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The best photographers in Dubai; Top 10


Photography is one of the most economically successful art media in the world, and it’s clear in the number of photographers earning money out of their craft. Dubai is a great place for photographers because of its majestic celebrations and the gorgeous Arabian desert. This potential converts the city into one of the most photogenic in the world. There are many of the best photographers in Dubai.

Before we introduce the best photographer in Dubai, here are the factors we took into consideration for our entries on this list:

1. Technical Proficiency

We took into account how adroit and skillful these photographers are in making use of their cameras, posing their subjects, and employing the light to their advantage.

2. Creativity

A photographer’s point of view is as unique as the others, and that’s what makes them distinct. It is also necessary to consider how much they use uniqueness and creativity in their photos.

3. Professionalism

The ability to make your customers feel at ease and be on time are some of the most necessary features a photographer can have. So these factors are necessary to evaluate their effectiveness and personality during shoots.

4. Range

Great photographers are not people with only one special feature or talent. Hence, it is vital to take into consideration the types of photography they do and how multi-faceted they are in their customers’ requests.

Lets to discover the Top 10 photographers in Dubai

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1. Blue Eye Picture Studio

One of the best photographers in Dubai, Blue Eye Picture Studio, confers enduring fame upon intimate moments and splendid celebrations with expertise and genuineness. Their team of photographers has undergone apprenticeships and training under some famous event photographers such as their founder Gregory Grytchenko. And what is lovely about them is that more than just their command of the basics and principles that lead photography, they know that a self-effacing approach to personal events shows the most genuine of expressions.

The best photographers in Dubai-1. Blue Eye Picture Studio

2. Dany Eid Photography of the best photographers in Dubai

A professional photographer and one of the best photographers in Dubai since 2014, Dany Eid has made himself a career out of his art and has guaranteed his position as a brand ambassador for Carl Zeiss and a well-known photographer for Fujifilm X. Dany is a unique and wonderful artist in his industry, and you will get that same feeling from the numberless students he has had in his workshops. Looking into his portfolio, you get this sentiment of etherealism and surrealism in his photography, which is astounding because his works are so founded in reality. He selects these elegant vistas and structures with such a unique point of view that he makes them look ethereal.

The best photographers in Dubai-2. Dany Eid Photography

3. Kamie Photography

One of the best and most popular event photography studios is Kamie Photography, and a great reason as to why is the command they display at their craft in the most tumultuous of environments. Their event photographers have commanded one thing that normal people do not pay attention to and admire enough, and that’s being able to highlight and manifest details and color in low-light spaces. Taking photographs of people on stages with focused lighting and unforeseeable movements is not easy, but Kamie knows how to control that energy, capture it, and get rid of the unnecessary visual clutter.

The best photographers in Dubai-3. Kamie Photography

4. Nada Bader Photography of the best photographers in Dubai

A full-time mother who has successfully handled to include her skills as one in her own photography is Nada Bader. In addition to her command at the studio and outdoor shoots, Nada is experienced in using calming techniques to make babies feel at ease during photo shoots. From a technical perspective, she also knows how light works for the camera and how to handle it efficiently so that the subject’s skin will appear soft and smooth. In addition to that, her approach to color adds a sense of femininity to her photos that are somewhat imperceptible but it is very different without it.

The best photographers in Dubai-4. Nada Bader Photography

5. Kashyap Sagar Photography

Wedding photographers are one the most financially successful photographers available in the world, and a great example of that is Kashyap Sagar. With an amazing understanding of the basics and as one of the best photographers in Dubai, Kashyap gets rid of the frills and over-stylized approaches to pictures that can make memories seem dated. Despite that, there is a sense of lucidity and simplicity in his photos. This is really great for weddings because it really allows the genuineness of moments shines through.

Kashyap Sagar Photography

6. 4Dimension Studio is one member of the best photographers in Dubai

4Dimension Studio provides professional photography services for modeling, innovative portraits, product shooting, and family and maternity ceremonies. The range of services that they present is likely and what’s wonderful is that they also have videography services, so you can meet most, if not all, of your needs at their studio. Their studio has all types of professional items and they have a wide range of photography/videography needs.

4Dimension Studio

7. Shapes defined

With over 15 years of experience in producing creative digital shooting solutions for customers’ Packshot product photography, this product photography studio can assist in setting up the online local business with professional e-com still life product photography. They are specialists in all things apparel & accessories such as women’s and men’s fashion, jewelry, eyewear, footwear, cosmetics, and others. Shapes Defined has met the increasing needs in the production of product visuals in a rapidly growing digital market, by becoming the unrivaled reseller in the MENA of PackshotCreator.

Shapes defined

8. Christophe Viseux Photography

Christophe Viseux Photography records a diversity of photographs. Cristophe has more than a decade of expertise in taking photographs of weddings, editorials, and corporate events. What is most amazing about him is how he adds professionalism and commitment to all his work no matter the project or client. The range of his work is astonishing. While he is an expert in weddings and pre-wedding photoshoots, he also specializes in street and travel photography. He’s conducted documentary projects all over the world as well and these are all distinctive features that turn him into one of the best photographers in Dubai.

Christophe Viseux Photography

9. Top media one of the best photographers in Dubai

TOP Media is a production company that offers all types of photo and video shoots: product photography, ceremonies, fashion photo, and video, and corporate style shoots. The company assures good quality and rapid results – it is taken for granted that time is important, so they never postpone the final editing. Their experienced and adept photographers in Dubai mix their universal experience with local skills to offer stunning photographs quickly and economically, all while sustaining a high standard. This, together with their passion for great commercial photography, has allowed them to cooperate with well-known companies in Dubai and across UAE.

10. Tall Photographer

Their team of experienced photographers in Dubai is handpicked and taught by the world’s most famous artists and photographers. Their distinct style along with our enthusiasm for high-quality commercial and family photography has contributed to them obtaining many high-profile customers in Dubai. Their freelance photographers can provide a wide range of photography services such as food photography, professional photography, e-commerce photography, event photography, commercial photography, corporate photography, product photography, videography, and pertinent services in Dubai and the nearby areas.

Tall Photographer


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