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The Best Animations for Learning English 2022


Why do we have to use animation for learning English? This is a question that many language learners ask!

Various cartoons and animations have a significant effect on strengthening the English language, provided that they are used only as a supplementary sources and not as the main source.

English animations use a universal language that anyone in the world can understand and enjoy. And that’s why watching animations is a fun and engaging way for learning english.

By watching animation, we learn the use of words and sentences that we have theoretically learned in language classes. But with th the help of animation for learning English, we learn it in the form of conversation and dialogue; No need to contact someone whose native language is English or travel to an English-speaking country.

In this article, with the help of reputable websites and institutions for teaching international language and users’ opinions in cyberspace, we will introduce 18 of the best cartoons and animation for learning English and to enhance English language learning.

Note: many new animations and cartoons will not be useful for you if you want to improve your English!

Why? Because they are full of useless and unusual terms and the high speed of videos and conversations makes you bored and frustrated. If you see cartoons or animations for learning English, choose them carefully and if you see them only for entertainment, the situation will be different.

Infographic why learn english with cartoons
How do animation help english learning?

How can cartoons teach you to speak English?

You may think that animations cannot help you learn English as much as movies, but the fact is that you can learn a lot from animation. Animations are great for learning English because:

1. How to pronounce English words and speech are very clear In animation. When we speak english, we must move our mouths in a certain way to produce certain sounds. And knowing how to move your mouth leads to the production of a distinct sound.

2. Of course, other factors such as the placement of the tongue on the teeth are also important for producing accurate sound in the pronunciation of words, thus learning the correct movement of the mouth is great to begin with.

3. The style of the animation for learning English is also important. Some of them have a simple style and do not include long conversations, and others pay great attention to detail and even use real people to model in animation. It does not matter which model of animation you watch, just pay close attention to how the characters move their mouths.

4. Voice acting itself is a kind of acting that is accompanied by emotions and a change in tone and manner of expression. And when you watch an animation, you can get acquainted with different tones and methods of English speaking.

5. By watching animations, you can learn the pronunciation of English words better. Why? Because cartoon characters can show you how to move your mouth when saying a word. In animations, the characters’ mouths move as if words expressed by humans. Of course, you can not expect it to be 100% accurate!

6. Like any other movie, the animations include English conversations, various English words in general English and phrases used in everyday conversations.

Is animation only for children?

Many people think that English animations is only for children learning English and has trivial topics, thus they refuse to see them. While in some animations, there are very basic words that can be found in less books.

In addition, animations have a very wide range of topics that can fit into any category. Some of them are quoted from the language of animals and some of them are quoted from the language of plants, so there is no limit to their imagination.

In addition to the above mentioned cases, these beautiful films usually use simple terms and words with a comprehensible accent.

This is the most important reason why animations are attractive. Therefore, many people prefer teaching English with animation over other methods and watch animations for learning English.

Important points of learning English with the help of animation and cartoons

  • Choose simpler and more engaging cartoons and animation for learning english.
    If the cartoons and their dialogues are difficult, your learning will be difficult because you will be discouraged by the high speed of speaking, unfamiliar words and phrases, and lack of learning. While more entertaining movies have more effective learning.
  • Repeat the short sentences you hear once. These sentences are usually very useful and learning them will help you a lot in your conversation and they will stay in your mind for a long time.
  • Watch each cartoon or animation at least twice. It is better to watch the animations the first time with English subtitles and the second time without subtitles.
  • Preferably have a dictionary with you.Install an offline dictionary (we suggest Google Translate Offline) on your phone and search words or phrases that are used more often and you do not understand what they mean (if you write them down Better!)
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The best English animations for learning English

There are many animation companies around the world, but the most famous and popular are Pixar, Disney, Warner Bros and DreamWorks. Each of these animation studios has its own style and unique fans in animation production. Here are just a few, but each of you has a long list of your favorite animations that can help you to strengthen your English language.

Angry Birds animation

It is a great animation for learning and reinforcing everyday English phrases and sentences! The animated story takes place on an island full of happy birds that live peacefully together. But when the mysterious green pigs come to the island, three birds named “Red”, “Chuck” and “Bomb” must understand what the pigs are looking for on the island.

Angry Birds, made in 2009, became very popular as soon as it was released and became one of the most popular games.

“Angry Birds” movie is similar to its game. Its filmmakers have done their best to improve the film. They created a rudimentary background, added action scenes and a bit of music to the story and describing the personality traits of the birds. It is a very beautiful and enjoyable animation for learning English!

Cars 1

Lightning McQueen is a rookie racing machine whose sole purpose is to win even by violating its own ethics. One day after several consecutive victories, his rival Chick Hicks wins, which makes McQueen angry. McQueen decides to retaliate, but in a surprise move he enters an old town called the Spring Radiator.

Due to his speed, a sergeant in the area arrests him and Chief Justice Dr. Hudson Hornet orders him to repair the main road .McQueen tries to explain that he entered the city by mistake and has to race, but because of the lack of access to communication media, no one believes him.


Ferdinand is an American comedy-computer animation for learning English. The film is based on Ferdinand book by Monroe Leaf. It has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature at the 90th Academy Awards.

Ferdinand is a bull with a kind heart and a love of flowers. He prefers friendship with humans and other animals to fighting them. One day Ferdinand meets a girl and…

Ice Age 4

Ice Age 4 is the name of computer animation from the series of Ice Age animations that was released on July 13, 2012. This film, like its predecessors, is 3D and computer-generated.

Jennifer Lopez and Sean William Scott in this film are the narrators of the cartoon characters Shira and Krish, respectively. The story of the film begins with a squirrel running after a piece of oak, and the sabotage it causes this time is the division of the earth into several continents.

Inside Out

The “Inside Out” animation is very useful and informative for both children and adults. This animation talks about how our mind works in different situations and how living conditions shape our personality. We recommend watching this animation for learning English.

Kung Fu Panda

The Kung Fu Panda is a 2008 American comedy film directed by John Stevenson. The story takes place in ancient China; An alien panda named Po dreams of becoming a kung fu master. A dangerous fighter named Tai Lung escapes from prison.

A party is held to choose the dragon warrior and after some events, Po is chosen as the dragon warrior.

Master Shifu first tries to dissuade the panda from being a dragon warrior due to his laziness, but later trains him to defeat Tai Lung. After a few days of fighting, Po finally defeated Tai Lung.

The Penguins of Madagascar

The Penguins of Madagascar is a comedy film directed by Eric Darnell. The main characters of this cartoon are the penguins, who in this animation had the opportunity to show their amazing works and missions.

Skipper is Commander and leader of the group, who gives all the orders.
Kwaski is the team’s always-thinking brain that delivers solutions and plans and saves the team.

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Preview is a young, newcomer to the team with a simple, passionate heart. Sometimes he reveals team secrets.

The Boss Baby

Boss baby is one of the most popular and best animation for learning english. The Boss Baby is a story about a family where a lot of things happen when strange children enter their homes.

While the family points the finger of blame at the older son and calls him jealous, it does not take long for the situation to change and the two brothers have no choice but to unite in the face of the threat that threatens the family.

Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph is the story of events and happenings that take place in computer games. He is humiliated and exiled by his other teammates in this game. They are complaining that Ralph is playing his role so well and ruining everything.


The story of Zootopia animation is that an agile and clever rabbit named Judy Hopps was finally able to pass the entrance exam of the police department with an excellent score after many efforts.

But because of its small size compared to other police officers, it is sent on a simple mission in the city, and in the meantime encounters a suspicious issue.
Other cartoons and animations for learning English

Animal United

This very fun and attractive animation that uses animal characters to express different emotions, due to the beginner level and slow speed of words and sentences is one of the best animations for learning English and strengthen your English language.

Bunyan & Babe

This very entertaining and at the same time expressive animation is one of those animations that uses common and everyday English phrases.

Captain Underpants

The Captain Underwear animation is about two playful boys named George and Harold who hypnotize their school principal and turn him into one of the fictional characters in their books.

The phrases of this animation are very visible and practical and you will easily learn its wonderful phrases and sentences.

Hotel Transylvania 

This animation is known as one of the animation movies with english subtitles for learning english with interesting and funny English phrases.


A romance-comedy animation that teaches you many practical English phrases in various comedy and emotional scenes.

A variety of grammatical structures are used in this animation that you will definitely not learn them for first time you watch this animation. Thus we suggest you watch this animation two or three times.

The Jungle Book 

The Jungle Book animation is a very exciting and attractive program that is one of the best english animation for learning english. The tone of the film gets sharper as it gets closer to the end. So you first hear the slow and numbered tone of the words in the animation and gradually this tone becomes faster.

Despicable Me

This cartoon is one of the famous english cartoons and presented in two parts 1 and 2. It has commonly used words that are useful to you in English.

Peppa Pig

The sentences used in this animation are very basic, it is one of the best animations for learning English because it helps a lot you to learn English conversation.

Other short animation for learning english for adults and kids:
We suggest you watch these animations as well.

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2006
  • Doki Adventures 2013
  • Beat Bugs
  • Phineas and Ferb

Well, in this article, we tried to introduce you to the best animations for learning English.
But one important point: Just watching these animations alone cannot strengthen your language.

We suggest you to attend in one of the English language classes in addition to these animations and follow these animations with a proper method along with training.

Frequently asked questions

1- what are the best animations for learning English?

  • Beginner: Word Party, Dora the Explorer, Peppa Pig
  • Intermediate: Avatar The Last Airbender, Disenchantment
  • Advanced: SpongeBob SquarePants Voltron, Legendary Defender

2- Which TV show is good for learning English?

Friends, Game of Thrones, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Sex and the City and House of Cards are 5 best TV shows to learn English. Trending Movies on Netflix can also help you to improve English.

3- Which cartoons are good for kids learning English?

Paws Patrol, Little Princess, Peppa Pig and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

4- Which websites are good to free download animated movies for offline viewing?

Internet Archive, YouTube, Extramovies, M4ufree, My Download Tube, SD Movie Point, Torhd, , Coolmoviez and WorldFree4u are among 10 best websites to free download animated movies.

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