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Whats App vs Telegram Tech, Speed, Usability,…


A simple touch or scroll of a mouse is all that you need to send text, photos, and audio notes through online messaging programs. While many people dispute which chatting app is superior, Telegram and WhatsApp are often teams together because of their broad popularity. Here in Zhinmag we will see a complete review on Whats App vs Telegram.

What Is End to End Encrypted Messaging

Whats App vs Telegram
Whats App vs Telegram

End-to-end encryption safeguards data against manipulation, spying, and hackers during the transmission and storage of information. Encrypted messaging apps even maintain secret keys on the user’s device for further security. As a result, the message is only visible to the individuals involved in the conversation. Network operators, software developers, the authorities, or anybody else is not safe from cyberattacks.

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What Is the Best Messaging App? Whats App vs Telegram.

Whats App vs Telegram
Whats App vs Telegram

The applications we’ll be focusing on in this post are WhatsApp and Telegram. With that in mind, we’ll provide a brief overview of their capabilities as well as their customer experience, technologies, security, and privacy.

In addition, to secure document and picture sharing, these two services also include encryption and voice/video calling. 

It’s important to remember that, in contrast to SMS (basic messaging technologies), none of the information you send using these applications may be accessible to other parties such as cell phone providers or public officials. Ok, it is time to go through a broad elaboration on these two messaging apps.

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What’s App


Whats App vs Telegram
Whats App vs Telegram

Brian Acton, who invented Signal before joining Yahoo! in 2010, was one of the two Yahoo! workers who co-founded WhatsApp. With a purchase price of around $19.3 billion, the application was bought by Facebook in February 2014.

Terms and conditions for WhatsApp have been modified lately. By February 8th, all WhatsApp users must sign to each of these new rules and conditions. Also, WhatsApp has indicated that clients can’t receive their WhatsApp accounts if they do not accept all these terms.

There had been several worries voiced regarding a new privacy policy, particularly related to the data exchange with Facebook, the business that owns the service.

As a Facebook-owned company, all of the issues raised here are related to Facebook’s terrible image when it comes to protecting its users’ personal information. In fact, a  number of information security controversies involving Facebook, including the collection of personal information from millions of Facebook users without their knowledge, have made the company renowned in the past.

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Technologies | Whats App vs Telegram

Whats App vs Telegram
Whats App vs Telegram

WhatsApp uses the E2E technology, which Open Whisper Systems designed, the company responsible for the Signal messaging program, to communicate with its users. Due to the tight security around WhatsApp’s programming, there is no way for outsiders to examine it.

Encryption and Security

Whats App vs Telegram
Whats App vs Telegram

WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption to protect all communications. As a result, no one, even WhatsApp, can view or see the user’s communications.

According to the company, the communications are saved on the user’s phone rather than on the WhatsApp systems. Upon delivery, the communications are removed from their databases. Within 30 days after sending a message, WhatsApp systems record any unread communications in encrypt data for up to 30 days before attempting to erase them.

However, analysts claim there are substantial variations between WhatsApp and the Open Source Signal system.

But the information that is sent among two endpoints during a WhatsApp conversation is not encrypted.

Whats App vs Telegram
Whats App vs Telegram

The address and other information, such as Proxy servers and contact information, are types of data transferred between the app and Facebook. This raises major questions about Facebook’s security policies, particularly because data is connected to Facebook accounts in order to better Facebook marketing and productivity of the industry.

There have been several complaints about WhatsApp’s security mechanism. No one can see your conversations because of metadata, but officials can see who you’ve been communicating with and how long you’ve been communicating with them.

On the other hand, WhatsApp has been plagued by privacy issues, including the current problem of Google that classifies group messages. Although they resolved the problem, it does not bode well for the security of WhatsApp.

Elements | Whats App vs Telegram

Whats App vs Telegram
Whats App vs Telegram

When it comes to features, WhatsApp pretty much has it all. Up to 256 people may participate in a single group conversation. You may also send many texts at once to various people.

Apart from that, WhatsApp has a status feature, which is comparable to Instagram’s story function.

Moreover, the maximum size for photographs, movies, and mp3s is 16MB. The file size, on the other hand, might reach a maximum of 100MB.



Whats App vs Telegram
Whats App vs Telegram

Nikolai and Pavel Dorov, two siblings, founded the messaging service Telegram in 2013. Previously, the two were responsible for the creation of the Russian social network VK. When Nikolai Durov developed MTProto, he invented Telegram. 

To avoid violating the country’s IT restrictions and continue operations, the company’s staff had to depart Russia in 2013. The team has since worked out of many other cities until finally settling in Dubai, where it has called home since 2013.

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Having Telegram’s offices move around makes us uncomfortable since it makes it harder to place Telegram under a single jurisdiction.

Although the Telegram Messaging app claims that its ultimate purpose would not be to stay profitable, the company is not officially famous as a non-profit organization in the U.s. of America.

Technologies | Whats App vs Telegram

Whats App vs Telegram
Whats App vs Telegram

Because it is accessible, it makes use of the MTProto. It is, however, tough to comprehend since the programming is poorly documented and unreadable to outside programming professionals.

In addition, throughout the years, crypto professionals have expressed strong reservations about Telegram’s security strategy. According to Wiki, a few of the significant flaws involve not using E2E encryption as the standard for all conversations and saving multimedia, chats, and contacts in the same location as the crypto keys.

Security and Encryption

Whats App vs Telegram
Whats App vs Telegram

“Secret talks” are available on Telegram despite the lack of E2E encryption.

In Private Discussions, every communication is secure from beginning to finish. So,  Telegram cannot decode these data; only the sender and receiver will have access.

Aside from that, communications from private conversations are not transferable. As an added bonus, secret conversations enable screen security, preventing screenshots during the conversation. There is no way for Telegram to preserve a copy of private conversations, and the business does not store any keys.

Whats App vs Telegram
Whats App vs Telegram

Even video calls are secure from start to finish. Verify your connectivity by comparing the four symbols on the display for you and your callers; if they correspond, your conversation is 100 percent safe using the established encryption also used in private Telegram conversations.

There is no hardware encryption like self-destructing texts or screen protection for group conversations and channels.

Even on non-Mac systems, the Telegram pc version does not enable end-to-end encryption (E2E).

Elements | Whats App vs Telegram

Whats App vs Telegram
Whats App vs Telegram

Instead of the 256-member restriction on WhatsApp, Telegram is capable of supporting up to 200,000 people in each group chat as well as an unrestricted channel viewership. Bots, polls, quizzes, hashtags, and other group-specific unique features make it a blast to use in a group setting.

If you wish to deliver a message that will be deleted from the user’s phone as soon as they open it, the application has a specific function called self-destructing messages (like Snapchat).

Telegram’s file-sharing limit is 1.5 GB. With its big file size (which makes it easier for non-technical users to download premium material like movies and TV episodes) and groups, Telegram has become one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. There is a possibility that these people have never used torrent software, networks or that they prefer chat programs. These people utilize Telegram as their primary method of content piracy.

Is Telegram a More Secure Messaging App Than Whatsapp?

Whats App vs Telegram
Whats App vs Telegram

With about 500 million active users, Telegram is on the level with WhatsApp in terms of the user base.

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When it comes to WhatsApp and other competitors’ encryption, Durov hasn’t held back. He even said that WhatsApp is unsafe to use, and that Telegram provides people with a higher level of security.

Despite this, most users are unaware that, in contrast to WhatsApp, Telegram only supports end-to-end encryption for two-person ‘Secret Chats,’ which are private conversations between the two participants. Because of this default degree of security, you may believe that your communications are private while in fact, there is a chance that someone else might view them.

Whats App vs Telegram
Whats App vs Telegram

Since Telegram’s services and the person’s phone are the only places where secure texts, anybody attempting to access them would see nothing but garbled text. Moreover, there is no encryption in place on such servers. That danger is modest, but it’s still possible.

Regarding group conversations and message backups, WhatsApp is a better option, since it provides end-to-end encryption for all messages.

But you shouldn’t only focus on encryption when creating a secure network. Additionally, each application captures and saves private information about you.

Even while it gathers less information than WhatsApp, Telegram still keeps IP addresses, computers, and a record of your identity updates for up to a year according to its privacy policies.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, gathers considerably more information, including private data like your address, mobile number, and device ID. If you don’t want Facebook to see these details, you have to do something about it.

Conclusion | Whats App vs Telegram

Everyone has a unique set of priorities and desires. As a user, you have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to encrypting your communication channels.

What do we think of these 2 encrypted messaging services? With WhatsApp and Telegram, which one is better?

With its long history of security breaches, WhatsApp may be the most famous and easiest to use messaging app around. As long as you’re not sending sensitive information over an unencrypted channel, WhatsApp is great for a personal conversation. 

If you’re having a private chat, we strongly advise against utilizing the emoji in any way. This seems like a horrible option since Facebook is the parental firm, which is well-known for constantly attempting to sell user data. Although Facebook professes not to check WhatsApp, it does so in practice.

Many of the features of Telegram, particularly “channels,” are impressive. It has a wide range of options and is supposedly simple to use.  It’s safe, however, since it’s the preferred method of communication for ISIS members and Hong Kong demonstrators.

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