaction in the journey and endless goals.


Do you believe in destiny or controlling our own destiny? I think by relying on our practices and beliefs, our real destiny will be more obvious. The Kung Fu Panda animation depicts very interesting the idea of fate.

How destiny is portrayed in Panda and Tai Lung in kung fu life?

Po works in their noodle shop with his father. And he doesn’t like so much the way he lives. Sometimes he insists a lot on doing more than before, but he doesn’t have the physical and body structure to do so.

Kung Fu Panda is in fact an animation, but it portrays the major characteristics of Taoism. Our human nature says to follow routines and to feel as if we are doing the things necessary, till we are convinced otherwise.

In such case, Po is trying to sell the noodles at the choosing of the dragon warrior event, when something encourages him to try to go into the arena. The doors close, but there is a very strong force that doesn’t let him submit. All of us have experienced this force and most of the time ignores it. Po was successful to get into the Arena and found his destiny.

By looking at the panda’s life, we can understand how having confidence in the universe can cause you to achieve the great success.

In fact, in these crazy events, our destiny can be obvious and shine. Also it is noticeable that the key fact is to discover the true balance between control and letting go.

On the other hand, Tai Lung is completely opposite. Since Tai Lung was born, his master Shifu had told him that his destiny was being the dragon warrior and by reading the Dragon Scroll, he can discover his real destiny.

As a consequence of this, Tai Lung Always believed that Dragon Scroll was his true and real destiny. He didn’t know that he must seek his destiny himself. But Tai Lung understood soon that he was terribly wrong.

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