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The best smartphones in 2023


It is difficult to determine the best and the most popular smartphones for everyone. Since everyone has their own specific needs, preferences, and budget. It is a very good thing that there are many different smartphones available on the market, each one is suitable for a specific person. Some of the best smartphones in 2023 are listed below.

The best smartphones in 2023

As you know, reputable brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei are among the most productive smartphone companies, and it seems that these companies will be the main manufacturers of the best phones of 2023.

8 best smartphones in 2023

1.iPhone 15 series phones

It is a bit early to talk about the best phone in the world in 2023, but iPhone 15 series products and more precisely iPhone 15 Plus can carry this title; Yes! If the rumors that have been spread so far are true, there will be no “Pro Max” version this year and the “Ultra” model will replace it. Like the previous generation, Apple will probably choose September as the main time to introduce and launch its new generation of smartphones. In addition to the standard and ultra-versions, two plus and pro versions will probably be presented to the enthusiasts. It is one of the best smartphones in 2023.

8 best smartphones in 2023

2.Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Samsung’s best 2023 phone

In 2023, by including all the features of the Galaxy Note series products in its popular flagship, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung proved that it does not intend to release Note series phones and that the Korean company is determined to focus on the flexible Galaxy Z series phones. Now the new generation of this smartphone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, will be accessible to users with greater features than before, like higher processing power, a better camera, a stronger battery and many other features.

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Based on the information published about this smartphone, the Samsung S23 Ultra will play the role of the best phone of 2023 Samsung. It is going to be provided with equipment such as 5 back-facing cameras with 108-megapixel main sensor, a 40-megapixel selfie camera and 6.8 inches +2K display. Furthermore, the smart pen of this new phone will be more equipped than before. The published models of the Galaxy S23 Ultra also verify the existence of a secondary display on the rear cover; if that is the situation, we can expect a full-fledged smartphone.

3.Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Galaxy Z Fold 4 was the most practical flexible mobile that Samsung presented to the users, and since this Korean giant is ambitious, we can anticipate seeing Galaxy Z Fold 5 as one of the best smartphones in 2023. Probably, this smartphone will be available to users with a slimmer design, faster-charging technology and also the S-Pen intelligent pen.

8 best smartphones in 2023

4.Huawei P60 Pro +: The best 2023 Huawei phone

The best 2023 Huawei phone, which has been rumors about it for some time, is the P60 Pro Plus. Huawei is always known for providing revolutionary features and innovations; The new generation of these products will not be an exception to this rule and probably with its very good features such as a quad camera with a 50-megapixel main sensor, a powerful chip, super-fast charging technology, an advanced scanner under the display and a slim and light body, it can attract a lot of attention. A strong camera with unique performance will probably be the most important feature of this product as one of the best smartphones in 2023.

8 best smartphones in 2023

5.Xiaomi 13 Pro: the best 2023 Xiaomi phone

The Xiaomi 13 Pro phone will be known as one of the best smartphones of 2023 and is expected to make it difficult for other companies such as Samsung and Huawei to compete with its excellent technical specifications. According to the information published so far, the 2023 Xiaomi flagship will come with three 50-megapixel cameras on the back and a 32-megapixel selfie camera on the front. This phone is also going to be produced with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, a 2K+ display and a density of more than 500 pixels per inch. Super-fast charging technology is another expected feature of this smartphone.

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6.Google Pixel Fold

With the release of the Pixel 7 Pro, Google showed that it can be a very serious competitor for the big companies in this field, namely Samsung and Apple; But what do you think about a flexible mobile from this company? Some people thought that the Pixel 6 was the flexible Google phone that was released in 2021, but there is still no news in this regard. There is no doubt that big companies like Google and Apple will also release a flexible phone soon, but it is not yet clear whether this will happen in 2023 or not. In any case, the Pixel Fold, if it exists, can have a prominent place among the phones of 2023.

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8 best smartphones in 2023

7.Motorola Moto X40: the best 2023 Motorola phone

The Moto X30 phone, which was sold in the global market under the name Edge 30, was one of the best phones of 2022 and was the first device equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. Now the main owner of this company, “Lenovo”, is working on the new generation of this device and it seems that it is going to launch its new product with the name X40 and possibly the Snapdragon Gen 2 chip as one of the most powerful smartphones. The Moto X40 could also be Motorola’s best phone of 2023.

8.Oppo Dragonfly (Find N2)

All those interested in mobile phones and computers are familiar with the Oppo company; a company that entered the world of flexible phones by releasing a high-power phone (Find N) in December 2021. Now it seems that the next generation of this smartphone under the name Find N2 and with the code name “Dragon Fly” is going to be released in the near future as one of the best smartphones of 2023. Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and 120 Hz display will be the main features of this smartphone.

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