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10 Most Famous Kurdish Singers | Best Kurdish Singers Ever


The Best kurdish singers! Wow, how interesting it is!

Music can be a powerful tool for expressing resistance. Many experts believe that Kurdish music is one of the largest ethnic groups in the world depicting resistance.

Among all the kind and zealous tribes of this world, the Kurds have always been famous for their zeal, courage, dignity, honor and authority.

Kurdish is one of the most beautiful dialects in the world, especially in the Middle East, where many popular and famous singers work in this field. Most of the top Kurdish-speaking singers and musicians are good-sounding and famous.

In this article, we intend to introduce the best Kurdish male and female singers from Iran, Iraq and Turkish. Above the photos of each Kurdish singer, there will be links to his/her Instagram page. so stay with us until the end of the article.

Note: In this article, we have tried to introduce only people who sing in Kurdis. And those singers who are Kurdish but sing in other languages, such as Persian or Turkish, have been removed from our list.

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What is Kurdish music?

It is a branch of oriental music and one of the oldest music in the world, which is considered the mother of music. This music has a special style in the world that is common among Kurdish ethnic groups and peoples.

It is very rich and beautiful due to the spread of Kurds in the world and the multiplicity and diversity of Kurdish regions, including West Asia and the Middle East.

Kurdish music includes sounds, songs, tunes and melodies that are sung in Kurdish and express the values, beliefs and events of the time. This type of music is one of the oldest and happiest music in the world.

Kurdish music consists of two parts, classical and modern. Each of which has its own types and branches.

The best Kurdish male singers

Osman Hawrami

osman hawrami best kurdish singers
osman hawrami

Osman Horami is one of the most famous kurdish singers in iran who was born in the village of Kamina Horaman. This popular singer has been very interested in singing Horami songs since his adolescence. His family was also successful in this art.

Siachmaneh is one of the famous and ancient Kurdish songs. Osman Horami is considered one of the great masters of Siachmaneh. The artist sang until the late 80’s. But unfortunately now, due to a laryngeal disease, he can no longer continue singing. He is now lives in Marivan iran.

Ali Akbar Moradi

  • Born: March 6, 1958
  • Birthplace: Gahvareh, one of the cities of Kermanshah province, Iran
  • Instagram: aliakbarmoradi__
ali akbar moradi kurd artist
ali akbar moradi

The city of Gahvareh has introduced another Kurdish celebrity in the field of song and music to the world. One of the best Kurdish singer and artist, Ali Akbar Moradi, succeeded in learning 72 Kurdish music at a young age.

In 1972, he founded the first tambourine group with Khademi and Al-Qasi in Kermanshah. The famous SingleLine magazine has named Moradi as one of the top 50 musicians in the world.

Songs of Nostalgia, Sema of Tanbur and Maqâm-e sahari & maqâm-e sheykh-amiri are well known songs from this Kurdish musician and composer.

Kayhan Kalhor

  • Born: November 24, 1963
  • Birthplace: Tehran, Iran
  • Website: org
  • Instagram: kayhan_kalhor
kurdish male and female singers list
kayhan kalhor

Kayhan Kalhor, one of the greatest Kurdish-language celebrities in the field of Iranian traditional and Kurdish music, was born in 1963. He studied music from the age of 5 and at the age of 12 he became a prominent figure in original Kurdish music.

At age 17, he left Iran and moved to Italy to study music in Rome. After emigrating to Italy, he went to Canada to continue his studies. He graduated with honors from Carleton University in Ottawa with a degree in composition. His activities in the international arena have also been carried out at a professional level.

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He has performed several pieces of music with the Indian artist and New York Orchestra Philharmonic “Shojat Hussain Khan” and is very popular in other countries. Kayhan Kalhor is the only Kurdish musician who has been nominated for 4 American Grammys.

His best albums are:

  • Scattering Stars Like Dust (a solo album by Iranian musician Kayhan Kalhor)
  • Night, Silence, Desert (a collaborative album by Kayhan Kalhor with Mohammad Reza Shajarian and others)
  • The Wind (by Kayhan Kalhor and Turkish folk Musician Erdal Erzincan)
  • Silent City (by New York City-based string quartet, Brooklyn Rider and Kayhan Kalhor) and
  • Kula Kulluk Yakişir Mi ( a live album by Turkish Musician Erdal Erzincan and Iranian Kamancheh player Kayhan Kalhor)

Mikail Aslan

mikail aslan kurd musician
mikail aslan

Mikail Aslan is one of the best kurdish turkish singers and  kurdish musicians in turkey living in Germany who was born in the village of Tawfer in the Turkish province of Dersim.

He initially studied mathematics, but was unable to continue his studies due to other political issues. Then, after a completely accidental acquaintance with a Turkish musician, he became interested in singing and music.

Mikail Aslan is now considered one of the most successful musicians in the world. He has composed various pieces and tracks for several documentaries.

Çem Vano, Elqajiye and Mel Şî are some of his best songs.

Shahram Nazeri

shahram nazeri wiki
shahram nazeri

We daresay that there are few people in Iran and the world who are not familiar with the name of this great and famous Kurdish music artist. Shahram Nazeri was born in 1950 in Kermanshah, Iran.

He is one of the most prominent kurdish world singers ,musicians and Rumi singers in the world, who created a combination of epic and mystical music. Mr. Nazeri is the only person who has performed Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh in its entirety in the field of singing. He has released 40 best-selling albums to the luxury music market.

Shahram Nazeri is known as the most famous and best kurdish singers in iran, known as the “Knight of Iranian Song”. He has rightly played an important role in introducing the ancient and proud Iranian culture to the world.

Sheyda Shodam, Andak Andak and Shirin are some of his best songs which has published. A Fire in the Reed‑Bed In Remembrance of A Friend (1984) Gol-e Sadbarg (1984) and Voice of Endearment (1983) are some of his famous Albums.

His most famous awards are:

  • Chevalier des Arts et Lettres, by France
  • Lifetime Cultural Heritage Award, by Asia Society
  • Simorgh award, by the International Institute for Dialogue among Cultures and Civilizations
  • Hafez Film Awards for Best Original Song, Hafez Film Awards

Seyed Ali Asghar Kurdistani

  • Born: 1882
  • Birthplace: Kurdistan Province, Iran
  • Died: 1946
seyed ali asghar kurdistani old singer
seyed ali asghar kurdistani

Seyyed Ali Asghar Kurdistani is one of the top Kurdish singers who is not currently alive. The singer’s tone is so pleasant that it fascinates even those who are not familiar with the Kurdish language. Master Seyed Ali Asghar Kurdistani is a great singer and one of the honors of the Kurdish people.

We suggest you not to miss hearing the pleasant voice of this singer. A few songs remained from Mr. Kurdistani that are either based on folklore Kurdish or classic Kurdish Iranian music. These few songs have been recreated and sung by some famous Kurdish musicians, including the Kamkars.

Abbas Kamandi

  • Born: January 1, 1952
  • Birthplace: Sanandaj, Iran
  • Died: May 21, 2014
Who is the most famous Kurdish singer?
abbas kamandi

Abbas Kamandi is one of the most popular and vocal singers in Kurdistan. He was a Kurdish singer, songwriter, poet, writer, painter and film director.

Most Kurdish singers are excellent writers. In addition to reading, this singer has also written. Examples of his songs include Hoho Kale Bey and Goli Zard. This singer is one of the most famous writers in Kurdistan.

This dear master also passed away a few years ago. The memory of this top musician is still alive in our hearts.

Berze koo leyle, Ne toori and Chem sia o leyli are some of best songs by Abbas Kamandi. We suggest you listen to them. Persheng, Galavizh, Kezhi Kurd and Ouraman are some of his best albums.

Diyar Dersim

  • Born: 1966
  • Birthplace: Tunceli, eastern Turkey
  • Instagram: diyardersim
diyar dersim best kurdish singers
diyar dersim

Diyar Dersim knows as Hozan Diyar is a kurdish male singers who has a pleasant and emotional voice. Most of his songs are related to Kurdish, Kurdistan and the oppression of the Turkish government.

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But he also sings love songs and most of his songs are in Kurdish and Kermanji.  He has also been composed a Turkish song.

We suggest you listen to his songs, you will not regret it. Karwan, Cenga Jînà, Wey Dinyayà, Gulà Neçe, Natirsim, Oxir be Ugur, Dema Azadî, Kela Dimdim and Keçe Rabe are some of his popular albums.

 Other well-known male kurdish singers include:

  • Zakaria Abdulla
  • Aziz Waisi
  • Nizamettin Aric
  • Mohsen Chavoshi
  • Rashid Fayznejad
  • Hasret Gültekin
  • Adnan Karim
  • Ahmet Kaya
  • Mahsun Kırmızıgül
  • Servet Kocakaya
  • Eros Kurdi
  • İbrahim Tatlıses
  • Daniel Madland
  • Ebdo Mihemed
  • Hafez Nazeri
  • Şivan Perwer
  • Nasser Razazi
  • Dalshad Said
  • Navid Zardi
  • Blend Saleh
  • Rahmi Saltuk
  • ramahir Taha
  • Tahram Sahuk
  • Tahram Tahir
  • Shahram Sardar Tah

The best Kurdish female singers

Şehrîbana Kurdî

sehribana kurdi Kurdistan singers
sehribana kurdi

Şehrîbana Kurdî is one of the most vocal Kurdish female singers who now lives in Germany. Şehrîbana has left some memorable works. She is one of the most popular Kurdish singers due to her frankness in Kurdish dialect. With her beautiful voice, she was able to be one of the famous artists in this field.

Şehrîbana started singing in the school’s local bands at the age of 14 in 1987 and became a professional singer in 1991. Her first album was called I Dokhtar Kardim.

Evîna Stranan, Em Hatin, Newroz Azadiyê -Sebra Dilêmin, Denxi Kurdi (Doğunun Sesi) are some of her best albums. Newroza Azadîyê, Genç Xelil and Xerîbî are among her popular Songs.

Helin Bölek

  • Born: June 5, 1992
  • Birthplace: Bağlar, Turkey
  • Died: April 3, 2020, İstanbul, Turkey
helin bolek Turkish folk music band Grup Yorum
helin bolek

Helin Born in Diyarbakir in 1992 and became an artist in 2015 at the age of twenty-three. She joined in Grup Yorum and participated as a soloist in this group.

She was arrested in November 2016 along with seven other members of the group on charges of resisting police, insulting and belonging to a terrorist organization.

On May 17, 2019, three of the band’s musicians went on an indefinite and irreversible hunger strike. They want to end government pressure, ban concerts, and attack cultural centers. Bullk joined them in June 2019.

sHe died on April 3, 2020, after a 288-day hunger strike in protest of the Turkish government, led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his band in Istanbul.

Devrim Yürüyüşümüz Sürüyor, Çav Bella  and Dağlara Gel) are some of her best songs. Sıyrılıp Gelen (1986), Eylül (2001), İlle Kavga (2017) and Haziranda Ölmek Zor- Berivan (1988) are among her best Songs Albums.

Other famous Kurdish female Kurdish singers include:

  • Rojda Aykoç
  • Hozan Canê
  • Ilana Eliya
  • Chopy Fatah
  • Tara Jaff
  • Helly Luv
  • Dashni Morad
  • Naaz
  • Ayşe Şan
  • Dumooa Tahseen
  • Zara

The best Kurdish singer-songwriters‎

Helly Luv

  • Born: November 16, 1988
  • Birthplace: Urmia, Iran

Helly Luv’s family fled to Iran from the Iraqi city of Duhok during the Iran-Iraq War. She was born in Iran, but later he went to Turkey and from there to Finland. There she became one of the first Kurdish immigrants to live there.

Helly Luv was interested in singing and playing the piano. She began her career at school by showing off her singing and dancing skills.

In 2014, she starred in the international film Mardan directed by Batin Ghobadi and Bahman Ghobadi. She registered her name as the first Kurdish actress with participate in the Toronto International Film Festival.

Rewan Riko

  • Born: 29 October 1988
  • Birthplace: Aarhus, Denmark

Rewan is a Danish-Kurdish singer-songwriter, record producer, musician, and entrepreneur.  He formed the world pop band “Li dine” in 2009.

Shahram Sardar

He is a Kurdish singer and known for his Kurdish melodies with his independent style. Bo Toray, Hast and Mn Tom Xoshawe are his famous Songs.

Frequently asked questions about best kurdish singers

1- What are best kurdish songs?

Begariva Azizakam Xabat cheraghi and Afshin Mariwani Ema Gianekin are among popular and best Kurdish musics.

2- Who is the best and famous singer in Kurdistan?

Zakaria Abdulla

3- What are some Kurdish songs about love that are appropriate to send to a lover?

Regam le megre, Dili mestim, Tu hingvini, Sadim be nawi and Hawarim

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