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Terminal Tom Hanks 2021 Review


Most of us who watched the Terminal Tom Hanks movie smiled or even shed tears with it; here, we provided a review of this film directed by Steven Spielberg in 2004.

A charming and delicate comedy directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks, “The Terminal” is a movie that will make you cry or laugh.

Viktor Navorski is the protagonist. He has landed at an International American airport, as Krakozia has undergone a coup. So, his passport and visa are of no use to him since his nation no longer exists.

As he’s stuck in the airport, Customs officer Dixon (Stanley Tucci) assures him that he can stay in the Arrivals Lounge, but he can’t set foot on American land.

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Terminal Tom Hanks Review

Terminal Tom Hanks 2021 Review

The plot revolves around Navorski, who can’t leave JFK Airport because of the coup that happened in his country. Spielberg creates a realistic image of the sort of person Navorski is, while the audience feels sorry for him from the movie’s first frame, with the assistance of a talented writing team.

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Terminal Tom Hanks Movie as a Sad Smile

Terminal Tom Hanks 2021 Review

There’s a sense of melancholy in Terminal Tom Hanks movie, as in a scene from Chaplin or Keaton.

Jacques Tati, a French actor, and director is another inspiration source for creating Victor Navorski. Spielberg puts into complicated scenarios like those Tati was constantly putting himself into because of his deep simplicity.

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A Drama, Comedy, and Love Story

Terminal Tom Hanks 2021 Review

While there are many funny scenes throughout the film, there are also a few heartfelt ones. Steve Spielberg appears to know when and how to strike the viewer’s emotions.

A comedy, drama, and love story all wrapped up into one, The Terminal Tom Hanks never truly settles into one genre.

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Affection and rules mix

Terminal Tom Hanks 2021 Review

One of the exciting characters in the “Terminal” movie is the immigration officer, Dixon, who has mixed feelings about Viktor. Although he isn’t a fan of regulations and wants to help Navorski, he abides by the rules.

Dixon’s frustration rises as Navorski spends more and more time in the arrivals lounge. Through the video monitor, he sees that Navorski is returning baggage carts to the rails to get a refund, and he’s spending the money to buy food.

Navorski; a Trustworthy Guy

Terminal Tom Hanks 2021 Review

Navorski is a guy who Dixon has never met before; because he’s a trustworthy man who tells the truth all the time.

The immigration service can’t deal with Viktor since he doesn’t engage in any illegal activities; this is another reason why Dixon believes Navorski is trustworthy.

Dixon has the power to arrest Navorski unjustly, but he refuses because, for that, he needs to breach the law; on the other hand, Victor Navorski, who is getting better at English every day, refuses to breach the law.

He could lie to get refugee asylum easier, but he prefers to tell the truth as Dixon asks him, “Are you terrified to return to your homeland?” His response is straightforward: “I’m not frightened of anything.”

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Terminal Tom Hanks Indicator of Life Stages

Terminal Tom Hanks 2021 Review

Even if our environments are strange, foreign, or distressing, we have an inbuilt drive to adapt to them; that’s what Navorski does. 

The fact that Navorski doesn’t give up hope makes the best out of a terrible situation, and he even begins to form friendships with other airport employees who are frequently ignored, poorly paid, or even badly treated by both clients, and their employers may be what makes this film so appealing to the audience.

Terminal Tom Hanks is a brilliant and unforgettable film because of the strength of persistence in facing challenges Navorski shows. Instead of quitting and becoming hopeless, he doesn’t fall into the traps others set for him. He creates his own joy.

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One of the most amusing scenes in the film occurs when a random person shaving next to Navorski asks him, “Do you ever get the impression that you’re simply living in an airport?” which shows that he’s not allowing the uncontrollable challenges to ruin his mood.

He makes friends with other transit lounge employees and plays card games about ‘lost’ items that customers haven’t picked up. He also manages to win praise and possibly the love of Amelia, a flight attendant who becomes entangled in a “love triangle” involving Naborski and another man he meets at the airport.

Amelia and Navorski as Two Opposing Characters

Terminal Tom Hanks 2021 Review

However, while Amelia can’t seem to remain still in her relationships or at work, Navorski is the polar opposite in that he can’t seem to leave and must constantly stay.

Although their characters are fundamentally opposed to one another regarding where they are in life, Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones have genuine chemistry in this film. Their roles have connections in their shared sense of humor, desires, passion for life, etc.

Heartwarming Ending

Terminal Tom Hanks 2021 Review

By the film’s conclusion, you and the rest of the audience hope for Navorski to find happiness. Throughout the movie, you will witness beautiful moments of Navorski assisting a Krakozhian man in need of translation assistance, helping Gupta remain in his work and in the United States, and helping Enrique and Dolores in dating and marrying one other.


The Terminal” reminds us that we are all waiting for something along the challenging path called life. Occasionally, we get distracted, turn around, or even detained at an airport for days or even months at a time. Still, we always manage to find a way to make the most of our new conditions, and in some cases, we even discover joy or love in the most unlikely places.

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